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Play Dungeon Rampage Dungeon Rampage Dec. 07, 2012
Just conveniently left out the "Multiplayer" tag on the front page. ;(
Play Biovolve Biovolve Sep. 14, 2012
On the last level, I died with the fire evolution and stayed as it when I respawned.
Play Biovolve Biovolve Sep. 14, 2012
theres also a level about 6 levels after the one in my previous comment where my character could jump infinitely and never lose height. Luckily the random portal thing was up high or i'd be screwed.
Play Biovolve Biovolve Sep. 14, 2012
there is an invisible wall in the level with 5ish tiles of water along most of the bottom of the level.. you cannot walk on the seafloor in parts because of the walls.
Play HUEBRIX HUEBRIX Sep. 13, 2012
Please don't expect me to rate highly a game that is simply the 'lite' version... And when the harder levels come later don't advertise it as difficult when it really is not.
Play Jahooma's LogicBox Jahooma's LogicBox Sep. 04, 2012
Level Editor. Custom Input. Box sharing. Larger boxes... Think of the potential!
Play Snakes On A Cartesian Plane Snakes On A Cartesian Plane Jun. 14, 2012
I beat the trouser one by 124... can I, like, split that through the other scores? Please? :/
Play The Ocean Around Me - Week Two The Ocean Around Me - Week Two Jan. 10, 2012
Can't find a realistic way for your survivor to make a fire? create a magical one in a secret chamber that burns forever and can be scooped up and carried in a bowl! Dev, I like your logic!
Developer response from Moshdef

Get out of my head.

Play Glissaria Glissaria Sep. 20, 2011
Really need a better help system, hard to know what each of the many tiles in the puzzles are...
Play Murloc RPG 2: Episode 1 Murloc RPG 2: Episode 1 Sep. 19, 2011
If you're having trouble at the start check the levels of the enemies you are fighting by clicking on them first. if they're too high, change screens until you find a low one.
Play teh worst thing ever :P teh worst thing ever :P Jul. 23, 2011
This game is literally a stencyl template with a few extra bumpers... Deserves -1/5. At least the other games of comparable quality worked hard for it.
Play Curse of Plum Mountain Curse of Plum Mountain Jul. 23, 2011
To the game developer, its a really nice game but the name is very corny, please rename it :/
Play Curse of Plum Mountain Curse of Plum Mountain Jul. 23, 2011
@drscott - search the crypts in the first graveyard. Also, post if you find any secrets (without spoilers) - there's an oversized statue near the entrance to the second graveyard area that you can move inside.
Play Curse of Plum Mountain Curse of Plum Mountain Jul. 23, 2011
@Ichthyic - you need to find the wooden cross on the way to the house - the quest is to help him vanquish the skeletons from the graveyard. Unfortunately they're still there, but you get a perk for it :/
Play Impasse Impasse Jul. 16, 2011
Bah, I did this before badges came and now I have to do it all over again... :(
Play Silhouette Silhouette Jul. 11, 2011
You can cheat on the last level and fall left straight off the first lever. Also, level 7 is really mean. other than that, good game 4/5 :)
Play Impasse Impasse Jul. 10, 2011
Half the trick is figuring out which path between two sideways-triggered arrows will lead you through and not trigger the minuses/ up-down triggered arrows. Once you get that, the last 5 levels are a breeze. Lv 19 is the hardest :D
Play Coaster Racer 2 Coaster Racer 2 Jul. 08, 2011
Pfft. Who needs brakes?
Play Aetheron Aetheron Jul. 08, 2011
I find it so sad that the awesome fun that this game is during the first half hour disappears almost completely :(
Play Its Like Gravity 2 Its Like Gravity 2 Jul. 05, 2011
this game will have a cult following of ways to finish the levels without doing it as intended -.- hate to think how uncreative the first one was...