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Play ChatChat ChatChat Jan. 28, 2012
Woof woof woof woof.
Play Swords & Potions Swords & Potions Jul. 12, 2011
The king cut taxes to stimulate the economy? Sounds to me like instead of opening a shop you should get the hell out before the market crashes even harder.
Play Mia's Happy Day Mia's Happy Day Jul. 07, 2011
A great game based off a great story. Well done Hamumu!
Play Eddie's Lament Eddie's Lament Jan. 23, 2011
Spoiler: You were a zombie all along.
Play Anti-Anti-Depressent Comic Anti-Anti-Depressent Comic Aug. 12, 2010
This is not a game, sorry man! 1/5, flagged.
Play OCTOBER OCTOBER Aug. 12, 2010
Some of the sfx were pretty loud, and hurt my ears (such as when you die), the instructions were also somewhat hard to read since they go by so fast. This game has potential, so I suggest you keep working on it and tweak some thing, and you might have yourself a featured game one day!
Play Runescape Highscores Lookup Runescape Highscores Lookup Aug. 12, 2010
First off, this isn't a game. Second, I assume you're taking the data from the Runescape highscores list which will make everything that's not a high enough level be NA, making it useless for a lot of players. 1/5
Play Robot Wants Kitty Robot Wants Kitty Mar. 11, 2010
If anybody needs a walkthrough, you can see a video here: Hope this helps all those in need!
Play Robot Wants Kitty Robot Wants Kitty Mar. 10, 2010
Vote here for badges:12spawn12,cristian086,negri,lautaroB,robotmega,Blackduck
Play Robot Wants Kitty Robot Wants Kitty Mar. 09, 2010
Very catchy music! The gameplay was also fun experience in general, good work! 5/5
Play Shopping Cart Hero 2 Shopping Cart Hero 2 Dec. 20, 2009
This is just a copy of the fist one, with slightly changed graphics and few new items.
Play super donkey cave flyer2 super donkey cave flyer2 Apr. 26, 2009
This game is a great concept with great gameplay, there are some things you will need to work on, but it's always like that. Hopefully I'll see a Super Donkey Cave Flyer 3 with all those problems fixed and much more :D
Play Block Dodger Block Dodger Feb. 18, 2009
Good concept, not the best of games but it's still quite entertaining! Though I suggest you take off the Mochi Ads on the highscore page, because you aren't allowed to have those in Kongregate games.
Play Dodge Dodge Feb. 09, 2009
For some reason level 20 is called "Back to the" I think the text is cut out. Also, pleas do something about "killr31" He's got about 1000x more points then second place's score and has made it to level 21/20
Play Concentrate on the Calm Cosmos Concentrate on the Calm Cosmos Feb. 08, 2009
it's supposed to change your limits, that's kind of what the game revolves around. And please go in the instructions if you haven't played yet!
Play Run Elephant Run Run Elephant Run Feb. 02, 2009
Insane mode is quite buggy.... Especially the one with the pillars. There are so many times that I've died because there are 2 pillars stacking, one going up and the other going down! The only point where frustration replaced fun was when I was at the pillar part in insane, and I died with the map in the background.
Play Hopper 2D Hopper 2D Feb. 01, 2009
Only having 1 life is kind of stupid and annoying, also, pressing space bar will make you skip irregardless if you're near a blue wall. Even solid walls... Talking about the walls, they're also VERY buggy. Your moving also seems a bit weird. Maybe heighten the frame rate and lower the speed of the character?
Play Treasure Hunters:castle adventure Treasure Hunters:castle adventure Feb. 01, 2009
Those are some pretty fancy drawings. The gameplay concept it alright too. But you might want to work on the jumping/walls a bit, as they're kind of weird and buggy.
Play Puppet Punisher Puppet Punisher Feb. 01, 2009
I agree, it does need at least sound effects. I also think you should make that the game is a bit easier as it's quite hard. If you make it easy enough, you can add a reload function to make the game harder and make people just spam click less
A quite simple game to make, and I don't get why it gets to laggy, maybe you trace bitmap'd the images? That increases the file size by a lot. So try not to do that, you can also make that flash goes on low quality automatically, and that should fix a lot of the lag issue too.