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Play Highgrounds Highgrounds Mar. 30, 2015
Will there be updates?
Developer response from HeartShapedGames

Yes, I update the game regularly with bug fixes and new content. I obviously just released a major update and expansion set, so the next set changes will not be immediate. I'm always listening to feedback and ideas, which you can drop here or on our forums (

Play Highgrounds Highgrounds Mar. 26, 2015
Needs more way to get cards this is very slow right now.
Developer response from HeartShapedGames

If you're looking for ways to earn new cards and gems, just open the Quests menu on the main menu. The campaign, achievements, daily multiplayer, and daily solo events all give you free cards and gems for completing them. There is also a majorly discounted starter bundle on the 2nd page of the shop that gives you 60 cards (including 1 legendary).

Play Dino Battle Dino Battle Sep. 12, 2014
Problem with this game is that it looks like heavy p2w, but once you start playing you'll realize it's actually quite the opposite.
Play Dino Battle Dino Battle Sep. 09, 2014
For everyone saying the game is expensive,you can get crystals at 1/10 of the price shown (ex:30 crystals 3 kreds) The devs should fix the price displayed in the buying window.
Play Dino Battle Dino Battle Sep. 07, 2014
The servers are down right now.
Play Dino Battle Dino Battle Sep. 01, 2014
No energy system, ty!
Play Hunters and Props Hunters and Props Aug. 17, 2014
Error details: Bad file length.
Play Cyberpunks vs Syndicates Cyberpunks vs Syndicates Sep. 26, 2013
Free 10 electrum if you click on hidden location top left of central station N zone 2 in Tokyo,the button doesnt appear so just keep clicking there until you find it.
Play Realm of the Mad God Realm of the Mad God Jul. 01, 2013
+if you're experiencing a lot of lag and sometimes d/c
Play Wings of Destiny Wings of Destiny Feb. 12, 2013
The advanced class are unlocked at level 70 and they wont cost cash only changing from a class to another will cost you 100 cash.
Play Mine Blocks Mine Blocks Dec. 15, 2012
Plz add moonwalk when pressing both directions at the same time!
Play Island Escape beta Island Escape beta Dec. 02, 2012
There were trees in the desert!
Play Crazy Fairies Crazy Fairies Aug. 08, 2012
After last update the game is freezing at someone's turn then it disconnect you for no reasons.No my pc isnt crappy my connection isnt slow it's just a random disconnect out of nowhere in the middle of a game and my other friends experienced it sometimes.
Developer response from Spicyhorse

We will take a look at the problem, it's better you can provide me more details. The best place to do that is... you guessed it... the forums! We know there are some random connection issues... but in order to fully diagnose them we're going to need more details - and not just the 'crappy level' of your computer. Sounds like it's NOT crappy, so that's good.

Play Crazy Fairies Crazy Fairies Aug. 07, 2012
They changed devil wand damage when it hit the ground cause 5 comments before this one someone whined about it,well I dont see why it needs nerf because it is hard to aim with it if it doesnt hit ground and you can only hit straight and not in an arc so you can run away from it I would now rather use physical with full power and a little bit of high angle then to use magic and hope it doesnt hit the ground or doesnt miss at all!
Developer response from Spicyhorse

Hey guys , thanks for the suggestion We've just open this thread in forum, we can talk about it at

Play Super Adventure Pals Super Adventure Pals Aug. 03, 2012
He took my pet rock lol
Play Crazy Fairies Crazy Fairies Aug. 02, 2012
HERE are advice for game not loading 1)refresh 2)reopen browser 3)change browser 4)clear cache 5)reinstall unity 6)try another pc 7)Change ip(google it) and stop rating low!! Did I miss anything?
Play Crazy Fairies Crazy Fairies Jul. 29, 2012
Full screen is alt+F!! It should be put somewhere in game I guess maybe in the tips screen.
Developer response from Spicyhorse

It is the very first thing in the instructions. It IS in the tip screens. Seriously, the last option we have is to rename the game "ALT-F to Full Screen". And I think we're about one more "needs full screen" comment away from that! :P Seriously, we're going to add a big, obvious "FULL SCREEN" button to the main screen. That should fix it.

Play Crazy Fairies Crazy Fairies Jul. 28, 2012
We should be able to do PvE again without getting a 2nd prize box just to help some players finish it because most of the time and at higher levels(lvl +15) no one joining PvE and you cant solo them.
Developer response from Spicyhorse

We'll think about it. Thanks for the suggestion! Keep them coming! :)

Play Crazy Fairies Crazy Fairies Jul. 25, 2012
Masters need a warn button that makes a sound to wake up players so they can ready.
Developer response from Spicyhorse

We have a solution for this coming soon. It will make you happy.

Play Ninja Warz Ninja Warz Jul. 21, 2012
This game isnt like the energy regen waiting,heavy pay to win kind of game.The health bar is not considered as energy bar that you need to wait for,you can heal at hospital and it's cheap,you can only get 1 samurai and not a 25 samurai army which make it fair for others and you can find karma easily by getting items that sells at least for 5 karma and sometimes from Daimyo.The thing that makes this game awesome is the fact that you'll always progress with each thing you do.