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Since mid-August 2014, my activity here has mostly just been keeping my seat warm in case I ever felt like fully coming back. Now, a little over a year later, I’m even less interested than before. There’s not really any point in me continuing to log on if I’m just going to check a few threads, earn the BotD, and then go do other things. I highly doubt this will be a final goodbye, but for the most part, I’m gone. It’s been fun, everyone. See ya!

[2015-06-16, 5:58:07 PM] MyNameIsNothing: blizzard is a penis except instead of a penis
[2015-06-16, 5:58:09 PM] MyNameIsNothing: he’s full of penis

Story of my life

[08:29:40 PM] LethalMutiny: I just closed like 10 tabs of crap Blizz linked.

[11:09 PM] MyNameIsNothing: i always end up with like 4 tabs of blizz screenies open at any given time

[06:16:47 PM] Precarious: Behold, Blizz is the Knower of All Alts, and the Possessor of All Numbers. Behold!

[07:44:28 PM] MyNameIsNothing: fjdskaljf;dskjfsa (reply)
[07:44:31 PM] MyNameIsNothing: http://i.imgur.com/fZhle4l.png (reply)
[07:44:33 PM] MyNameIsNothing: jfdskajfds;klfj (reply)
[07:44:36 PM] awein999: dfsalk;jlfa;kjelf;kadskjadsf (reply)
[07:44:39 PM] awein999: fljkafsdj;lksafd;jklfsda (reply)
[07:44:47 PM] awein999: IT COUNTED ME AS HITTING THE BAT AT THE END (reply)
[07:44:51 PM] awein999: IT WAS SO FAST LKASFKJASDLKFDJ (reply)

Blizzard2000: Last time we left at 3
LethalMutiny: Why
occooa: lol
BestMte: Is tarnation in the final BLizz?
LethalMutiny: Be normal
occooa: looool
Blizzard2000: yes best
BestMte: Will final count towards Individual?
Blizzard2000: WHat’s wrong with leaving early :<
Blizzard2000: I’m still debating that.
LethalMutiny: No one leaves at 3am
Blizzard2000: Currently, yes, but I might remove it.
LethalMutiny: That’s Krabby Patty time
occooa: lololol
Blizzard2000: OH BOY 3AM
occooa: loool
BestMte: why are you in my time zone?
Blizzard2000: We take our Krabby Patties in the car, ,obviously.
LethalMutiny: And don’t tell me you enjoy a Krabby Patty in the car
LethalMutiny: WOW

[07:56:05 PM] LethalMutiny: I’m like, hardcore procrastinating VA2
[07:56:06 PM] Blizzard2000: Time for more VA2
[07:56:08 PM] Blizzard2000: Funfunfun
[07:56:09 PM] Blizzard2000: DAT
[07:56:12 PM] LethalMutiny: what
[07:56:13 PM] LethalMutiny: How

[05:58:32 PM] BestMte: omg fail PM xD
[05:58:36 PM] 123aaa789: wat
[05:58:36 PM] mikerspd: … yeah wtf
[05:58:39 PM] LethalMutiny: Wut.
[05:58:41 PM] ladieswift: wow
[05:58:43 PM] Blizzard2000: lol best pls lol
[05:58:52 PM] BestMte: my bad I was spamming awein

[10:25:11 PM] LethalMutiny: the phappy face at the end is lol
[10:25:14 PM] occooa: PHAPPY
[10:25:16 PM] occooa: PHAPPY
[10:25:17 PM] occooa: FACE
[10:25:24 PM] Blizzard2000: PHAPPY LOL
[10:25:26 PM] occooa: THE****ING PHAPPY FACE LEM LMAO
[10:25:30 PM] LethalMutiny: what
[10:25:31 PM] Precarious: THE PURSUIT OF PHAPPYNESS
[10:25:33 PM] racefan12: FAPPY?
[10:25:39 PM] LethalMutiny: YOu odn’t do that>
[10:25:41 PM] occooa: PHAP
[10:25:50 PM] racefan12: Or Phanpy, I can’t tell
[10:25:50 PM] LethalMutiny: Guys pls
[10:25:54 PM] LethalMutiny: I"m drunk
[10:26:02 PM] Precarious: We had no idea :(

[10:19:14 PM] LethalMutiny: I can make a cominc in microsoft opiant

[07:34:15 PM] racefan12: Every time I see a Canadian type “looooooooooool” with a bunch of "o"s I hear them saying it the way they say words like “aboot”

[11:27:08 PM] MachuPichu: I think uzz jumped into a bathtub of pizza and died of orgasm.

[07:42:05 PM] travman301: Eric is kind of the nubs
[07:42:09 PM] JOSHUAJONME: I really thought I was going to reach the extraction point :(
[07:42:10 PM] travman301: king*
[07:42:14 PM] travman301: **** me

[03:11:46 PM] LethalMutiny: It splits my name up Lethal Mutiny
[03:11:47 PM] DRAGONOLOGIST23: Dr Agonologist FTW tho
[03:11:48 PM] LethalMutiny: FU KONG
[03:11:55 PM] LethalMutiny: MY NAME ISN"T LETHA LMUTUNIY
[03:11:56 PM] DRAGONOLOGIST23: because you have the caps
[03:11:57 PM] LethalMutiny: Wow
[03:12:13 PM] LethalMutiny: Terrible spelling
[03:12:17 PM] LethalMutiny: /Typ;ing
[03:12:18 PM] CalmWaters: Dat
[03:12:19 PM] LethalMutiny: ****
[03:12:21 PM] LethalMutiny: FYPIGN
[03:12:25 PM] LethalMutiny: TPING
[03:12:26 PM] LethalMutiny: I GIVE UP
[03:12:27 PM] DRAGONOLOGIST23: From now on your name is Letha Lmutuniy
[03:12:28 PM] uzzbuzz: lol
[03:12:32 PM] CalmWaters: LM #1 Blizz

[12:05:59 AM] burrito: Wow
[12:06:05 AM] burrito: Most awkward moment of my life
[12:06:10 AM] burrito: My mom walks downstairs
[12:06:12 AM] burrito: at 2AM
[12:06:17 AM] burrito: And sees me sitting in my underwear
[12:06:25 AM] burrito: With a giant picture of a gourd on my computer
[12:06:33 AM] burrito: In a tutu

[03:25:47 PM] User15937: what i’m rather disappointed in
[03:25:47 PM] Nemiflora: ;-;
[03:25:51 PM] User15937: is that burrito beat it
[03:25:54 PM] User15937: yet he can’t do ME

[05:23 PM] TheRagingGamer: People gravitate towards me because I’m just that fat.

For future reference, maybe:
Max Mesiria 2, Frantic, Elona Shooter

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