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Play Seedling Seedling Jul. 22, 2012
I thought the game was good as a whole. Once I got to the last three dungeons, however, I was tempted to quit since all the puzzles essentially devolved into "Go traverse this treacherous one-tile wide paths where you have to start over if you stray off it!" It would have been half-bad if the character didn't slide when you let go of the key. The fire dungeon is where this really became apparent.
Play Cave Explorer Cave Explorer Feb. 05, 2012
It looks like two treasures are surrounded by the undrillable stone. So I guess unless an upgrade allows me to break it, winning is impossible.
Play Eine und Kleine Eine und Kleine Aug. 20, 2011
Up to level 7 so far and only found one place where I needed to use both characters.
Play DuckLife3: Evolution DuckLife3: Evolution May. 10, 2011
Pro races seem to take me to the climbing trials...a little too glitchy if you ask me.
Play Reincarnation:  A Taste Of Evil Reincarnation: A Taste Of Evil Mar. 20, 2011
This series never loads past the 80% mark for me for some reason.
Play DJManiax DJManiax Jan. 20, 2011
Not bad for a flash DJ game. Kinda amused that "Isabel" is a parody (musically) of "Vanessa" from Beatmania IIDX 14 (right down to the genre name).
Play Penguins Attack 3 Penguins Attack 3 Dec. 31, 2010
I leveled up after killing the last enemy and lost my upgrade chance because it faded to the victory screen immediately...may want to look into that.
Play Empire of the Galaldur Empire of the Galaldur Oct. 20, 2009
Once you conquer an area with archers you get an infinite amount of them, making the rest of the game pointless.
Play TETRIS'D: The Game TETRIS'D: The Game Oct. 14, 2009
Quite glitchy, and I noticed you can only do the flip while facing right.
Play Arena Arena Oct. 03, 2009
Need to take a little more care in not making enemy groups spawn below the player.
Play Idle, The never ending job Idle, The never ending job Sep. 30, 2009
It's a good game, but clearly a modification of the Motion Twin game. I can see the sun they used flashing in the background as if you were trying to hide it.
Play Microbes Microbes Sep. 26, 2009
Blatant rip-off of Death vs. Monstars. Right down to the green blobs and mouth enemies. I was also able to fully upgrade everything after level 6. Considering each level is practically the same thing, it's not even worth finishing.
Play Waterdrops Waterway Waterdrops Waterway Sep. 16, 2009
Clickable areas are way to small for the reaction time needed. More frustrating than fun.
Play ClassiX ClassiX Sep. 15, 2009
If you're going to make a rhythm game with only three rows, at least making more exciting than endless runs of alternating 8ths. Classical pieces are usually the hardest selections in rhythm games because of their complexity. At least demonstrate some modicum of that in your charts.
Play Mine Sweep 6 Mine Sweep 6 Sep. 02, 2009
A little too easy considering you drop from eight potential mine tiles to six. I'll stick with the Windows version.
Play Hover Phoenix Hover Phoenix Jul. 08, 2009
Hit detection is absolutely horrid. I also don't get how you're still damaged by the exploding red things when they're nowhere near you. If you were flying through the explosion I could understand, but most of the time you're not. Needless to say, it makes the game quite annoying when you get the gun strong enough to destroy asteroids once they enter the playfield.
Play Not-so Special Stage Not-so Special Stage Mar. 09, 2009
Too little visibility to properly react.
Play Bombs 2 Bombs 2 Mar. 09, 2009
You lose too many bombs when they get tossed into the arena. At least wait until all the explosions finish before the next one is tossed in. Also, the help says it's a 5 second penalty but it says 10 in the game. Worthy attempt, but not as good as Every Extend.
Play Gobble Gobble Feb. 28, 2009
Cute, fun, could use some more depth.
Play Collectophile Collectophile Feb. 20, 2009
Fun, but short-lived