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Play Mu Complex : Episode One Mu Complex : Episode One Nov. 15, 2014
Just imagine the surprise of people at Chicago Tribune - "why on earth are thousands of people from around the world using our archives? And why are they all looking for that specific date?"
Play 9 9 Sep. 18, 2014
5 stars just for giving the player option to not tell anyone about the game - and the honesty prize.
Play Curl Up and Fly! Curl Up and Fly! Jun. 16, 2014
Please do refrain from pressing the "FREE COOKIES!?" button too many times... if you value your processor's life...
Play Mighty Knight Mighty Knight Apr. 29, 2014
looks like someone here likes DotA...
Play Dynetzzle Dynetzzle Jan. 28, 2014
Nice and interesting concept, but there are either too few levels, or they are too simple (or both). Tweak it up a bit (maybe some new mechanics) and it sure will be a great logic game to play.
Play N (Official Web Version) N (Official Web Version) May. 18, 2013
guys.. i think you need to play the original n - it was EXACLY the same in gameplay - kongregate only added a few changes - like faster loading time, ability to see the levels you're going to play. The sluggish and awkward controls were the whole point of the game - the character moved very slowly in midair so you had to plan the jump beforehead. The game was out years ago, so propably most of you forgot how to play - don't rage on kongregate that it's bad - it's exacly the same
Play Folds -- Origami Game Folds -- Origami Game Feb. 13, 2013
Well, the game is really enjoyable (as well as frustrating at some points) its possible to cheat in some levels. The "Barn" would be a prime example. - "Use 10 folds to create a little house with a chimney" - *folds couple of times to create a rectangle with a triangle in a corner* - PERFECTION!!!
Play Rebuild Rebuild Oct. 05, 2011
I feel like cheating... 120 days on "harder" difficulty (about 35-40 attacks) with 10-20% chance of loss each day and lost only 3 times. All in all this is VERY much luck based - there were times when I had little chance of survival and yet I won - and now I AM the one overrunning the zombies :P
Play Save Toshi Save Toshi Sep. 21, 2011
Get to lvl 18 for Toshi cannon.
Play Pirates Vs Ninjas Pirates Vs Ninjas Aug. 31, 2011
Its interesting how those ninjas and pirates can survive direct hits from cannonballs and roofs smashing them, while their ships will sink from the slightest graze - they should spend less money on gyms and more on ships.
Play Curse of Plum Mountain Curse of Plum Mountain Aug. 03, 2011
The ending made me laugh... especially your response to what is happening :)
Play Snail Bob 2 Snail Bob 2 Jun. 18, 2011
I know comments about how many points you got are boring... but a score of 6666? it feels kind of strange...
Play DN8 DN8 Apr. 25, 2011
If you are good at dodging bullets the boss of level 10 becomes a life-giving machine - so many bullets moving just next to your ship give an extra life every 10 or so seconds
Play Insectonator Insectonator Apr. 10, 2011
Now THATs an interesting way of using a nuke...
Play You are a... The Sequel You are a... The Sequel Mar. 18, 2011
DARK video game player, the LAST videogampler - destined to... sell myself...?
Play Classic Hashi Light Vol 1 Classic Hashi Light Vol 1 Mar. 17, 2011
Its funny how you can complete all of these puzzles with pure logic and practicly no guessing at all. Impressive puzzles - waiting for more.
Play Hack Slash Crawl Hack Slash Crawl Mar. 09, 2011
Thats strange... if you equip items with strength bonus the bonus is seen as the green number and white one is your natural strength, but for other stats the white number is the sum of natural AND bonus (while the green number still indicated the bonus). Is that a bug? BTW, try unequiping your weapon for an easter egg (i think).
Play Rebuild Rebuild Feb. 28, 2011
can someone explain to me, why once a place with survivors is secured, the survivors disappear? Shouldn't they add up as new people? Please fix this if possible.
Play Cardian Cardian Feb. 25, 2011
when fighitng with the tribe leader, the one who playes with lizards i encountered a strange bug - at one point i summoned a huge amount of minions and, for someunkownreason, the opponet was sometimes summoning blank minons - they werent moving nor dealing dmg - just standing with running animation - when i swarmed opponets portal one of the blank summons seemed to have infinite health - i kept dealing dmg to him but he just stood there all the time. To make things funnier, my kill counter (or soul counter) was very quickly rising, as if i kept killing him and he instantly respawned. Please fix this if possible, blank spawns happen often but didnt couse any trouble to me until that infinite lifes bug.