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Play the smart test the smart test Oct. 09, 2012
Had tons of fun reading the comments and the grammar mistakes so 1/5 xD
Play The Grinns Tale The Grinns Tale Oct. 06, 2012
Besides a way to sell unnecessary items you could also add a trade market to trade wood for metal and vice-versa at some (online?)ratio. Online would be a factor of community need/excess. Thank you for the great game
Play Zombie Last Night 2 Zombie Last Night 2 Apr. 26, 2012
5/5 just spent like 3/4 hours on this game till the end. It's freaking awesome having all that list of upgrades and diferent kinds of zombies. And the best part is that even when you get minigun the game isnt that easy anyway. The only thing i think wasnt perfect is that the medical kits upgrade gets too high. at 99 you get like invencible :D Congratulations for this game
Developer response from meteoraTITANik

thank you

Play The Lonely Square The Lonely Square Apr. 09, 2012
I like the game. Clean simple and with a story. Perhaps you could had some colisions instead of just increasing number of enemies. And don't know if you want to continue this game (like the lonely square 2) you could had like shooting like in your tutorials ;).
Developer response from Abigayl

I've thought about making a second one and including shooting in it.

Play Sports Heads: Tennis Sports Heads: Tennis Jan. 28, 2012
I really enjoyed the game for the first 4/5 matches but till 7 points its way too mutch and it becomes boring after some time. 4/5 ;)
Play Stencyl Tutorial 2: Attributes, Etc. Stencyl Tutorial 2: Attributes, Etc. Jan. 23, 2012
Ok after almost 1 hour of trying i got it. I used do after 0.1 sec instead of do every 0.1 secs. Sorry and keep up the good work ;)
Developer response from Abigayl

Aye, it's the simple things that often are the hardest to debug. Another common one is mistaking "group for this actor's colliding shape" with "group for colliding shape" or using the numerical addition instead of the text version (or vice-versa). Glad you got it solved :D

Play Stencyl Tutorial 2: Attributes, Etc. Stencyl Tutorial 2: Attributes, Etc. Jan. 23, 2012
Hey m8. First of all thank you for this amazing tutorial. I'm trying to follow your programs but my score isn't working as it should. If i start my score at 0 it goes to 1 and then stops there but my highscore is working good because if i change start score for 2 the highscore will go to 3 as the score stops at 3. What exactly am i doing wrong? Thank you
Play food hunter food hunter Dec. 12, 2009
is this a game or a screensaver?