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Play Bear in Super Action Adventure Bear in Super Action Adventure Jun. 20, 2015
While the game is well-made and good quality, it just... lacks something. Most levels are just a first-try runthrough, there is little to no difficulty (perhaps the last boss is the only thing offering any challenge) and it just doesn't get to the level of the Epic Boss Fighter games, for example. It's a nice little game, but it just gives sort of a bland impression.
Play Sugar, sugar 3 Sugar, sugar 3 Jun. 08, 2015
Really great to see this series get a new installment :)
Play GemCraft - Chasing Shadows GemCraft - Chasing Shadows Jun. 06, 2015
How many people here actually think the game is bad for reasons other than microtransactions? They are part of the current world of gaming, because making games of this caliber for free would be an absolute waste of resources. The game has a massive amount of content even without Magician's Pouch and you guys are blind to that fact, because you can't get your eyes off the microtransactions to try and play the actual game.
Play Stranger than Fiction Stranger than Fiction May. 31, 2015
A very well-made puzzle game -- how have I not discovered this earlier? Extremely enjoyable, as mentioned earlier by others.
Play Mu Complex : Episode Two Mu Complex : Episode Two May. 22, 2015
Absolute masterpiece of a game.
Play Little Bandits Little Bandits May. 18, 2015
There is a typo in the name of the quest with the requirement "Complete 'The Road to Havenbrook' on Adept" - it says Thawrted, should say Thwarted.
Developer response from LittleGuyGames

Thanks for the report!

Play Mu Complex : Episode Two Mu Complex : Episode Two May. 10, 2015
The moments of success on some of the harder puzzles makes you feel so proud of yourself... until you see the next puzzle and go "d'oh".
Play Royal Squad Royal Squad Apr. 18, 2015
What I love about this game is that I don't need to be perfect to get all the stars from a mission. Thank you for this game, it's a pleasure to play.
Play City Siege 3: FUBAR Level Pack City Siege 3: FUBAR Level Pack Mar. 28, 2015
You destroy a trap, walk over the spot where it was... and your character gets stuck in midair, as if the trap was still there. Bleh.
Play Time Clickers Time Clickers Mar. 21, 2015
That awesome feeling when you get not one, not two but THREE rainbow clutters in a row.
Play IdleByte IdleByte Mar. 15, 2015
If you're in Achievements page 2, clicking Stats won't return you to the Stats window.
Play Silent Conversation Silent Conversation Feb. 24, 2015
It's a really amazing game but the levels are really, really long (even too long?) without any checkpoints.
Play Kongpanion Avatar Maker Kongpanion Avatar Maker Jan. 23, 2015
Oh, oh, and a randomize option that chooses a random KP, random BG and random rotation! That'd be cool! :D
Play Kongpanion Avatar Maker Kongpanion Avatar Maker Jan. 23, 2015
Neat tool. One small BG suggestion: there's a rainbow version of the diagonal line BG (3rd row, fifth from left) - could we get a rainbowified version of the "sunray" BG (the ones in the top left corner)?
Play Thermo Thermo Dec. 04, 2014
The first problem I ran into: I have no idea what the flashing yellow gate does on level 6, and can't find a way to complete it. :/
Play Hook Hook Oct. 08, 2014
Dang, way too short for the concept. The game's really fun and would be even funner with more levels.
Play Rogue Soul 2 Rogue Soul 2 Sep. 26, 2014
Good improvements compared to the first game, really like the level format. I don't know if there is one but I'd kinda hope there'd be an endless "normal mode", like in Rogue Soul 1... but this one is really good without one still.
Developer response from SoulGame

There is one at the end of the campaign.

Play Epic Boss Fighter Epic Boss Fighter Apr. 04, 2014
A setting for disabling the coins (or, for example, simply stopping the coins from spawning after you have every upgrade) would be really nice. They just add to the confusion in the insane endless mode.
Play changeType() changeType() Feb. 21, 2014
Now this is creative, like some of your previous platformers (Fault Line, for example). Great job once again!
Play Idleplex Idleplex Feb. 21, 2014
A great idle game! One tiny complaint: after unlocking the chance to get cows and pigs, the bottom left corner says "pig chance" but "cow chanceS".