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Play Idle Snake Idle Snake Jul. 25, 2015
Refreshed and all upgrades are red and showing "Cost: NaN"
Play Idle Space Shooter Idle Space Shooter Jul. 24, 2015
Needs a manual save, seeing as the auto appeared to work once and thats it
Play Idle Runner Idle Runner Jul. 23, 2015
Sort the mute out, the clicking is even more annoying without the music, only other issue I've found is no distance ever counts up, might find more when this is actually playable but despite haters some good games started this simple
Play Tap Tap Infinity Tap Tap Infinity Jul. 20, 2015
kong t&c's won't allow me to load my game on steam? seriously? is there no way of getting round that? i just want to try and play without the instabilities caused by browsers and plugins...
Play SAGA Idle SAGA Idle Jul. 18, 2015
Wow... Came back to what's got to be thousands of hellhounds on the screen... Really needs looking at that...
Play SAGA Idle SAGA Idle Jul. 18, 2015
Looked away for a second reading comments, got back to about 100 hellhounds on the screen...
Play SAGA Idle SAGA Idle Jul. 18, 2015
Nice that the archers have an ability. but not sure slowing things should make them move backwards faster than they do forwards :p wondered what was going on all of a sudden they started chasing a wolf through the town lol
Play Mine Upgrade Mine Upgrade Jul. 16, 2015
Confusing error... Last night I upped my spikey balls to 10, today they are 7. Normally I would just assume a save glitch but the 6 robots i bought after that are there... Doesn't really set me back much but thought it was worth a mention
Play Mine Upgrade Mine Upgrade Jul. 15, 2015
auto sell gold upgrade takes way more than stated, throwing me in to negative cash every time, i reset only a few hours ago and it's still a lil off, hope you get time to tweak it soon
Play Mine Upgrade Mine Upgrade Jul. 15, 2015
i know the auto sell feature is new so it probably needs debugging, but sometimes it seems to take cargo without giving any cash, and one of the upgrades just took all of my money instead of just the 96 on the price tag
Play Holyday City Holyday City Jul. 15, 2015
What's with the change to discount upgrades? "requires more ......" All I can see that it's doing is slowing my setup down, the price restricts us so I really don't see why this is necessary
Play Monopoly Idle Monopoly Idle May. 31, 2015
not really idle if it goes to sleep when you leave it in the background, any chance of that getting sorted? really like the concept here it's a wonder we haven't seen something like this before
Play Where Is Your Gun Now, Mr. Chekhov? Where Is Your Gun Now, Mr. Chekhov? May. 20, 2015
an umbrella is too conventional but the gun is not? this might need a little tweaking...
Play We're not ants ! We're not ants ! Apr. 27, 2015
Thought this was starting to save, but I've lost everything again... I'm using Firefox and have everything up to date, this game is interesting but if it won't save I can't play as Flash slowdown makes regular refreshes essential else Firefox stops responding.
Developer response from Plopix

Yes it seem that some players are switching randomly between different versions. Sorry can't do much about that, I've already contacted Kong's support.

Play Space Miner Idle Space Miner Idle Apr. 21, 2015
This games taking so long to play it's almost not an idle game :p Add some filters to the menu's, if we could view item/ship/module tiers separately it would make a lot of difference
Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Apr. 08, 2015
the layering seems to be going out of whack, first the shading that appears behind the upgrades/managers/etc panels jumped to the front, now the text for the cash upgrades seems to have fallen behind the panel, i can still buy them with the quick buy button but can't see them. i'm using firefox and have everything up to date
Play Shop Empire 3 Shop Empire 3 Feb. 15, 2015
just destroyed a chunk of my mall trying to get stairs in place, with absolutely nothing else there i'm still told i can't build there... it's kinda ruined my design :( hope you get the glitches sorted soon
Play Star Trek: The Incremental Game Star Trek: The Incremental Game Feb. 14, 2015
i just put 12 prestige points into armor, now i'm in game my armor bonus is 4... it was already 4... fun little game but does need work
Play Tap Tap Infinity Tap Tap Infinity Feb. 08, 2015
Or a kong message announcement, I receive them from games I've never heard of so I would think it would be possible. I didn't know about the reddit page (i'm from a generation where we don't immediately search for forums and guides, we just play and figure it out ourselves) and couldn't see the update notes, all i could see was "user does not exist" or whatever. There may still be some who are assuming it's a kong error and waiting, so it might still be worth putting an announcement out.
Play Tap Tap Infinity Tap Tap Infinity Feb. 06, 2015
It took a stupid amount of searching to find out what had happened to this game, would be great if you'd made some sort of announcement...
Developer response from ScaryBee

Sorry for the confusion - there was an announcement on the Reddit page and i added the new URL to the update notes, where else would you have expected to see an announcement coming from?