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Play Dynetzzle Dynetzzle Jan. 27, 2014
It's a bit short... I was just getting into it, then it ended... Definitely worth expanding on, I think 50 levels would be good for this. I hope to see more :)
Play Phage Wars 2 Phage Wars 2 Jan. 03, 2014
might be my colour-blindness causing issues but there seems to be only a slight difference between tested and untested...
Play Love Love Dec. 16, 2013
18000? ya no...
Play Guild Dungeons 2 Guild Dungeons 2 Oct. 22, 2013
the iron issue is stupid, why on earth would i not send more miners or something? the consumption is higher than the income... i mean seriously, this could be a very popular game if not for stupid little quirks like that...
Play Uncle Vince's Mission In-Vince-able (No Witnesses) Uncle Vince's Mission In-Vince-able (No Witnesses) Oct. 18, 2013
Wow... I've always said that many games on here would be better if there was voice acting... This however would probably be better without it...
Play Campaign Game: General Election Campaign Game: General Election Oct. 06, 2013
Game appears broken, menu loads a few times then goes to white screen, i managed to click single player as it popped up but it made no difference, music keeps playing on white screen. i'm running firefox 24, and flash 11,8,800,168
Play Zombotron 2: Time Machine Zombotron 2: Time Machine Oct. 04, 2013
correction - you CAN finish the level without killing the boss, because i did first attempt, didn't even see him to be honest
Play Cube Colossus Cube Colossus Sep. 10, 2013
ya this is more frustrating than fun because the mouse isn't locked in... you stray a lil and the ship just stops... it's gonna take a long time to get these badges when it makes you rage quit every couple of levels, it's the only real flaw in this game but unfortunately it's a fairly big one, 3/5
Play Robot Dinosaurs That Shoot Beams When They Roar Robot Dinosaurs That Shoot Beams When They Roar Sep. 09, 2013
The concept here is pretty lame, the sounds are worse, the graphics are poor... So why the hell am I feeling gutted that it was so short...?
Play World's End Chapter 1 World's End Chapter 1 Aug. 04, 2013
"go straight for boris, don't waste time on his minions" That's exactly what I did, I managed to hit him twice before his minions wiped me out, so good advice there...
Play Rise of Mythos Rise of Mythos Aug. 03, 2013
The ghost ship is 4 star experience and 1 star silver and crystal, so why is experience always the lowest figure?
Play Run 2 Run 2 Aug. 03, 2013
too right that last badge is impossible, the first 5 levels of each is enough to tell me i will never be returning here again, great concept but far too difficult from the off, i assume it's gonna get much harder so ya no...
Play Feed Us 5 Feed Us 5 Jul. 27, 2013
If you only need contact info for user id, why do you also request access to my friends list? Your statement only seems to protect my rights and not theirs, I think it'd be best to stay clear...
Play Outer Invasion Outer Invasion Jul. 26, 2013
Awesome! Very fun to play and leaves us wanting more, a sequel is a MUST! We want more though, more of EVERYTHING! 5/5!
Play The Bravest Hunter The Bravest Hunter Jul. 20, 2013
ya this game is in need of updates, the balancing is way off in places, as well as various other issues mentioned in other comments, right now i won't be getting the second badge on this it's gonna take far too long with the game how it is now
Play Papa's Pancakeria Papa's Pancakeria Jun. 03, 2013
for those going insane playing this game atm, waffles unlock at rank 7, it's gruelling, tedious and infuriating but you'll get there...
Play Snail Bob 4 Space Snail Bob 4 Space May. 30, 2013
4 games in and this still hasn't lost it's magic, that's an achievement by any standard, great job guys! :) 5/5!
Play Peach Car Racing Peach Car Racing May. 13, 2013
fun but needs a little work on the physics and add in some upgrades, far too annoying atm tho as you get stuck in so many different ways... an engine and tyre upgrade would solve that :p but ya this could be really good with a little work
Play Cop Car Parking Cop Car Parking May. 13, 2013
level 2 is broken, it won't end
Developer response from regale

Try backing into the spot. The arrow in the parking spot indicates the direction you should face. Thanks for the comment!

Play Earn to Die Earn to Die Apr. 28, 2013
ya that hard badge should be impossible... i don't think i'll be getting that one...