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Dead Zed 2

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Mar. 30, 2016

Rating: -2

No option for invert mouse? Please correct.

How Dare You

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Feb. 22, 2016

Rating: 51

I can switch to keyboard controls just fine. However they seem really "soft", for lack of a better term. As in, pushing buttons does not make the character respond as crisply as one would expect.

Pretentious Game 2

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Jun. 08, 2015

Rating: 0

OMG, right in the feels!

Curl Up and Fly!

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Jan. 22, 2015

Rating: 4

why can I not "unlock" the end Kongpanions after having bought all the way up to the end? I got all the way to the end while the game was bugged, now I cannot see anything but static

Curl Up and Fly!

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Jan. 18, 2015

Rating: 2

Kongpanions don't seem to be working.....


Play JellyGo!

Oct. 15, 2014

Rating: 2

w00t for the Futurama reference on the 'easy' badge!!!

Gravitee Wars Online

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Oct. 02, 2014

Rating: 3

SOOO happy that this made it out of Beta and onto Kong :-) Beta was fun, but will be more awesome with the larger player base here

Tinysasters 2: rise of the nexus

Play Tinysasters 2: rise of the nexus

Jun. 21, 2014

Rating: 6

Spelling error at the end of mission #10. "Congratulations, you've build your first NexusD!"


Play Portalizer

May. 04, 2014

Rating: 3

OK, when you press 'continue' from options menu it re-starts the level? Probably ought to not do that....

Candle Man

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Dec. 15, 2013

Rating: 2

Great game, but _please_ add an option to invert the mouse.


Play S P Y

Aug. 25, 2013

Rating: 4

Badges, please?

Developer response from buenozair

Badges are not the responsability of devellopers, the games must have a rating of 3.8 to be elligible for badges. I wish I could add badges too :)

Icarus Needs

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Jul. 20, 2013

Rating: 3

Very enjoyable! Please create more games of this type, perhaps a little longer :)

Cat God vs Sun King 2

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Mar. 02, 2013

Rating: 588

I felt the original was a great game, but this one is even more fun! Having access to NERDOOK games in beta is worth paying for Kong Plus all by itself!

Developer response from nerdook

Yay, glad you think so! I'll be aiming to make streamlined/improved versions of my older games for a change, so will be combing through my collection to see what ideas I didn't have enough skill/time to develop. Look out for more games!


Play Drop.

Jul. 06, 2012

Rating: 0

This is a unique and super-fun game! Badges please!

Necronomicon - Book of Dead Names

Play Necronomicon - Book of Dead Names

Jul. 03, 2012

Rating: 6

badges please?


Play Psychout

Jun. 08, 2012

Rating: 3

I REALLY enjoyed this game. Lots of good puzzles, requires out-of-the-box thinking (pun very much intended), keep up the good work. Look forward to the sequel! Oh, and Kong Admins, please add badges ;)

Nuclear Outrun

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May. 02, 2012

Rating: 3611

Another winner from Nerdook! I was wondering, is there a name for the world where all these zany characters live? Nerdookburg? Awesometown?

Developer response from nerdook


The Necronomicon Mobile

Play The Necronomicon Mobile

Apr. 29, 2012

Rating: 0

Medium badge still does not work. Followed all instructions

Zombie Sniper Ressurexion

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Apr. 05, 2012

Rating: 0

Way too easy. Way too repetitive.

Kill the Heroes

Play Kill the Heroes

Mar. 30, 2012

Rating: 0

There goes nerdook again, sucking up all the awesome! :D