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Latest Activity: Played The Great War of Prefectures (Aug 19, 2013 7:22pm)

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    Somewhere in texas if u live in texas tell me where u live we may live in same town
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    Apr. 26, 2008
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0 0 1rofile 0,1rofile 0 0 -122d8f4,me 1i 18 1i,18 1k 2a 1k 3n 1h 54 1f 6e 1f 7r 1g 9b 1i as 1j,aq 1f q0 -3c,2bs 38q 2cr 39d 2e0 39s 2f2 3a6 2gb 3ae 2hj 3ah 2it 3al 2kd 3ar 2lp 3au 2n7 3b0 2on 3b3 2qa 3b5,t6 -3e 18r -3t,18q -3u 19h -3i 1a8 -39 1b3 -30 1bt -2p 1cs -2f 1e0 -20 1f8 -1k 1ga -1d 1hc -18 1i9 -18 1jd -18 1kl -19 1m7 -1b 1nk -1d 1p0 -1f 1qj -1j,1qh -1l 1re -1j 1se -1j 1tf -1l 1uk -1s 1vo -27 214 -2m 22a -37 23i -3r 24o -4l 25n -5j 26l -6l 27f -7r 27r -97 27p -aq 26u -cg 25i -e8 24b -ff 22v -gl 21g -hm 1vu -ik,22i -di 1qs -di,1qt -dj 1q2 -dc 1p7 -d7 1oa -d5 1ne -d3 1mj -d2 1lq -d3 1l0 -d7 1k8 -de 1jl -do 1j5 -e1,1ja -dt 1io -ec 1hr -eu,1gt -fc 1fu -fn 1es -g3 1dr -gg 1cn -h0 1ba -hk 1a0 -i6,1gs -fd 1he -f5,1ha -f9 1ht -et,19v -i7 195 -iu 18a -jj 174 -k4,175 -k5 168 -kq 15b -li,18 1j -5f 1o,-h9 4ik -hb 4kc,15d -lg 14n -lt 141 -md,13p -mg 132 -n1 126 -nm 11a -oi,13l -mk 14c -m0,11f -oe rq -tq,qn -uu h0 -v5,gu -va -7a -106,-7d -vv -pv -1km,-pv -1kj -r5 -1kv -se -1ll -tk -1n2 -us -1oq -vo -1q5 -10m -1s0,-rg -1p2 -cq -1p5#18q -3u 1dl -27#G -109 -1sm 3f,G -u3 -1qn 41,G -qm -1t3 4a,G -rn -1ro 48,G -77 -11o a0,B 224 -e5 8e,G s3 -15m 7n,G vm -14b 7k,G td -150 7b,G tg -13k 7l,G un -12q 77,G rm -14b 75,G q4 -13l 70,G r7 -12u 7f,G rs -122 7m,G 13l -nf 9q,B 25 r e0,G ae 1a d8,G ps -7r gf,G rl -7d gl,G tg -8b gs,G s2 -8o gs,G q2 -8t fr,G qv -8l h5,S 2d4 39a,B 1pb -21 dq,B 1j9 -ep km,B 1po -de jr,B 1d3 -hl ks,B 195 -je l3

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