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Play A Dance of Fire and Ice A Dance of Fire and Ice Dec. 06, 2014
This game has so much potential but unfortunately seems to fall short on execution. The directional rhythm mechanic itself is so amazing though, that I'm still giving this game a 5. The level design is a bit unfortunate in that it does not create a gradual enough progression. The music is not quite rhythmic or percussive as this game demands. I'd love to see a version of necrodancer or something similar with this movement mechanic though!
Play Game of Thrones Ascent Game of Thrones Ascent Apr. 12, 2013
Definitely need to have a separate server when this is released on Kong. If you want this to succeed, people need a chance to vie for the top spot.
Developer response from DisruptorBeam

Hi Bogden, it's something we looked into but in order to get the game onto Kongregate and supported properly it was done this way. We hope you're still enjoying the game and have a happy day in Westeros! :)

Play Hexagon Hexagon Nov. 13, 2012
Never have I been prouder to be called a square.
Play Fracuum Fracuum Apr. 30, 2012
My favorite achievement: Start the game, but instead of zooming in, keep going down and zooming out for 10-20 screens.
Play Mitoza Mitoza Apr. 29, 2012
Did anyone else feel a heart wrenching sense of loss when the rubber ducky was hanged? What happened behind the curtain? A dramatic tale of woe and suicide? A murder by a vile temptress ducky? The world may never know this poor duck's true fate.
Play Invertion Invertion Apr. 13, 2012
Good game, but not enough levels.
Play The irRegularGame of Life The irRegularGame of Life Apr. 06, 2012
Ooooo... Pretty patterns! eNq1VEEOwCAI+xL9/+d2mCwgUFiiJJqIVaQWRF6DmnA7iUOzLt1d8KPGs/j2XLrxhHqw7gPHfXC/zHGY4XT0962hM3mf5l3yApsKIqGePzFBK/lsbiozG4epJ/84BDz5YAdM42b10coMOS/hFUDGcymzjd5SFkYHOC6zobwHZTAtq7ZMp2V/o89M2xx+dMP7bf0B81QtrA==
Play The irRegularGame of Life The irRegularGame of Life Apr. 06, 2012
Play The irRegularGame of Life The irRegularGame of Life Apr. 06, 2012
Play Santa Rockstar: Metal Xmas 3 Santa Rockstar: Metal Xmas 3 Dec. 25, 2011
The hard badges seem to be totally off... It's incredibly easy to get 15,000 Carol of the bells, but you need to hit basically every note to get 40,000 on Wish you a merry christmas. Dunno if the badge makers even played the songs!
Play Elephant Quest Elephant Quest Apr. 17, 2011
That game evoked some powerful, deep, pachydermal emotions. Goodbyeaphant.
Play Depict1 Depict1 Mar. 19, 2011
Need a blue portal? Shoot me an orange!
Play intrusion intrusion Aug. 15, 2008
Simply an amazing game, the physics engine and the use of it to make this game really brightened my day. It's nice to see something like this being done in FLASH of all things.
Play Logo Finder v20 Logo Finder v20 Jan. 07, 2008
And whats the one with the finder logo in the center, but has four points coming out the sides of it?
Play Logo Finder v20 Logo Finder v20 Jan. 07, 2008
Can you give us some clues for the level three logos? There's the red one with the wand, and a lot of others I dont know.
Play F2Jam v3.0 F2Jam v3.0 Jul. 11, 2007
Yea, there a lot of bugs. The syncing is off when you enable all the options. Also, it doesnt read fast enough to determine all the notes of you press many at the same time.
Play Draw-Play 2 Draw-Play 2 Jun. 29, 2007
This is a very fun game! The only downer for me was that if I clicked menu accidentally it reset the whole game. But I thought it was so fun I started again and then finished the game :D
Play Monster truck trial challenge Monster truck trial challenge Jun. 27, 2007
This is a very fun physics based game. I agree with the others, it is quite short, however, the time you do spend playing it is incredibly fun. The acrobatics you can do in a monster truck are unrealistic, but hey! That's what games are for anyway. Also, there is a glitch if you land too hard. The car goes through the wheels and flips back.
Play Diesel and Death Diesel and Death Jun. 27, 2007
This is an okay game. It's fun enough, however it gets boring after a while. You really should be able to replay a level if you have beaten it already. It makes it less frustrating for those of us gamers who just aren't that good at gaming ;)
Play Biff and Baff - Rolling Biff and Baff - Rolling Jun. 26, 2007
Just imagine... split screen co op? Deathmatch mode? Knock the other person off with powerups?