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Play Pixelo Pixelo Feb. 26, 2015
That resets all, puzzles, badges, gold.... i just want a puzzle reset
Play Pixelo Pixelo Feb. 25, 2015
Would be great if there was a button to reset the puzzles, i´m done with the game... a puzzle a day is a bit too less to be further addicted
Play Eredan Arena Eredan Arena Jun. 03, 2014
Only a PVP mode? :( That sucks
Play Treasures of the Mystic Sea Treasures of the Mystic Sea Jan. 17, 2012
I like it. It´s hard, unfair and sometimes i think it tries to cheat on me... 5/5 - Challanging \o/
Play I Am An Insane Rogue AI I Am An Insane Rogue AI Jan. 21, 2011
Way too easy :) Now i´ll have to wait 7 minutes to get the last Trophy (play 1 hour -.-)
Play ClueSweeper ClueSweeper Dec. 19, 2010
Yes ! Finally 35k -> TopScorer :D
Play AquaBubbles AquaBubbles Oct. 30, 2010
Lvl 70.... Really, when does this Game end? ^^
Play AquaBubbles AquaBubbles Oct. 30, 2010
Good Game, but when does it end? I´m now at Lvl 56 and it slowly is getting boring....
Play Necronator Necronator Jun. 11, 2010
Boring -.- World Infector worked better ^^
Play Toss the Turtle Toss the Turtle Sep. 12, 2009
My Mouse freezes in flight -.- No fun
Play Pyro II Pyro II Aug. 21, 2009
Set This World Ablaze Badge (hard - 30 points) You acquired this badge on Aug. 21, 2009. Way too easy -.-
Play Hungry Shapes Hungry Shapes Aug. 18, 2009
The last Lvl was heavy ^^
Play Music Catch 2 Music Catch 2 Apr. 28, 2009
Way too easy....