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Play Wonder Rocket Wonder Rocket Sep. 20, 2014
Done in by Gouda.
Play Zumbi Blocks Zumbi Blocks Sep. 17, 2014
There should be no player vs. player damage unless you select it when starting the server. Also there should be a selection for how many players. Very few can successfully host a 16-player game. Clean up the connection code. Stop sending so much unnecessary data. When someone connects they do not need the life history of ever zombie that ever spawned.
Play Drawfender Level Pack Drawfender Level Pack Sep. 13, 2014
I like the developer's games but if you can't play and finish on Kong, don't be using Kong to drive revenue to another site. That's bad form. 1 star.
Play Zumbi Blocks Zumbi Blocks Sep. 10, 2014
It's hard enough to find a working server. And when you do it's usually less than 2 minutes before it crashes. There's not enough time to really have any fun. Although if you kill off the other players it lightens the server load so you can play longer. Just don't kill the host. :)
Play This is the Only Level This is the Only Level Sep. 10, 2014
Play Zumbi Blocks Zumbi Blocks Sep. 06, 2014
Play Zumbi Blocks Zumbi Blocks Aug. 28, 2014
Hey, you apes! Here's a tip: If you put 2 sandbags one on top of the other, the zombies can eventually destroy the bottom one. But not the top one! The top sandbag will remain suspended. Zombies won't bother it, and they can't get underneath it! What this means is that with 2 sandbags you can turn the Jail building into an impregnable fortress. You can play cards, drink whiskey and the zombies will just stand there and stare at you. In fact, it's best to shoot out the bottom bag yourself so you can see the zombies clearly. 20 rounds from AA-12 will take out a sandbag.
Play Zumbi Blocks Zumbi Blocks Aug. 26, 2014
Robomaldito, take your pick: - the server isn't using correct port-forwarding or NAT punch through settings. - the data upload grows as the game progresses and is multiplied by number of clients. It's a huge load and most people don't have that kind of upload rate so their server eventually dies… - If you see a server successfully running with 12 to 16 players, it's because they never started the waves. The data load small without zombies. But it's kind of boring. How long can you stand around and swap guns? - Once people see a server running with 3 or more players, they think "Oh, a good server"! And so everyone piles onto that server and it crashes in a minute or two. - If you start a server the best thing you can do is limit # of players to stay below your max upload rate. Once you are nearing the max, set a password in the chat. Example: /password abcde your password is now abcde and you won't get additional players to crash your game.
Play Zumbi Blocks Zumbi Blocks Aug. 23, 2014
This game needs more rockets.
Play Zumbi Blocks Zumbi Blocks Aug. 20, 2014
This is not the "Unturned" comment board.
Play Zumbi Blocks Zumbi Blocks Aug. 18, 2014
If you happen to have cheat engine, give yourself a few hundred landmines. Then place them all in exactly the same spot. Get a zombie to walk over that. Lol, it flung a zombie so high, it was at least an 8 second hang time!
Play Campaign Game: General Election Campaign Game: General Election Aug. 14, 2014
Sorry for the folks who can't load. But, you do realize this game was about the **2008** Presidential campaign? I wouldn't expect the developer to be spending more time on it. But a 2016 version would be great!
Play Zumbi Blocks Zumbi Blocks Aug. 12, 2014
I'll see your LOL and raise you a ROFL.
Play Project Alnilam Project Alnilam Aug. 01, 2014
lvl 30 is starting to get on my nerves :p
Play Zumbi Blocks Zumbi Blocks Jul. 30, 2014
@Hobocobo, Yep, and you can get there too!
Play Zumbi Blocks Zumbi Blocks Jul. 30, 2014
Zumbi's Law: You can never join a server named "Plz Join".
Play Zumbi Blocks Zumbi Blocks Jul. 27, 2014
Man up, and fix this game.
Play Project Alnilam Project Alnilam Jul. 22, 2014
The mind is a funny thing. It works on puzzles while you go about other things. I was stuck on level 19 for 3 days. Then just now on the 4th day I tried it and, BANG! the 13-move solution on the first go. :)
Play Glitch Lab Glitch Lab Jul. 19, 2014
Enjoyable except the resolution of the L/R controls seems to move the fellow a minimum of 15-20 pixels at the slightest touch so control is fussy.
Play Zumbi Blocks Zumbi Blocks Jul. 16, 2014
Try the "Rocketman Challenge"! Start you game carrying ONLY ONE M202-A1, and nothing else. And use no other weapon during the game. It's a Blast!! :p And, maybe not as difficult as you might think, once you learn the blast radius, grouping zombies, and playing the carom off of walls, trees, etc.. Once you get past the first few waves and ammo becomes more plentiful, you really start having fun launching zombies. And it will spoil you for any other weapon.