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My stress relief is when your chest will bleed.

YellowCommunist: Citrus, the other day you guys got me all aroused and I had to fap in the bathroom for full 50 mins.

YellowCommunist: Not repeating that again.

Uberkrass: but ur teh furfag

Danruk: i prefer the term intersexual bestial anthropomorph thanks.

Mephistophelis: My ex (or, as I like to say, “yesterbae”) used to PMS like a tyrannosaurus on heroin

Mephistophelis: “Have you ever ****ed a 12 year old Priest that’s also a dead dog while wearing someone else’s condom and sniffing their underwear?”

SinkTheBismarck: My boyfriend doesn’t have the biggest libido on earth. I don’t think that would work.
Crawl138: Poor sink. No libidio
Crawl138: Im 34 and i still bang like a horny monkey as much as possible

Break_Silence: Could be the valve stem.
funguscrotch: soapy water on the valve stem will bubble if leaking
Basherte: take some water and add some dawn, then put on the tire, and blow it upBasherte: if there is a hole anywhere you will be able to see it
UniteTheSeven: Unless you’re a virgin, then you might struggle to find the hole
funguscrotch: LOLOL
funguscrotch: if it was a fat girl… just roll her in flour, and look for the wet spot!

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