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Play Globetrotter XL Globetrotter XL Sep. 17, 2011
*Gets to level 10, loses by 200, breaks computer*
Play Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy Aug. 14, 2011
I don't like the controls given to me in the game, and I can't change them. It's fair to say that I'm irritated.
Play Cute Rabbit Adventure Cute Rabbit Adventure Jul. 27, 2011
This is the 45,000th game on this site. Congratulations.
Play Globetrotter XL Globetrotter XL Jul. 11, 2011
Don't you hate it when you know a place well but the map is too damn big to click directly on it?
Play Globetrotter XL Globetrotter XL Jul. 11, 2011
Dammit.. Level 8, and so close to getting past it. MUST GET HARD BADGE!
Play Tilt Tilt Jul. 08, 2011
Play Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Jul. 07, 2011
I spent more hours playing a free game than I have some of my $65 games... That just shows how much hard work and dedication was put into this game.
Play Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Jul. 06, 2011
Giant Squid boss battle: "Name: Squid Arm. Level: 14. Type: Rapist Tentacle" XD
Play 99 Bricks 99 Bricks Jul. 01, 2011
People always say that games make people violent. This game proves that theory.
Play The Last Stand The Last Stand Jun. 30, 2011
"1 survivor, including me" next page "People lost from search parties: 1" O.o
Play CellCraft CellCraft Jun. 25, 2011
If the planet was relatively close in lightspeed terms (based on the fact that the radio waves moving at the speed of light made it there in a few seconds) and they have such advanced space travel technology, why did they say that it is a hundred years' journey? Also, if the journey really was that long, wouldn't the platypuses all be dead already because of the meteor? Oh this is a great game by the way :)
Play Chaos Faction 2 Chaos Faction 2 Jun. 25, 2011
During survival, once I got past 5, they knew exactly when I was going to do everything, so the ground stomp, ranged weapons, and explosives were useless because they either dodged, shielded, or committed suicide. You really need to make the AI a bit more... human.
Play Gump Gump Jun. 23, 2011
In "Which One", it's the in front of you, the one on the left (diagonally)
Play Gump Gump Jun. 23, 2011
There's a lot of room for improvement, but it kept my attention for 10 minutes.
Play Detective Jealous 2 Detective Jealous 2 Jun. 23, 2011
That was pretty pathetic. I mean, come on... The gameplay consisted of clicking on conspicuous red rectangles when they showed up on screen and watching ridiculous "Oops I dropped my book, help me pick it up" scenes.
Play Skinny Skinny Jun. 22, 2011
Too short... Needs a sequel or expansion.
Play Little Wheel Little Wheel Jun. 20, 2011
Way too short. Awesome game though.
Play Learn to Fly 2 Learn to Fly 2 Jun. 19, 2011
This game definitely deserves its spot at the top of the ratings on Kongregate. It's better than the first, which was itself very good. I really can't think of many ways to improve on it, and I'm already looking forward to the third installment.
Play Learn to Fly 2 Learn to Fly 2 Jun. 19, 2011
@AioriaRox Your $1k and $25k worked perfectly, but I had problems with your $5k. I used 5 Length, 4 Height, 7 Fuel, Hang Glider, Plank Mark II, Pulse Jet. I kept it at around 50-60 speed and 0 resistance, then went down to -2 resistance after I ran out of fuel. I couldn't have done any of the three without your help, thanks.
Play Learn to Fly 2 Learn to Fly 2 Jun. 18, 2011
Try to fly over the "Wall" in Story mode. It's pretty funny.