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Play Motor Wars Motor Wars Jun. 17, 2013
I like all in it but can you bit enhance the graphics, I really like it improve the graphics thats all.
Developer response from MartianGames

Indeed I am working hard to improve graphics quality for Motor Wars 2 .. meanwhile do make sure to experiment with your Graphics Quality settings in the game - this can make a dramatic difference. I always set mine to 'Fantastic' - but be warned you will need a computer with a relatively new, dedicated graphics card in order to have a decent framerate ;)

Play Crazy Fairies Crazy Fairies Mar. 20, 2013
uhh... srry its me again but its loading uhh slow.. i guess. the merge is taking well.. slow but its new i like it! :) `but can ya make it slower loading can't wait all day. :) (: LOL. maybe more of my comments will come hope u answer them. srry for the post anyway.
Developer response from Spicyhorse

Use the "download all maps" button in the main lobby and then you'll not have any long waits to get into your matches :)

Play Contract Wars Contract Wars Feb. 24, 2013
see! the developer didn't made the game worse he just made it more challenging and indeed he just want to make the game more challenging so more people can join in the fun! :) and ya know it now works for me! its not mostly saying the its not counted! Ya see! the didn't made it wrong right? don't care if you down rate this. but i'm only sayin' he didn't made it worse!! :)))) happy fighting!!! :D
Play Contract Wars Contract Wars Feb. 21, 2013
you know it kinda work for me. it may be hard but you can still do right? sure it may be impossible (for the higher levels) but you really don't have to blame the developer that much. sure you think i agree with the devs idea. no. i don't agree that much. don't care even you downrate this. but don't blame the devloper that much.
Play Akaneiro Akaneiro Feb. 21, 2013
no but it sometimes shot when its sunset or its very hot outside maybe its just there are many users in my area. but thank you its working by the way thank you for your help fixing me problem thx. :)
Developer response from Spicyhorse

No problem. Happy to help !! :)

Play Akaneiro Akaneiro Feb. 19, 2013
its on my screen. but its only shows while i'm playing this game.
Developer response from Spicyhorse

Can you use the in game bug reporting issue in the X menu and possibly provide screen shots please? Then it can be forwarded to the relevant team !

Play Akaneiro Akaneiro Feb. 19, 2013
i'm playing in firefox. it can load but after it loads its like your leaving traces of kunai or something like that and its blurry.
Developer response from Spicyhorse

Hi !!! After it loads, there is about a second where it leaves a trace behind, but that goes pretty quickly. I assume it's going on your screen or is it staying ?

Play Akaneiro Akaneiro Feb. 19, 2013
i can't play the game it stopped loading by the way it has cool graphics :) Pls fix the loading.
Developer response from Spicyhorse

Where are you playing from I wonder? the servers are up and running so loading should be ok. Did it load eventually ?

Play Contract Wars Contract Wars Feb. 18, 2013
@HambergerJack: Mine too its just a gray screen
Play Contract Wars Contract Wars Feb. 14, 2013
i like the game but the guns costs are way too high and i can't get that kind of CR and the costs on the guns repair costs too by the way i like the game. Pls press + so the developer can see this! :)
Play Brick-Force Brick-Force Feb. 08, 2013
@thecartm where i can't find it you mean the "Please refresh the browser window to log back in" that thingy?
Play Contract Wars Contract Wars Feb. 08, 2013
uhh. can you make the guns forever i mean if you don't play in some time you guns will be lost. so make the guns forever.
Play Outernauts Outernauts Jan. 31, 2013
Can you sell decorations they're bothering me
Play Freefall Tournament Freefall Tournament Dec. 17, 2012
THANKS Bro now i can play this :) Merry christmas
Developer response from freerangegames

np. have fun!

Play Freefall Tournament Freefall Tournament Dec. 17, 2012
thanks for the fast reply i'll try it at chrome :D
Play Freefall Tournament Freefall Tournament Dec. 17, 2012
it also Freeze at 99.9% 117983 it won't load
Developer response from freerangegames

If it freezes, try restarting your browser. Try using Chrome as we'll, it seems to work best.

Play Freefall Tournament Freefall Tournament Dec. 17, 2012
okay I"m REALLY PISSED OFF! The Took 5 Hours i have a Fast Network I'm Connected in Ethernet not wi-fi. PLEASE MAKE THE GAME LOAD A LITTLE FASTER!
Play Combat Extreme Combat Extreme Nov. 24, 2012
i do i always been disconnected every time i join a GAME tell me why?
Play Mad Freebording Mad Freebording Nov. 21, 2012
F22 mean you still can customize the character even if you already customized it
Play Proph Proph Nov. 19, 2012
its like matrix man! haha fun lol