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Command & Control

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Jul. 24, 2014

Rating: -1

I want to play this in HD

Idle Tree

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Jul. 17, 2014

Rating: -3

Strategy guide: Upgreade 1 automatic and tree as much as you can, while leaving the remaining 3 auto guys on level 1 (just upgrade once): the guy on the left of the tree gathers money dependent only on tree level unless very well upgraded and sicne every upgrade ups the cost of every other upgrade no point in investing here.

Min Hero: Tower of Sages

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Jul. 22, 2013

Rating: 0

Excellent art, really cute and well polished. Too bad game lacks a lot in terms of controls and information for the player.


Play JellyGo!

Jun. 15, 2013

Rating: 2

Really? If you want to rip everything off Jelly Defense, rip the fun gameplay as well.


Play Questopia

Jun. 07, 2013

Rating: 1

It simply lacks polish and balance: looks like a solid foundation for a sequel if you take all the feedback and work more on it.

Battle without End

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Feb. 27, 2013

Rating: 7

Ok, why is growth practically zero after you hit 20-something years? I understand, after 60 or 70 years its hard to learn new things, but still possible. IMO you should improve stranght and dex when young and int and will as you age.

Battle without End

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Feb. 21, 2013

Rating: 0

Normally I don't play idle games ... but this one got me hooked! Good job!


Play Bearbarians

Feb. 15, 2013

Rating: 28

Great game! 5/5!

Wrath of Evil

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Jan. 11, 2013

Rating: 0

A small tip: Dont push mouse button to shoot, just keep holding it.

Bubble Tanks Tower Defense 2

Play Bubble Tanks Tower Defense 2

Dec. 19, 2012

Rating: -3

Love the game, hate the music :D

Planet Juicer

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Aug. 10, 2012

Rating: 5

Infinite money trick - do misson 1, kill the boss tantacles, and sell all units, leave just brusers, he will keep spawning units worth 24$ each, just wait long enough and you can buy every upgrade. When bored - just buy ranged unit in middle to kill the boss.


Play Innkeeper

Mar. 30, 2012

Rating: 6

It is frustrating having to git 4x speed button every day. Vote + if you agree.

Epic War 5

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Oct. 08, 2011

Rating: 1

Just send all to charge and let your hero stay back ... is that all this game has to offer in terms of strategy?