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Play MoMiner MoMiner Apr. 16, 2014
needs wsad Controls...
Play Tag Attack Tag Attack Apr. 09, 2014
needs a pause button
Play Lord of the Underworld Lord of the Underworld Apr. 03, 2014
Everything except enemies overlaps bullets, Getting bigger is a curse because you cant see a bullet under you, it looks more like its just gone and then you get hit by an invisibullet. Game mechanics have many issues which should be fixed, and some things are good...
Play Coffee Clicker Coffee Clicker Apr. 03, 2014
im getting on average 3/4 spins on the wheel landing on black... thats the exact opposite of what its chances should be...
Play Pixel Defender Pixel Defender Mar. 29, 2014
needs a pause button to let you place towers. Trying to get them to be "connected" sometimes takes a bit too much time which can become detrimental. Also its really hard to get money to either upgrade or buy more towers without letting something get past eventually because there isnt enough defending
Play Blood Type Blood Type Mar. 20, 2014
Second :P
Play Submachine 9: the Temple Submachine 9: the Temple Mar. 18, 2014
@Evi1M4chine It doesnt work, i tried it the second i started up the game, but the game just stays the same size while everything else zooms
Play Glean 2 Glean 2 Feb. 26, 2014
I think if you run out of fuel you shouldnt die... you just cant do anything and are forced to use resources. and if you have no resources THEN you die. as for health that is fine, since well... no life = death.
Play Invisible Ink Invisible Ink Feb. 22, 2014
Hints are litterally useless in 90% of the images
Play Invisible Ink Invisible Ink Feb. 22, 2014
game should have multiple word sets for some images... had one and was typing in the order it was drawn and had to type it the other way for it to be accepted
Play The Last Door - Chapter 3: The Four Witnesses The Last Door - Chapter 3: The Four Witnesses Feb. 20, 2014
Press 2 to activate Captioned Sounds. Sounds will show as follows (speaker face left: Sound type :Speaker face right) If you see just face left, its to your left. If just face right, its to your right. If both then its "surround" or "next" to you. use this if you cant use sound. + So others see this
Play The Last Door - Chapter 3: The Four Witnesses The Last Door - Chapter 3: The Four Witnesses Feb. 20, 2014
FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF....... cant take this anymore *runs off to find a walkthrough cause creepy suspense just does me in*
Play Free Fred Free Fred Feb. 16, 2014
played this game beat it played again and everything and then just though.... how valuable is that dolphin?? i mean seriously, an entire arial and navy army is attacking you to try and KEEP the dolphin... how many millions of dollars is it worth if they are going to such lengths
Play Frantic Frantic Feb. 15, 2014
drop rate for hearts and powerups is terrible. I got no hearts past stage 3 and saw 1 or 2 in stages 1-3, for powerups i would find maybe 1-5, none sometimes, then suddenly one stage i will get 30ish (around stage 7) and after that nothing. Also the shot spread at most powerups would suck... they start focused, then 2 powerups they spread and the next they would be focused again. Its really terrible cause spread is way more helpful than just a focused range. I find myself avoiding power ups (and money since they cluster together) just to keep a spread shot since its more helpful than a maxed out powerup. This needs to have alot changed to make it decent, right now its just horrid. For the drop rate it should just be more balanced so there aren’t none, but are always some, and for the actual powerup itself maybe just have a set angle the bullets can shoot in so they dont just all go straight ahead for 1-2 power ups with every 3rd level (since you start at one) giving you a spread.
Play L.I.F.E. L.I.F.E. Dec. 10, 2013
One issue with the Getting aged area is since your character is a gravity point and ALL edges of the screens are walls, if something goes across the screen hits the wall and keeps doing this it becomes an impossible object to dodge since all it does is fly REALLY REALLY REALLY fast all over the place. You should probably set a max speed limit so that they dont get way out of control because they become hard to follow after they start getting so fast.
Play L.I.F.E. L.I.F.E. Dec. 10, 2013
Why do i always end up with Purple as a friend? i want blue
Play BLYM BLYM Sep. 26, 2013
doesnt save progress... got to lvl 28 last night and all the progress is gone
Play Ultimate Waterfalls Ultimate Waterfalls Sep. 23, 2013
Pink is REALLY REALLY hard to see
Play Brawlin' Sailor Brawlin' Sailor Sep. 05, 2013
very begging of the game destroying everthing and come across the "thanks" sign, try to kill it like everything else in the game, WHAT IS THIS THING MADE OF!!!!!!
Play Ultimate Crab Battle Ultimate Crab Battle Sep. 03, 2013
Im sorry but that pearl is both over powered and hard to avoid when you have to go behind him just to avoid it if you go in a constant circle, not to mention the fact that it also starts going really fast to the point where its too hard to avoid.