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Play Enola: Prelude Enola: Prelude Jan. 11, 2013
So I came back from playing earlier, none of my temp files were cleared but my save file doesn't exist. When I made a new game to test if it would save this one at all, my character started as lvl 30 with the exp requirements to level of a level 1 and 1.5 million hp.
Play Nano Kingdoms Nano Kingdoms May. 05, 2012
wow the villagers sure do love to say f titties
Play Lute Quest 2 Lute Quest 2 Apr. 05, 2012
So it's http://progressquest.com/ ?
Developer response from CuriousGaming

Pretty much, yes.

Play Doom Forge Doom Forge Mar. 23, 2012
Great... banned from chat for saying five words in caps when saying it not in caps would be retarded. Game permanently broken for me thanks to trigger happy mods.
Play Doom Forge Doom Forge Mar. 21, 2012
Ok so i eventually did get payment, it took about 18 hours tho for some reason. They popped up way after i logged in today.
Play Doom Forge Doom Forge Mar. 20, 2012
mighta been because i was doing a job at the same time, but I just sold a bunch of stuff in auction and didn't get any mails to receive payment
Play Platoonz Platoonz Mar. 16, 2012
pitty8778 comment box is for people to make comments, description and forum is for developer to put out updates
Play Awaken: Front Line Awaken: Front Line Feb. 27, 2012
lol 0s to perform actions kinda breaks some parts of the game
Developer response from Ramos_emanuel

I am sorry we did not had to many beta testers .

Play Last Robot 2 Last Robot 2 Feb. 26, 2012
won with like 3 purchases...
Play Platoonz Platoonz Feb. 13, 2012
your random number generators REALLY need some work, the odds of me not getting a single rabbit in the last soooooo many critters is less than a tenth of a percent (80% chance at each drop, n drops, 0.8^n chance of getting 0 rabbit in n drops)
Play Platoonz Platoonz Feb. 12, 2012
Somehow the levels I got earlier today, the mastery's I did earlier today, and the goals are just as I left them, but gear I bought and my gold is how it was before I did any of that. Bye bye weapon replacement :\
Play Platoonz Platoonz Feb. 10, 2012
@Phobox that's there for the people that want to pay them lots and lots of money
Play Platoonz Platoonz Feb. 09, 2012
stop is broken, no longer groups up my troops which is making levels with lasers waaaay harder, can't run them all through at once so i gotta have at least one take hundreds of damage -_-
Play Platoonz Platoonz Feb. 08, 2012
game goes unresponsive when i finish pharaoh...
Play Sonny Sonny Jan. 15, 2012
@IndianGamer The only part of that you need is subversion. He auto heals at a certain hp, your other skills aren't triggering it.
Play My "Dear" Boss My "Dear" Boss Jan. 10, 2012
How do you beat the game? I've put him in the grave so many times...
Play The King's League The King's League Dec. 25, 2011
The intro makes no sense, if it's been years since the king sat on the throne then how could he be looking to give it to an heir.
Play Hex Empire Hex Empire Dec. 21, 2011
For some reason when I captured the last enemy capitol is liberated the capitol they had conquered earlier in the game and a 99 troop army appeared on it.
Play Legend of the Void Legend of the Void Nov. 26, 2011
Sorting in merchant window doesn't work. If I select any class from the drop down menu it displays no items even though this smithy clearly has weapons and armor for all 3 classes if I select All.
Play Drop. Drop. Aug. 29, 2011
would be nice if they would stop going into obstacles and bouncing around forever