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Play Dungeon Warfare Dungeon Warfare Feb. 23, 2015
even 2% bonus per level is not really noticeable - combined with the big cost of higher upgrades makes upgrades ignorable and unfun
Play Jelly Lam Jelly Lam Nov. 30, 2014
nice concept, flawless execution - 5/5
Play Idle Mine EX Idle Mine EX Jun. 29, 2014
What exactly do miners do? ater the first one they seem to omehow affext damage - nbut not linearly
Play Notorious Inc Notorious Inc Jun. 26, 2014
Nice game! I liked the graphics, the sound, the writing and even most of the gameplay. 2 Things could be improved though: It seems to be completely random what is traded where and for which price. I bought artifacts for 11k at argentina, went to Britain, sold them there for 20k, returned to argentina were they were now at 40k. Another time I couldn't sell my things for 10 weeks because they weren't traded anywhere. Second thing is that if you have your warehouse filled with something and you cannot trade it at your current destination, there is no possibility to discard it. at least 3x I had fuel or some other low price item and got to a city with artifacts for 11k - having enough money to buy 150 but I couldn't :(
Play Astrox Astrox Mar. 27, 2014
When new pirates show up, they are not added to the pirates list :/
Play Second Person Shooter Zato Second Person Shooter Zato Dec. 10, 2013
very nice idea. could use some polish, though
Play Ultraman Maze Adventure Ultraman Maze Adventure Dec. 10, 2013
quite nice ingame graphics, but gameplay is sub standard
Play Plunder Mars Plunder Mars Jun. 20, 2013
if you finish the game with the rocket, the rocketsound continues to play during ending and main menu
Play Truck Launch Maniac 2 Truck Launch Maniac 2 Jan. 25, 2013
I managed to go above 50k before the last archievement - it didn't count for it (that's ok) but it also didn't register in "your best so far" - it was set to 50k
Play Wild Heroes Wild Heroes Jan. 21, 2013
it would also be nice to see what you have to do to unlock the challenge mode maps
Developer response from Global_Pixel

if you complete the forest world in Quest mode, will unlock the world of the forest in Challenge mode, the game will tell you when this is unlocked, best regards

Play Wild Heroes Wild Heroes Jan. 21, 2013
it would be nice if you could see how much upgrading something gets you
Developer response from Global_Pixel

Hi Burnstreet, clicking over the tower, at the edge of the screen displays a parchment, with the tower info

Play Wild Heroes Wild Heroes Jan. 21, 2013
nicely done tower defense. pretty graphics, standard gameplay as far as I can see after the first two levels.
Developer response from Global_Pixel

thank you!

Play Doomsday Run Doomsday Run Dec. 17, 2012
games like this were cool in the 80s
Play Villain Glance Villain Glance Dec. 17, 2012
nice idea, very good execution
Play Symbiosis Symbiosis Dec. 14, 2012
nice short game.
Play Earn to Die 2012 Earn to Die 2012 Nov. 30, 2012
unfortunately, when you have the spikes on the bus, the cannon did not have any noticeable effect
Play Shameless clone 2 Shameless clone 2 Nov. 28, 2012
nice idea. too easy, not enough enemy shots for a bullet hell shooter. coin collection harder than avoiding bullets and shooting stuff. second hero is the only worthwhile one because you can aim the super weapon - and it has imba damage. bosses are much too easy with it.
Play Matriarch Matriarch Nov. 14, 2012
nice idea and nice story, but bad balance. First two actually complement each other, afterwards for some time cruiser is a waste of resources until the enemies become strong enough to actually destroy the destroyers. Pulse and rail waepons are much stronger than anything else because of their high shot speed killing things before they can fire back and before missiles have gone half the range.
Play bit Dungeon bit Dungeon Oct. 11, 2012
"*Crit - Chance to do a Critical hit (Attack Damage + Critical Damage)" - so boosting crit is bad because you could have the damage on every hit... or is crit damage a percentage?
Play Pheus and Mor Pheus and Mor Sep. 23, 2012
It's great that you have a german translation, though it could use some improvement!