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Play Super Duck Punch! Super Duck Punch! Mar. 02, 2015
the game eats up your ram like a b*tch when playing against a large amount of enemies (say 200x horses) it eats up 1gb of ram after 2-3 fights. something should be dome about that
Play Lasers & Dirt Lasers & Dirt Mar. 01, 2015
(march 1st) once you get 3 lasers and 3x damage multiplier, at the beginning you should use idle mode and concentrate on base damage and idle multiplier, then go for recharge time and pulse time. Once these two are upgraded enough, switch to manual and you will enjoy 100m/s digging for a while
Play Slave Labor Idle Slave Labor Idle Jan. 24, 2015
Game crashes when i click outside the game window...
Play Planet Splitters Planet Splitters Jan. 02, 2015
and mars
Play Planet Splitters Planet Splitters Jan. 02, 2015
the only planet in this game is venus...
Play Just Click Just Click Jan. 02, 2015
found it
Play Idle Planet Defender Idle Planet Defender Dec. 30, 2014
first 2 skills are the ones on top, 2x money and xp, these apply to bosses, so you can get 4x xp and money from bosses if you get both upgrades for xp and money
Play Empire Business 2 (beta) Empire Business 2 (beta) Dec. 21, 2014
there is a glitch where you no longer attract coins when youre placed on the precision or timer coin
Play A Dance of Fire and Ice A Dance of Fire and Ice Dec. 20, 2014
you should make an extra tutorial level for the 3-x song, the part from 83%-100% where you have an irregular s-bend, it would be really helpful, it took me over 100 tried to get over it just because i didnt have a tutorial for it.
Play Idle Castle Crush Idle Castle Crush Dec. 07, 2014
grinding the first wall for exp then the bigger ones for money
Play A Dance of Fire and Ice A Dance of Fire and Ice Dec. 06, 2014
2-x was easier for me than 1-x, am i the only one?
Play RobotPet RobotPet Dec. 04, 2014
That moment when you have a high level gold item in battle but get killed by the last enemy...
Play Battle of Gamma Cephei Battle of Gamma Cephei Nov. 03, 2014
for everyone saying its unbalanced try the goddam mass drivers, in the beginning keep 2 rechargers and 2 shields, upgrade the mass drivers until you get lvl6,3,1 on the red turret then start upgrading shields and rechargers, when you get further, switch the red with 3 range increasers, 2 mass drivers lvl6 with a reloader 3 on one of the others and keep 2 rechargers and shield 3a on the last one
Play Jewelled Stars Mythos Jewelled Stars Mythos Nov. 02, 2014
Nice game, has its own originality, i like the story, great job, 5/5
Developer response from multiplex_games

Thanks a lot.

Play Stellar Stellar Oct. 18, 2014
the game by itself is not hard its just long because the enemy manages his fleet better than yours
Play Idle Gems Idle Gems Oct. 18, 2014
ok nevermind what i said about crashing, it just takes some time to process for some reason (~10 seconds for me)
Developer response from CruperGames

Well there's alot going on while resetting and I can't really delay it or make it do less.

Play Idle Gems Idle Gems Oct. 17, 2014
@firedragongt as of recently higher tier gems break down on smaller when you dont have enough
Play Idle Gems Idle Gems Oct. 17, 2014
clicking the soft reset button AFTER clicking the reset button changes the display message but totally resets the game
Developer response from CruperGames

I've recoded that part in the next update so it will work properly

Play Idle Gems Idle Gems Oct. 16, 2014
the reset button should be put somewhere else, because i mistook it for the soft reset button when having a 452% xp multiplier and had to start over
Play Coin Dash Coin Dash Oct. 09, 2014
recycling everything and clicking the recycle button with nothing on screen crashes the game