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Play Ether War Ether War Sep. 08, 2014
this was very frustrating to attempt on a laptop, im sure for those with a mouse it's quite an addictive play.
Play El Papel El Papel Sep. 05, 2014
The tune is now stuck in my head. Argh! Quite an addictive game, though I now have mental images of everyone being able to do this with their necks.. might make checking up on the kids in the middle of the night a little easier, just headbutt the door to open it... (I like this one, tis a fun game, to be sure!)
Developer response from killa_bunnies

:D I'm glad you liked it :D

Play Survival Island Survival Island Sep. 04, 2014
I found it quite hard to control, other than that this certainly shows potential
Play Escher Escher Sep. 04, 2014
Brilliant, certainly managed to make me think, congratulations! There is so much more you can add to this though, the potential is huge! You could give us an insight to living with Alzheimers or something...
Play Climbo Climbo Sep. 04, 2014
This is a neat game, though it makes me feel a little dizzy, I like the concept!
Play Broken Toilet Broken Toilet Aug. 31, 2014
I like the graphic of the toilet.. other than that there really isn't much to this game. It's just a sewer version of space invaders. On trying to move the toilet the response left much to be desired, though that could be my browser glitching, the ad that popped up half way through froze the machine, and there's only so long i can sit and consistently press the j button as fast as i can before i get bored. It does have potential, and hey, I'm not a developer or programmer, so I guess my opinion isn't worth much. You definitely did better than I could, and better than some I've seen on here
Developer response from Nickelbawker

thank you for the insight i could put an auto fire button but I wanted people to be able to shoot really fast. This game is pretty intense needs a good gpu or a really good cpu. The background is actually drawn live on a cube with bump spec so it's a bit wasteful for older rigs or netbooks.

Play RELAX RELAX Aug. 24, 2014
nice music, but unfortunately this game didnt relax me, mainly due to the impracticality of trying to use this with a laptop mouse pad.
Play One and One Story One and One Story Aug. 24, 2014
what a nice game
Play Horror House DEMO Horror House DEMO Aug. 24, 2014
definitely a good start. You even made me jump :)
Play Dimension Jumper Dimension Jumper Aug. 24, 2014
quite a challenge, might be worth ptting a note in the game for instructions, for those of us that don't scroll down the page before playing. I was said my numpad didnt reister in the game, too, so had to use the line of numbers which invariably meant hitting 3 instead of 4. Nice concept though
Play Snake Snake Aug. 24, 2014
nice take on hthe style. I like how you can change the skin of the snake. It's quite an addictive little game :)
Play Cat Mario Cat Mario Aug. 24, 2014
thee controls arent as precise with moving moggin as I would like them to be, It's a shame I can't read chinese/japanese?
Play Cosmos Cosmos Aug. 24, 2014
Lovely relaxing game, though perhaps a hint button would be helpful.. (maybe I'm just blind)
Play CowClicker CowClicker Aug. 24, 2014
black for me, too, also on firefox
Play Guppy Guppy Aug. 24, 2014
I like the simplicity, but it became monotonous quite quickly for me, plus now my fingers hurt. Nice little challenge for a short time. I also like how the art to this isn't overly detailed, it fits well.
Developer response from ninjadodo

Thanks for checking it out! The core of the game is definitely in the movement. I would say maybe try to set your own rhythm and don't try to go fast all the time... is a bit easier on the fingers. Beyond procedural placement of level elements there's not much depth to the environment to be sure. Would be interesting to do more with exploration but that would be a much larger project and I'm kind of done with it now. I've already spent way too long tinkering with it. (see devlog if curious:

Play Sophias Healthy Recipes Sophias Healthy Recipes Aug. 23, 2014
nicely done, but I agree, this definitely needs hints.
Play Flight Flight Aug. 22, 2014
As much as I enjoyed this game and the storyline to it, I also found it quite monotonous, it really could have used something to break up the flights (other than the updgrades).. a "now for something completely different" moment.
Play The End The End Aug. 22, 2014
well, it was a nice enough introduction, but im very disappointed I can't play the whole thing on this site....
Play I wish I were the Moon I wish I were the Moon Aug. 22, 2014
simple, yet I could't stop until I had found all endings! Well made
Play Loondon Loondon Aug. 22, 2014
what a heartwrenching tale, and amazing artwork! I love the character detail. It certainly leaves you pondering on social status, and how people judge on looks.