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Star Squadrons

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Mar. 11, 2013

Rating: 0

I feel depressed when I see games like these that I know have been developed and polished for long periods and yet do not meet our expectations.


Play intrusion

Jul. 28, 2012

Rating: 1

Intrusion 2 is out for 10$. Google it.

Endless Migration 2 DEMO

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Jun. 12, 2012

Rating: 4

You'd think that the birds would just fly over/under all the ridiculous aircraft that don't ever collide into each other

Do You Know Flash Games?

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Mar. 21, 2012

Rating: 3

I can't believe you put Star Baron there. Nowadays, only indie developers make the unique classic games or remakes.

Developer response from GeneralVimes

This is a great game indeed :) I hope once I'll release an interesting Strategy, too


Play Decision

Mar. 20, 2012

Rating: 1

I like how one of the top comments is "good!!!"


Play atWar

Mar. 20, 2012

Rating: 5

It appeals to me that you put Taiwan there. It gives me joy that you made Taiwan independent from China, as it rightfully should be. Newfoundrespect +

Concerned Joe

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Oct. 30, 2011

Rating: 2

Press R too skip intro.

Check Flag

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Jul. 08, 2011

Rating: 6

Wait... so the more equipment a unit has, the faster it is?


Play ClueSweeper

Apr. 20, 2011

Rating: 6

The Therapist is sociologist psychopath. Huh... not the best career choice.

Shootorial #0

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Mar. 23, 2011

Rating: 5

I was unable to download the free trial version of cs5 so I had to pirate it... :(

Liquid Measure 2 Dark Fluid Level Pack

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Jan. 07, 2011

Rating: 10

So... I'll just guess that it's oil.

Effing Meteors

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Dec. 31, 2010

Rating: 0

I find it improbable for a living being to be able to reach the thermosphere, let alone breathe in it. Also, I recall that a 2 mile wide meteor could wipe out the entire dinosaurs... or was that 2 miles per a hour? But a 50 mile meteor won't do sh*t to a million ft tall dinosaur.

Meat Boy

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Dec. 12, 2010

Rating: -5

Meat- Wait, factory missile defe- *Explosion*

Tiny Hawk

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Dec. 07, 2010

Rating: 6

This game title is what I think somehow related to someone I know. I just can't put my finger on it...


Play Infected

Dec. 01, 2010

Rating: 3

Wait... if the immune system wins, doesn't that mean we beat the game?

TicTacToe Unbeatable AI

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Nov. 23, 2010

Rating: 2

Is the small white dot surrounded by the gray backround the board? If it is, you should really make it bigger.

Sleep Harder

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Nov. 23, 2010

Rating: 8

Well I guess this would be considered a game. I mean, its better than the first video game. (SpaceWars)

Warlords 2: Rise of Demons

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Nov. 22, 2010

Rating: 1

How to easily win most levels: have good units like swordmen in front followed by endless spearmen. Fully upgrade spearmen, and you will almost always eventuallly overwhelm the enemy.

Museum of Science Fiction

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Nov. 17, 2010

Rating: 35

Guard: Are you sure you want me to leave crates of ammunition on every floor? Dr. Cordula: Yeah, and leave a crate of mines to. Also, disable the elevator firewall and plant a zombie virus on all floors. While your at it, give a test subject a machine gun and combat rifle. Throw in secret documents about what we're doing in this lab for good measure. Oooh, and program those new shipment of robots we ordered last week. There is no way some one is going to survive with zombies, mutants, killer robots, and no food. I mean, it's not like, this is a game. He doesn't have 3 lives. Guard: Do you want this to be put into a note/secret document so that some may find it? Dr. Cordula: Sure, I mean, what are the chances...

TDP4 Team Battle

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Oct. 30, 2010

Rating: 2

+ if you miss the ragdoll physics from the TDP3: Ultra Kill. =]