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Play Electric Box Electric Box Aug. 19, 2010
We are launching Electric Box 2 on Tuesday August 19! Tons of new features and an in-game level creator/browser. If you're interested in making some levels with us before the game launches, send us a message and we'll get you hooked up! -- Robin
Play BigTree Defense BigTree Defense Mar. 04, 2010
Hey Denisol -- as we explained earlier, the art style is indeed influenced by Dyson/Eufloria but if you took a few moments to test out the game, we're sure you'd feel differently about calling it a 'rip-off.'
Play BigTree Defense BigTree Defense Mar. 02, 2010
Hey irasfel, potatoengineer -- it does get a bit more difficult towards Act 2/3 (trust us, we've been balancing the game for a month and change now). What usually helps is the points that you accrue even after you lose a battle -- use those points to level up weapon capability in Upgrade/Equip screen and you should be able to unlock more powerful attacks.
Play BigTree Defense BigTree Defense Mar. 02, 2010
Hey joe2118, awesomeguy333 -- yes, the art style is similar. In fact, Burstyx's artist is a huge fan of Eufloria. That said, the gameplay in BigTree Defense is more akin to a tower defense game than real-time strategy, so we believe we're definitely offering a unique experience.
Play Mystery Jigsaw Mystery Jigsaw Feb. 11, 2010
Hey AstralJokers -- we are looking into the bug and trying to fix it ASAP. Thanks for letting us know :)
Play Jolly Jong Jolly Jong Jan. 12, 2010
Hey Dunkeledar - there are 30 levels in this version (70 more on Thanks for playing!
Play Ballery Ballery Nov. 24, 2009
to StarMan46 - the Bunny head is only available in the version on our main site: The rest of the game is identical, though!
Play Copy Cat Copy Cat Nov. 24, 2009
Compiled a level pack from your submissions! Check out Vol. 1 here:
Play Copy Cat Copy Cat Nov. 23, 2009
To everyone who asked, the wonderful music comes from David Orr! His piece is here: