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Play Sticky Ninja Academy Sticky Ninja Academy Nov. 05, 2011
Why do I kill those guards? They doesn't attack me :(
Play Ball, the Game Ball, the Game May. 29, 2011
How to cheat on the third level: Liftclick and hol down the button, and simply drag your mouse (and ball) out off the screen... It is impossible to die :D
Play 90% Chance to Win - 10% Chance to Lose 90% Chance to Win - 10% Chance to Lose May. 29, 2011
I won... but the game still suck.
Play Josiah's birthday party game Josiah's birthday party game May. 23, 2011
o.0 Well... this is a 1/5 game. But I don't think you tried to make the game good anyway so xD
Play Gravity Boy Level Pack Gravity Boy Level Pack May. 23, 2011
5/5 This is a good game! Good concept, and great music! Good job! Waiting for a sequal!
Play the impossible game (preview) the impossible game (preview) May. 22, 2011
Not so original. To be honest, originality is way more important then graphics and gameplay.
Play Smurfs 2012 Smurfs 2012 May. 21, 2011
Um... will now the smurfs die if I am shooting them 100 meters upp in the air?
Play my version of fancy pants my version of fancy pants May. 21, 2011
Well... it would be cool if you could play yhe game...
Play Stair Fall Game Stair Fall Game May. 15, 2011
I think there is a hightscore bug... I like... didnt do anything and i got like millions of points and I was like... dead o.0
Play Action 5.2 Action 5.2 Apr. 15, 2011
Bug, when I play it says maybe I have... let's say score 10. But when I die it says "Score 0"... dude... 0_0
Play Baff in Space Baff in Space Apr. 10, 2011
Nice 4/5
Play Kevin's Adventure Kevin's Adventure Apr. 03, 2011
But an invisible portal under the levels. So if you fall off, you'll restart. Cuz now im falling.... and falling....
Play Black Rose Black Rose Apr. 03, 2011
DenkiOokami: Flash CS4 (cost much money) and for the 3D: Blender (free)
Play 1916 - Der Unbekannte Krieg 1916 - Der Unbekannte Krieg Apr. 03, 2011
I love the smell of dino's in the morning!
Play game test game test Apr. 03, 2011
To test a game, simply press CNTRL + ENTER in flash if you have a windows. If you have mac: APPLE + ENTER. Plus this so the dude that made this don't posts more test stuff.
Play Danny Phantom - Friday I'm In Love Danny Phantom - Friday I'm In Love Apr. 03, 2011
There is a site for Flash Animations that is pretty fancy: Kongregate is, a game site.
Play keehans gaem 1 keehans gaem 1 Mar. 26, 2011
Flawless 5/5!
Play Torture game upgrade Torture game upgrade Mar. 26, 2011
If you paint him with black he dissappears.
Play Defencearth Defencearth Mar. 19, 2011
Fun, cool and that. Not original. 4/5
Play Tinman's heart Tinman's heart Mar. 19, 2011
God, how many hearts does he need xD 5/5