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Play PokemonNXT 0.1 PokemonNXT 0.1 Apr. 04, 2014
@Asharai Brand recognition my friend, brand recognition...
Play A Simple MMO A Simple MMO Apr. 01, 2014
Great, we didn't have enough MMOs on Kongregate.
Play Temple Tour Temple Tour Oct. 04, 2013
The recent changes have greatly improved gameplay. It is no longer a slog, but is now even able occasionally to provide tension. Levels don't take as long as they used to to get through and overall the experience is much funner than the extent of the changes to gameplay would suggest. My only minor criticism is that in today's day and age collectible items like gold tokens and what not really should be "attracted" to the player character to make it easier and faster to collect them and they are not, here. 4/5
Developer response from fractal_b

Thank you again for your feedback and helping to improve the game :)

Play Runner Runner Sep. 19, 2013
To JONAKS12: Thank you for responing to my comment regarding your game, I am glad you are working on the physics and will rerate as I deem necessary when the changes are made but I still do not know why this game would be any better in "2.5D" than 2D?
Developer response from Jonaks12

I think it looks cooler in "2.5D" than in just plain 2D. this is in early version yet, I just wanted to published it to see what people thought about it, but I am as I said working on a ton of bugs and different other things. so if you see a bug or something send a message to me on kongregate.

Play Recently in the asylum... Recently in the asylum... Sep. 18, 2013
You are not bad at 3D animation, better than most people in this world, so I only want to know, why is that you only use your powers for evil and never good?
Developer response from JensRasch

Nothing evil about this game.

Though it was short, this game was fun while it lasted though the difficulty doesn't really scale well and it is bit strange the key does not reset when you die? That is an unorthodox gameplay decision assuming it is not unintentional. The title screen does not lie when it describes itself as a "Minimalist Game" 4/5
Play Race kart Parking Race kart Parking Sep. 18, 2013
In any case until this is dumped or the problem is resolved 1/5 star for you
Play Race kart Parking Race kart Parking Sep. 18, 2013
I must concur with GontheGod. Either something has gone wrong with your implementation of the game in flash, which is possible though at this stage of development unlkely or this "game" is a speedily put up camo-ad for dr!v!ng@ndp@rkinggames.c0m (misspelled to evade tracking) or GontheGod and I have both have a computer with similar deficiences which is probably unlikely
Play Temple Tour Temple Tour Sep. 18, 2013
On a purely technical basis this is a masterpiece compared to the majority of unity games here on kongregate but based on the level of FUN I was having I cannot say that this was anything less but a dull and repetitive mess, consisting of gameplay too slow to have been interesting without a story to back it up. As an arcade it fails. I am especiallly irritated you would presume people would be willing to exchange their hard earned kreds for an in-game currency which would only enable them to draw out the suffering which is this game. 2/5
Developer response from fractal_b

Thank you for the "masterpiece" ;-) I will definitely work on the other parts, a boring game is useless.

Play How Smart Are You? How Smart Are You? Sep. 18, 2013
5/5 Great and engaging gameplay was spoiled by heavily recycled background and cliched ending, however this was greatly balanced out by the fact I got a 138 on my first try and therefore have had my eminent genius affirmed even by internet video games, growing my ego to even yet unforeseen size. Good Game.
Play Runner Runner Sep. 18, 2013
The physics are too slow, and I question the decision to make it in unity. While it is in 3D the game does not seem to take advantage of its 3D elements to further gameplay in any meaningful fashion, which really means the only difference between this being created in flash and being created in unity is that this way it takes up more bandwith. I give you 2/5 stars for shoddy but at least functional gameplay design and an unoriginal but at least not overdone concept.
Developer response from Jonaks12

I am working on the physics, and the game isn't in 3D it is in 2.5D so it isn't going to use the 3 Dimensions. and I am working on a highscore list, sounds and bugfixes right now.

Play Endless War 7 Endless War 7 Sep. 13, 2013
It is overall a very polished game but having the map portray post war or at least a strange mix of post cold-war mid-cold war and pre-war borders (A divided Czechoslovakia from 1993+ mixed with a Yugoslavia that didn't exist after 1992 being a notable example of a-historicity in action) is very sloppy. If you are going to have modern or cold war borders fair enough but make it consistent at least! I would suggest you have at least mid-war if not pre-war borders.
Play Zassin Zassin Sep. 05, 2013
Difficult and due to there being only a single screen, somewhat tedious. Checkpoints would be nice.
Play Nelly 2: ep.1 Nelly 2: ep.1 Aug. 28, 2013
Could you give us some more details on that gamearkcom?
Play Renegade Racing Renegade Racing Feb. 14, 2013
I want to rate it highly, but I am prevented by the "hunch" that this is shamelessly ripped off of Cyclomaniacs.
Developer response from PaulGene

I'm really sorry you feel like that CarthAnne.

Play Qoosh Qoosh Jan. 18, 2013
The scientist's voice is suitably accented. A Rather Dubious character, one might say.
Developer response from AethosGames

I'm lucky this guy applied for the role. His evil scientist is pretty good.

Play Achievement Unlocked 3 Achievement Unlocked 3 Jun. 01, 2012
Well, at least now I have something to do this summer...
Play Fancy Pants Adventure: World 3 Fancy Pants Adventure: World 3 Apr. 08, 2012
Oh Look, a kitty!
Play When I Was Young When I Was Young Mar. 14, 2012
If only I could get younger like that in real life...