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Play Untitled Untitled Apr. 11, 2012
A compelling argument for a full length production, my friend! Bravo!
Play Drop. Drop. Jul. 18, 2011
Great work! Simple, elegant concept, superb execution. Congrats on winning the contest!
Play QBCube QBCube May. 24, 2011
Hi, UeberBob. Actually the self-mute+pause upon focus change is a feature of the Unity Player Plugin! We like it too. And no you are not weird, merely a discerning consumer :P
Play QBCube QBCube Mar. 10, 2011
Thanks for the very helpful comment, hlkafhhashfjshf! We are aware of reports from some users about frame-rate issues (which is what is causing the uncollected keys bug), especially from people with older machines. We are going to get around to optimizing this issue as soon as we can. Thank for playing and i'm glad you enjoyed QBCube!
Play QBCube QBCube Feb. 19, 2011
Thanks for notifying us, Drako. We're working on optimizing the framerate
Play QBCube QBCube Feb. 17, 2011
There certainly are rules against stealing music, and we wouldn't want to break them. The music in QBCube is royalty free, composed by Kevin Macleod (