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Play Temple Temple Sep. 16, 2014
I really like the look of the game, and I can see you put a lot of time and effort into it. But I found it difficult to want to keep playing when I repeatedly lost all my lives by Level 3 and had to start from the beginning. The character movement, especially jumping, requires precise timing pretty much from Level 2 on. That's not intrinsically bad. However, giving the player only 3 lives across the entire game seems to rob the player of the ability to learn how to get the timing right. I was frustrated that I wasn't even allowed to figure it out. Maybe more lives or infinite lives would help bump the game from "nearly impossible" down to "high-difficulty." Didn't encounter any bugs (but again, didn't get far). I appreciate that you're doing your best to respond to feedback, too! I hope this has come across as the constructive criticism it's meant to be. Good luck. :)
Play Lonely Peak Lonely Peak Sep. 15, 2014
Beautiful, relaxing game! I love the art style, and the music is wonderful. (Seriously, where do I download that?) If I may offer two small constructive criticisms? I wish that the game had had some sort of ending. Even just an ending message like "And so, Io restored serenity to the mountains" would have given some closure to the game's premise. Also, I didn't realize that you got to new levels in the menu by clicking and dragging until I'd tried every other button on the keyboard. Perhaps it would help to include that in the instructions? Other than those things, great work. I really enjoyed it.
Play Valax+Eon Valax+Eon Sep. 10, 2014
Fantastic atmosphere and world-building, but it was so short and lacked really anything that makes a game...well, a game, that it really felt more like a webtoy than anything else. I would be very interested in seeing an actual game built off this, though!
Play The END of the WORLD The END of the WORLD Sep. 05, 2014
Neat game! I understand that you couldn't find music to fit the contest requirements, but I do hope you go back and add music later on. I really liked it.
Play Lux in Tenebris : ludum dare Lux in Tenebris : ludum dare Aug. 31, 2014
I also had the issue where I died, but it seemed that the menu just randomly appeared and I couldn't resume. Maybe a :You died" or "Game Over" message would be helpful.
Play The Wizard The Wizard Aug. 30, 2014
I, for one, loved this game. I think the way you made the spellcasting system work with the level maps was brilliant. I couldn't just barge in and fling spells around without planning ahead, but I wasn't railroaded into using only one type of strategy, either. Few games find that balance, and I think you did that well. The puzzles were challenging, but never felt unfair or needlessly hard to me. Every time I discovered just the right combination of spell and positioning to get past the enemies, the little "Aha!" moment made me feel like a genius. I did occasionally find myself wishing for an "undo" button because I made a move, and then immediately realized what I should have done differently. Going back even just one step would have saved me from a lot of restarts. That said, the lack of such an option didn't kill my enjoyment. The storyline made me smile, and the animation and graphics were beautiful. Fantastic work, Hypnotic Owl. 5/5.
Play EarthKrethys EarthKrethys Aug. 26, 2014
I ran into what seems to be a bug within 5 minutes of playing. When I shifted to Krethys, I couldn't make the shift stick until I jumped with Space. The right wall disappeared, so I thought maybe that's what was supposed to happen, so I tried to move right. I ran into an invisible wall, though, so I went left instead. Now I'm stuck on the left and can only jump, no matter how many times I shift and jump. Shame, because it looks like fun.
Developer response from becker929

Hi Celidah, thanks for your comment! You ran into a well-known error in our game that has to do with a faulty collision system. I'm not sure whether we'll be updating the game or not, as it was a game we made in three days for the Ludum Dare game jam. It's a really short game (3 levels!) so hopefully you tried again and were able to avoid that problem. Thanks again! Becker929

Play LD30 - Elemental LD30 - Elemental Aug. 26, 2014
You've really got something here. I hope you go back and make the full game, because I really enjoyed it. I like that you have different ways to do battle for different characters. If you do go back and do the full game, though, I'd suggest that you put instructions in-game on how to do battles. (A tutorial, maybe?) It took me a while to figure out that you had to type the words out for the Fire character. (Of course, I hadn't read the description all the way through, either. :P )
Play Robo Escapes (DEMO) (DEMO) Robo Escapes (DEMO) (DEMO) Aug. 24, 2014
I'm stuck in the starting area on the bottom, trapped by the stone block to my left. I can't shoot or break through it in any of the Roboforms. Am I missing something here?
Play Starbust Starbust Aug. 24, 2014
Took a little while to get the hang of it, but once I did, I liked it. I found it somewhat difficult, but strangely addicting!
Play Through the Mirror Through the Mirror Aug. 24, 2014
Liked the music, the gameplay, and the art style! Not so much the blank white screen at the end(?) I realize that because it was a Ludum Dare game, you probably had a limited amount of time to make and submit it. I would strongly suggest some sort of ending though. Even a "The End. Thanks for playing!" screen would be nice. Aside from that, great work!
Play Spider in a Dollhouse Spider in a Dollhouse Aug. 12, 2014
I'm afraid that it seems the bug you mentioned doesn't seem to be fixed for me. (Heh. Bug. Heheh.) I've repeatedly gotten the glitch where I've appeared by the logo and gotten stuck on the floor. Even worse, when I "x" out of the game and then click "play," then it restarts the count at 21 flies, but doesn't respawn flies in the game. So I'm stuck with 21 flies left and no flies to find, making the game unwinnable. :( Too bad, too, because I like the look of this game.
Developer response from RainbowSexyFish

Ah. it seems my file didn't upload properly. I have re-uploaded the most current version. I will hard refresh and double check in a little bit just to make sure. Thanks.

Play 9 9 Aug. 12, 2014
@dooku: Dang you! Now I can't stop clicking the numbers to make music, instead of playing the actual game. XD
Play Cyberdroid Cyberdroid Aug. 04, 2014
This reminds me of an old 80s arcade game. :)
Play The Scorpion Box The Scorpion Box Jul. 18, 2014
Is that a Pratchett allusion I spy in the "Afterlife" ending? ;)
Play In the Woods In the Woods Jun. 29, 2014
Rob Cantor? Is that you? ;)
Play In drmzzz In drmzzz Jun. 11, 2014
Great work, Bonte. Another adorable, colorful piece of work from you that put a smile on my face!
Play Where is my duck Where is my duck Jul. 17, 2013
This is a barely disguised rip-off of Where's My Water?
Play Milton´s Run Milton´s Run Jul. 11, 2013
It's got promise, but I highly recommend you make the hitbox smaller. It's easy to lose a life when Milton isn't even touching an obstacle, which is quite frustrating when trying to dodge through the sometimes quite small spaces.
Developer response from JacobJ107

youre right man!! this game have four years! and was my second AS3 gamee woww i remember programming those crappy and ugly collisions !! thanxx for the comment!!

Play The Last Door - Chapter 1: The Letter The Last Door - Chapter 1: The Letter Jun. 30, 2013
I've been keeping an eye on this game since the demo came out, and this first chapter did not disappoint. I prefer more atmosphere in my horror than anything else, and The Last Door has atmosphere in spades. I greatly look forward to the next chapter, and seeing what you have in store! Also, thanks for validating my firm conviction that crows are #@&!@#$ scary.