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Play The Scorpion Box The Scorpion Box Jul. 18, 2014
Is that a Pratchett allusion I spy in the "Afterlife" ending? ;)
Play In the Woods In the Woods Jun. 29, 2014
Rob Cantor? Is that you? ;)
Play In drmzzz In drmzzz Jun. 11, 2014
Great work, Bonte. Another adorable, colorful piece of work from you that put a smile on my face!
Play Where is my duck Where is my duck Jul. 17, 2013
This is a barely disguised rip-off of Where's My Water?
Play Milton´s Run Milton´s Run Jul. 11, 2013
It's got promise, but I highly recommend you make the hitbox smaller. It's easy to lose a life when Milton isn't even touching an obstacle, which is quite frustrating when trying to dodge through the sometimes quite small spaces.
Developer response from JacobJ107

youre right man!! this game have four years! and was my second AS3 gamee woww i remember programming those crappy and ugly collisions !! thanxx for the comment!!

Play The Last Door - Chapter 1: The Letter The Last Door - Chapter 1: The Letter Jun. 30, 2013
I've been keeping an eye on this game since the demo came out, and this first chapter did not disappoint. I prefer more atmosphere in my horror than anything else, and The Last Door has atmosphere in spades. I greatly look forward to the next chapter, and seeing what you have in store! Also, thanks for validating my firm conviction that crows are #@&!@#$ scary.
Play The Rice Hat Warrior The Rice Hat Warrior May. 12, 2013
FYI, Rice Hat Warrior predates Straw Hat Samurai. The earliest release for the former was on Newgrounds in 2005, and the earliest release for the latter was in 2008. (Unless someone can confirm an earlier release date for SHS.)
Play Ode To Pixel Days Ode To Pixel Days Feb. 18, 2013
That's not flying! It's falling with style! ;)
Play The Groundskeeper's Replacement The Groundskeeper's Replacement Feb. 05, 2013
I wasn't expecting to like this, but I did. It's short, sweet, and made me smile. The puzzles are pretty good; there were a few times I got stuck and was resorting to trying some pretty silly stuff, until I finally stumbled across the solution. Once I did, though, then I smacked myself, because the solutions were perfectly sensible. I do agree you should note that spacebar=jump. I was able to figure that out myself, but it should be included in the instructions. I think music would be a nice addition to this as well. Altogether, I enjoyed it. Nice work.
Play Adam Adam Feb. 05, 2013
Y'all did a great job on this. It's a very nice spin on the "rewind" concept, and although (understandably) short, was a lot of fun. I have only one question though: What happened to Marty???
Play Crow in hell Crow in hell Feb. 02, 2013
It's not. The actual dev, WebCypher, uploaded this to Kong 3 years ago.
Play SWAP SWAP Dec. 27, 2012
I like the concept, and it's a pretty fun game. However, by way of constructive criticism, the controls are somewhat unresponsive. When I would jump and then hit the spacebar, the game didn't always respond right away, leaving me to fall down. Outside of that, I really like it.
Play Protect War Protect War Dec. 26, 2012
Funny, this was already on Armor Games, credited to Epace Games. (I see that Epace's credit is still on this version, too.)
Play Tale of Scale Tale of Scale Dec. 17, 2012
Very clever! Constructive criticism: I kept getting stuck in the walls in the 3rd level and had to restart a couple times. I also got stuck in blocks, but those at least I could pick up to "unstick" myself. I also wish that you could see where your feet were. Not only would it have been helpful for climbing on things, but it also would have made me feel like I was less of a floating torso with arms (or arguably just one arm). :) Now, those being said, this was a really well-done game, and I'd love to see you expand on this concept. Good work.
Play Mini Quest Mini Quest Dec. 17, 2012
This was already posted by the original developers under the name miniQuest: Trials.
Play Bloblocks Bloblocks Dec. 10, 2012
I don't really have anything to add to what others have said, except for my praise. This is energetic, addicting, innovative, and I'm thoroughly hooked. I can't think of a single criticism--and believe me, I tried so that I wouldn't sound overly gushy. :) 5/5!
Developer response from labe_me

You made my day and it's only the morning here! :P

Play CP6 CP6 Dec. 09, 2012
I like it! The level design is delightful and well thought-out (the environments, like the circus & city, are a nice touch), and the sound scheme complements it perfectly. The movement is fluid, and although the game's difficulty is high, it doesn't ever seem unfair to me--somewhat like how I feel about Spelunky. Of course, maybe I'm just bad at this game. :) I look forward to seeing what y'all put out next, because you guys clearly have some talent. Great work.
Play RED: A Demo RED: A Demo Dec. 08, 2012
You're not going any further with this? That's a darned shame, because this was really well-done. I was really getting into it, and I really wanted to see where the plot went. Ah well. I hope you change your mind someday, but if not, thanks for at least sharing this much.
Play Red Rogue Red Rogue Dec. 05, 2012
If I'd been told that someone made a spiritual sequel to Rogue--let alone a darker & edgier one--I would have been incredulous as how that could possibly work. However, I'm truly impressed by your work. I love the way you blended Rogue's gameplay with the action RPG mechanic (and some fresh elements), AND provided the option for the original turn-based mechanic. I'm also surprised and delighted with how well the moody, emotional story works. It seamlessly fleshes out the framing device of Rogue into a real storyline. As someone who still plays Rogue, I say well-done. This feels like an honest-to-goodness sequel to me and a very worthy successor. I'll be playing this for days. :)
Play Death Count Death Count Nov. 30, 2012
Good work! It wasn't incredibly difficult, but nevertheless quite enjoyable. Hard mode was just tricky enough to keep me on my toes. I only wish there had been some sort of ending narration, but otherwise, I really liked it!