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Play Divide Divide Apr. 15, 2013
waay too easy, last level was the only one near difficult, cool idea though.
Play Color Pic-a-Pix Light Vol 2 Color Pic-a-Pix Light Vol 2 Feb. 02, 2013
puzzle name called "octopuses", correct term is octopi. Research grammar pl0x?
Play Frantic 3 Frantic 3 Jan. 30, 2013
really needs a restart level option
Play Meat Boy Meat Boy Dec. 28, 2012
super meat boy is harder lol
Play Bullet Heaven Bullet Heaven Dec. 01, 2012
also S rank lvl 20 on first try? DAFUQ
Play Bullet Heaven Bullet Heaven Dec. 01, 2012
lol, replaying this game on new computer. unlocked boss 3 bonus level before boss 3 normal level
Play Notebook Wars 3: Unleashed Notebook Wars 3: Unleashed Nov. 28, 2012
game is good and I will continue to play it, but I am commenting while playing that you should NEVER force a player to buy upgrades for every ship. Either increase the cost and allow the player to keep the upgrade in some sort of inventory or reduce the cost if the intent is to upgrade each ship independently. I spent the majority of money at the beginning going for the ship and not weapon upgrades and I am regretting it now since I have only the 2nd ship (50 armor), lvl 25 first weapon and 2 upgrades that are utterly useless for any other ship chassis
Play Jelly Escape Jelly Escape Nov. 16, 2012
game needs a highscore table for lowest time (first 72 levels only)
Play JumpingLine JumpingLine Nov. 16, 2012
way too much effort for a medium badge, too mechanically easy for a hard one. kong shoulda just left this badgeless and then nobody wold bang their head against the wall for it.
Play Bullet Audyssey Bullet Audyssey Nov. 16, 2012
lol nice to see another touhou fan on kongregate
Play Boss Slayer Boss Slayer Nov. 16, 2012
pretty easy for a touhou player XD, 6 days and almost completely maxed out.
Play One Step Back One Step Back Nov. 09, 2012
how is this game not rated a legit 5.00 out of 5. This may be one of the most unique games I have ever seen and I would like to personally congratulate the developer on this masterpiece. This game could have been SO much more difficult too had I not done the first half the way I did. I don't usually rate games because I usually just forget to, but after playing this I immediately gave it a 5/5.
Play DODGE! DODGE! Nov. 08, 2012
160 seconds first try, kinda disappointed personally
Play HUEBRIX HUEBRIX Sep. 12, 2012
Honestly, game is probably somewhere between 4 and 5/5. Rating a 1 because of the ad. If you want to make money off a game, dont put a demo on flash game sites. People come here to play some fun games that the dev just wants the player to enjoy and don't care that they wont mke a cent off it.
Play Upgrade Complete 2 Upgrade Complete 2 Aug. 05, 2012
easiest way to win is just build a ship with 2 of each movement upgrade, a couple magnets and the rest lasers. Aim at your own ship and just run over enemies to get maximum cash value from each pickup. I got like 20K on wave 7 with this and fought the final boss on wave 17 with a full grid of lasers. It killed him in about 3 seconds.
Play MoneySeize MoneySeize Aug. 03, 2012
Yay got it finally after like 8 hours of playing or so! I find it odd that there is a code showing the locations of the secret levels, but it's only accessible AFTER you get 1009 coins.
Play DJManiax DJManiax Aug. 02, 2012
Hmm after playing Touhou, Cirno's perfect math class has a whole new appreciation lol
Play Jelly Escape Jelly Escape Aug. 02, 2012
None of the levels are impossible to do without dying. I got the badge on levels 1-72, without using any of the fan levels. For a platformer it's a really good game once you realize it's not meat boy and you can't wall jump. 5/5
Play Diamond Hollow II Diamond Hollow II Jul. 31, 2012
ok nvm lol it popped up now
Play Diamond Hollow II Diamond Hollow II Jul. 31, 2012
anyone else not getting the boss rush badge? or am I missing somewhere that it has to be heroic lvl