Chaosdeath's Comments

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Play ImmorTall ImmorTall Feb. 27, 2010
Hit D. Go have snack. Win game.
Play Take Something Literally Take Something Literally Oct. 07, 2009
I laugh at all you people... saying First! doesn't solve the puzzle.
Play Use Boxmen Use Boxmen Jun. 23, 2009
finished the game 100% Found the secret =D!
Play Ultimate Crab Battle Ultimate Crab Battle Feb. 20, 2009
Play SAS: Zombie Assault SAS: Zombie Assault Jan. 25, 2009
Very boring. Too easy.
Play Ninjas Vs. Pirates Tower Defense Ninjas Vs. Pirates Tower Defense Jan. 18, 2009
Bad TD is bad.
Play Chrome Wars Chrome Wars Jan. 10, 2009
Go go 1 shotting ever bot with charge... 2/5
Play Gateway II Gateway II Nov. 02, 2008
Awesome game.
Play SHIFT 3 SHIFT 3 Oct. 28, 2008
THE CC is a lie!! And so is the cat D=
Play My First Maze My First Maze Oct. 21, 2008
The internet has failed you, Loose != lose.
Play Parachute Retrospect Parachute Retrospect Aug. 13, 2008
This game is just bad. 1/5
Play Bubble Tanks 2 Bubble Tanks 2 Aug. 07, 2008
Decent game. Tired of locked content though. They're putting it up here at the chance to win money then why the F.. do they not give us everything..