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Throw a Poké Ball, if you dare.
I’m looking for the best, must-play games for the PS3, 3DS, DS, GBA, and Gamec͏ube. So if you know of some can’t miss titles, or even ones that you just thought were really fun for whatever reason, please let me know! And the more obscure, the better. I guess RPGs and racing would be my faves, but I don’t really care about genre. A good game is a good game. Thanks!
3DS Friend Code: 0001-3980-6984

▄░▄▄▄▄▄░▄▀░░░█▀ ░░▀▄░░░▀░░░░░▀░░░▄▀ ░░░░▌░▄▄░░░▄▄░▐▀▀ ░░░▐░░█▄░░░▄█░░▌▄▄▀▀▀▀█ ░░░▌▄▄▀▀░▄░▀▀▄▄▐░░░░░░█ ▄▀▀▐▀▀░▄▄▄▄▄░▀▀▌▄▄▄░░░█ █░░░▀▄░█░░░█░▄▀░░░░█▀▀▀ ░▀▄░░▀░░▀▀▀░░▀░░░▄█▀ ░░░█░░░░░░░░░░░▄▀▄░▀▄


If you want in my private room, just ask! You are welcome to RP or anything in it.


Memorable Comments ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

DarkRainyKnight: I enjoy being fat and forever alone. THANK YOU VERY MUCH SONY!

Stots: Zard is pretty gangsta

Stots: Charmod is being a Charjerk :c

MindSpawn: Everyone takes turns with Char

MindSpawn: He needs the attention

MindSpawn: Just be gentle with him

DEMonFoRLIFE: My Pokemon brings all deh boys to the yard! Damn right, I’ll trade with ya’ll dam right! Just not ma char-i-zard!

MindSpawn: You are the Char!

DarkRainyKnight: They don’t make a lot of Italian TV dinners :/

ridgeyboy: Char… I love your name :P
ridgeyboy: Not sarcastic at all haha!

ridgeyboy: I just farted and the noise woke up my puppy :3

Bran: Also, I caught a Ghastly in my room… Who the **** died?

Smokescreem: I’d argue that you’re an oddity for a trailer-dweller for an example

benltolte: I misread Violet Cliffs as Violent Cliffs
APR 2 – 2:56AM
Shiro96: Requesting name change to VIOLENT CLIFFS

Smokescreem: we’re sociopaths irl
Smokescreem: Me and Char
APR 11 – 4:39AM
Smokescreem: he’s a American Trailer Lurker and I’m an Indian

TAK421: tongue punch the fart box might be my favorite expression though

QueenDoc: ive been hoarding organs specifically for the harvest, hopefuly rations wont be so low this time around

SmoochieMunchkin: nuuuu Happy add one more inch please ;-;
HappyAlcoholic: Not the first girl I’ve heard that from :A

Miniyawn: thats why your sober self needs to take care of your stoner one, always have snacks

AODQ: char who?
NDNPride: Charizard! The Legend

upon entering Pride

subzero_won: eww tried it old guy was jerking it

MindSpawn: Oh cmon, a convos not a convo without the infamous charizard

MindSpawn: Are you sure yours has developed enough to be demented?

frankiesmum: Charizard is barely anything. ;)

MindSpawn: i can deal with the creepy, but thats just bad taste


TheBroski1: Charizard95, always in the shadows, always around, yet never showing presence, he stalks his prey, waiting for the peak of twilight to strike.

QueenDoc: blame frasier for seattles pot laws

Lt12345: and i dressed up as a rabbit
Lt12345: and handed out carrots to unsuspecting women

QueenDoc: cause i want a dirty carrot

QueenDoc: we all know what you dont care for you prude you
QueenDoc: lights off, under the covers, dont make eye contact… youre impossible to please
Lt12345: Dark, silent, no eye contact. mm.
QueenDoc: the only words you here are a whispered “put the lotion in the basket”
QueenDoc: romantic…

Roolet: sock money makes a great makeshift weapon

oolet: I was disappointed to learn that it wasn’t real unicorn in the frappuccinos
JUN 9 – 6:11AM
Lt12345: Its not?
KaiJai: lol
PaTriwtis: lol
Lt12345: Damn budget cuts.
KaiJai: Of course not
Roolet: nah artificial unicorn
Roolet: grown in a lab
Lt12345: #BringBackQualityIngredients
Charizard95: Hah! As a study, who here would actually eat a unicorn?
Lt12345: A unicorn is just a horny horse, sure.
PaTriwtis: hmm, they say if you eat those you get to be immortal
KaiJai: Poor unicorns
PaTriwtis: but there is a side effect i dont remember
JUN 9 – 6:12AM
PaTriwtis: so i guess i would have a bite, just a little one
Lt12345: immortality is the biggest double edged sword there is.
KaiJai: You turn rainbow coloured?
QueenDoc: i grew up on coffee brewed out of a sock
Roolet: a single horn lasting longer than 4 hrs
Lt12345: ^
Lt12345: phone a dr
Lt12345: or probably more helpful, a nice nurse.
Roolet: or a naughty nurse
Lt12345: Or that.
JUN 9 – 6:13AM
Lt12345: loool
Roolet: (helloooooo nurse!)

Lt12345: and im just seeing how many haribo i can swallow without chewing.

QueenDoc: also char, we would never have children, im just not that into Pokestiality

MindSpawn: Don’t fool yourself into thinking you’re gonna get to breed with anything char.
HappyAlcoholic: There’s no harm in letting him fantasize, MindSpawn.
JUN 9 – 7:29AM
MindSpawn: I don’t want him to get his hopes up
Charizard95: like I usually do >_>
MindSpawn: False hope is bad
frankiesmum: But its so fun to watch the crash and burn…

Shiro96: You: “All right, we are prepared. I got 10 revival seeds with me this should be a cake” Client: “Should I preemptively eat all of them?” You: “no. Stop. I said stop. Damn it.”

Paulverizer11: Charzy, I will slap you with a wang.

Paulverizer11: Not my wang, mind you. Just A wang.

frankiesmum: *ponder that Charizard said that in the style of Britney Spears*

xSilverMoonx: Just put a bunch of crap down then go make a sandwich and come back in 15min

hercludes: yea i’m a delicate flower righty now. other times not much

HellsSerenade: I just sit here and watch. Im like a more perverted NSA but for kong

endofline: I’m stalking you
endofline: And playing a game XD
HellsSerenade: Story of my life right there.

 QueenDoc: Char darling what have I told you about divulging what occurs in the basement??
JUL 23 – 2:31AM
Charizard95: I just like the punishment
QueenDoc: you are my fav masochist

Docter_Ted: is there a doctor in the house?

tacentTsigani: Or…maybe death just doesn’t like you. She swiped left, man.

spoof000: when we pull our dicks out of the kangaroos we’re coming for you

tacentTsigani: I was dogsitting! =D No drugs needed!

JUL 27 – 2:15AM
emanpdzille: i love furrys :D
Charizard95: How can you not?
Docter_Ted: there’s Char
tacentTsigani: We found him!
HellsSerenade: Had to talk ab out furries.
JUL 27 – 2:16AM
Charizard95: Also, I always love the convos I enter into in Pride.
HellsSerenade: Thats how you summon him.
Charizard95: lmao
JUL 27 – 2:17AM
HellsSerenade: I assume your furrosa is a… bad dragon. eye brow wiggle

Walrus_Party: ’Unintentional furries’ ‘I slipped, and fell into this fur suit’

Walrus_Party: Next question: Why do the crabs climb the trees? Probably incest.
Walrus_Party: insects
Smokescreem: or both
Walrus_Party: Inbred insects are the tastiest.
Smokescreem: redneck crabs *
** yeah
Charizard95: insect incest

Smokescreem: cheers for our together-in-loneliness relationship!

KaiJai: Koalas can seriously maim

QueenDoc: you dont have a PC you have a toaster
QueenDoc: that miraculoously allows you to come here
QueenDoc: so we dont push it

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