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Play Kingdom Rush Kingdom Rush Jan. 26, 2012
@giray: Visit the Twitter and Facebook pages of Ironhide to receive these stars. Contrary to what said in-game, you don't need to follow/like them there.
Play Kingdom Rush Kingdom Rush Dec. 26, 2011
@Fleecemaster: You DON'T need to follow or like them on Twitter or Facebook. Just visit their page on the corresponding sites to get the stars.
Play Kingdom Rush Kingdom Rush Dec. 26, 2011
Why do so many people complain about the lack of a speed up button? Sure, initially you might find yourself wishing for a button to speed up the play, but after a few stages as new enemy types are introduced and you have to manage and potentially tweak tower placement on the fly against huge swarms of enemies, the last thing you'll want is for it to move more quickly.
Play Raze 2 Raze 2 Dec. 13, 2011
I'd give this a 5/5 if the friendly AI in the alien campaign was smarter and the enemies didn't have such awesome skills. Giving us unfair disadvantages like this is a cheap way of doing shit difficulty.
Play MARDEK RPG: Chapter 3 MARDEK RPG: Chapter 3 Nov. 27, 2011
@jason1111345: You can always use a different browser other than the crappy and slow IE.
Play MARDEK RPG Walkthrough MARDEK RPG Walkthrough Oct. 23, 2011
@Wolfgonian: You need the Necromantic Tome from Saul, too!
Play Greg Can Jump! Greg Can Jump! Aug. 30, 2011
Needs a Rawismojo Can Jump.
Developer response from Jindo

Certainly an idea!

Play Arkandian Revenant Arkandian Revenant Aug. 29, 2011
Lord Sir Random Number Generator is just unforgiving.
Play Elements of Arkandia Elements of Arkandia Aug. 05, 2011
The difficulty ramp between River's End and Unholy Temple is just ridiculous.
Play Papa's Freezeria Papa's Freezeria Aug. 05, 2011
I like how all of Papa's restaurants managed to get by with just a single employee. Seriously, they need more staff members.
Play Ultimate Assassin 3 Ultimate Assassin 3 Jun. 30, 2011
Shouldn’t the new imp be called 'Pray to the RNG Gods Badge'? Makes me really sad because 450 was ridiculously insane to get, and that 400 would be much more reasonable yet still extremely difficult. It upsets me that Greg hasn’t even tried the last set of levels (according to his high-scores). If he were to spend a few minutes trying (because that is all you can do 90+% of the time) to get five achievements for a single ‘Professional’ mission he would have seen that 450 is just beyond ridiculous.
Play GemCraft Labyrinth GemCraft Labyrinth Apr. 27, 2011
If you don't want to pay but still want to play the premium version, you can get free Kreds by doing offers at:
Play GemCraft Labyrinth GemCraft Labyrinth Apr. 26, 2011
@Mjk_cz: right-click, click Settings, choose the 3rd tab. Set the local storage to Unlimited. This should fix your problem.
Play GemCraft Labyrinth GemCraft Labyrinth Apr. 26, 2011
I don't get it why those idiots are complaining about premium stuff. You'll need to pay only 50 Kreds ($5) and you can even get free Kreds by watching videos. Besides, the game is still very enjoyable without premium - it's just a little bonus for people who provides support for the game, unlike those money-making MMOs. If you don't like premium, just don't pay - nobody is forcing you to do so. Also, remember that devs are humans.
Play Clarence's Big Chance Clarence's Big Chance Apr. 23, 2011
Date: "My favourite's probably a game called MARDEK. Yep. That's a good game. No joke." Hehe. I couldn't agree more.
Play Clarence's Big Chance Clarence's Big Chance Apr. 15, 2011
Guys, it seems that the game has some API problems, so it can't get badges until the API is fixed.
Play Tyrant Tyrant Mar. 31, 2011
I would give Tyrant a 5 if it didn't include the energy system.
Play Bieber Bottle Bash Bieber Bottle Bash Mar. 30, 2011
Needs badges.
Play Tyrant Tyrant Mar. 30, 2011
GIVE US MOAR ENERGY!!!!! Really, since energy recharges so slowly.
Play Hippolyta Hippolyta Mar. 17, 2011
Could use some badges.