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Play Tetris Labs Tetris Labs Apr. 30, 2014
Protip III: Keep tapping jump. With the right rythym, you can reach absurd heights. Protip IV: I beat all 33 levels this way.
Play Tetris Labs Tetris Labs Apr. 18, 2014
Protip: double-tapping jump gives you an extra block of height. Protip II: Play some other better game.
Play Bloons Super Monkey 2 Bloons Super Monkey 2 Nov. 14, 2013
As the ad runs, I read the comments and notice that the top 5 all refer to grinding and the excessive quantities thereof found in this game. This should be good.
Play 10 10 Oct. 19, 2013
Hard Badge should have been "Tenacity"
Developer response from iojoe

Hehehe! Thanks ChippyYYZ!

Play Pixvader Pixvader Oct. 16, 2013
Play The Peacekeeper The Peacekeeper Jul. 11, 2013
This must be what playing as Vayne feels like.
Play Outpost:Haven Outpost:Haven Jan. 15, 2012
Where's a bunch of magic gems when you need them?
Play Clockwords: Prelude Clockwords: Prelude Dec. 26, 2011
Some useful words to add to your vocabulary: Youthfulnesses, Youngnesses, Sagaciously, Governmentally, Victoriously, Vaingloriously, Ghoulishly, Liturgically, Happenstances, Comeuppances, Lionhearted, Pyrotechnically, Vigorously, Stonemasonry, Thyroids, and Recapitulations. Y is your good friend.
Play DropSum v2 DropSum v2 Dec. 13, 2011
GLITCH FIND: by rotating, then rotating again at precisely the moment the previous rotation hits 90 degrees, you can get exactly one row to fall. This is difficult to do right, but you can abuse it to last nearly forever. On an unrelated note, the game becomes VERY buggy at around the 3,000,000 point mark.
Play The Eternal Battle The Eternal Battle Dec. 12, 2011
Good luck and have fan!
Play Snoring 2. Wild West Snoring 2. Wild West Dec. 12, 2011
A barrel of "ROM," eh? I didn't know they were that kind of pirates.
Play Focus Focus Nov. 29, 2011
I have seen I Wanna Be The Guy levels that weren't this hard.
Play WarLight WarLight Oct. 14, 2011
Protip: On level one, go for the Middle East on the first turn, leaving an extra troop behind to aid in the attack on Ukraine next turn. 6 turn win.
Play Not To Scale Not To Scale Aug. 03, 2011
I am educated stupid and can't compute the Water Cube.
Play RPG Shooter: Starwish RPG Shooter: Starwish Jun. 14, 2011
Unlike anything I've ever seen on this or any other game site. The between-mission dialogues were more interesting than most entire flash games. I honestly believe that the story is on as high a level as even the greatest video games I've ever played. Halo, Phantom Dust, The Legend of Zelda, Bioshock, The Elder Scrolls... Starwish stands as tall as any of them. If this writing had better gameplay supporting it (I'm thinking something along the lines of X-Wing or the flying level in Halo: Reach), this game would be remembered<\thepoint>. Most people playing your game have never played Zelda on the NES, but they remember it. See if any major companies are interested in developing a non-flash game with this story, because Starwish has the writing it needs to be a Big deal. Again, this game could be remembered. +My compliments to the musicians.
Play Cursed Treasure: Level Pack! Cursed Treasure: Level Pack! May. 09, 2011
This game consists of: (1) Grinding (2) Ninjas (3) Occasionally the assassin guys, but mostly the ninjas
Play Elephant Quest Elephant Quest Apr. 16, 2011
The cloud level sticks you in the walls too much.
Play Don't touch my BOOOBS! Don't touch my BOOOBS! Apr. 16, 2011
Probably the only game on Kongregate where you shoot Man Stuff at women to defend yourself.
Play Picma Picma Apr. 13, 2011
Meteromanmike, I think I see what you mean. Top row 3 has two areas of possibility. Go for the one on the left and see what happens.
Play Insectonator Insectonator Apr. 06, 2011
Anyone else see this and immediately think "Infectonator sequel?"