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Play Antimatiere Antimatiere May. 24, 2014
Well it's never too late. I couldn't update the main known issue of the game (the luggages) until now even if I corrected it long ago, due to the 20Mb limitation of games on Kongregate. I've finally learned some ways to reduce the size of the game, and patched the game. Sorry to all who tried finishing the train level the right way...
Play Antimatiere Antimatiere Mar. 08, 2011
Sorry, didn't make it in time to correct the last known bug... That "help I'm stuck in the wall" bug will be corrected soon (I've found how to fix it but not without causing level 3 to do weird stuff... needs more testing). @andy1234567890 : wow, interesting effect :o Let's not divide antimatter by zero, it might get scary... (I hope next patch will correct that one too, and if not I'll work on it asap)
Play Antimatiere Antimatiere Feb. 03, 2011
Sorry for the ZQSD commands, it was for the french version. I'm having trouble to make ZQSD, WASD and arrow keys to work altogether, so I'll juste change it to WASD in the next patch, coming this weekend :) Reset button too ! And a bug from level 3 will disappear into the anti-universe. As for the player being stuck in the walls... couldn't fix it entirely :s (after all there were no programmers in our team ^^) Thankz all for your comments !