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Play BattleCry BattleCry Aug. 13, 2013
Dragging a unit, then hitting control will delete the unit.
Play Buccaneer! Buccaneer! Jul. 12, 2013
I read the intro poem to the tune of Bad Horse.
Play Math Trainer Math Trainer Jul. 04, 2013
Also, the fraction thing simplifies anything over 0 to 1 over 0. Maybe you could change the lower bound minimum to 1. Or if you want to include negatives at least disable 0 when randomizing the denominator.
Developer response from GoldenTechNinja

2/0 is equal to 1/0 and x/0 is equal x inifinitive or +/- inifinitive, but I understand that the problems aren't interesting and very confusing too, so I change it. 0 can't be either the denominator or the numerator from now on.

Play Math Trainer Math Trainer Jul. 04, 2013
Best under 5 is somewhat pointless, as you can set the problem count high and the range from 0 to 0, and the time is counted per problem, so every problem can be completed at under 1s for a total of 0s; I thought it would be best if I demonstrated my point. In all this was actually kind of interesting. Throw an interesting GUI on it and market the game. I know it would be a nice warmup before going into accounting. 7^3 is 343, had to think about it the first time, but I've memorized it now. 8^3 is 512, 9^3 is 729, etc. So yeah.
Developer response from GoldenTechNinja

Okay, I will apply the 25% percent rule for the numbers' size values for both achievements. Thank you for your feedback. It's great to hear that you can use the techniques.

Play Square Arena Square Arena Jul. 04, 2013
I tried creating a private game twice, but both times the battle was automatically over.
Developer response from limex

Sorry.. there was a bug... We just fixed it so you can create private battles now. In next few hours we will restore also broken battles (visible as over). Thanks for reporting this issue

Play Plunder Mars Plunder Mars Jun. 19, 2013
@dr_hoon45 Technically "loose" means "release", and you aren't exactly losing anything. Using is not losing, and as such "loose" is the more appropriate term in this situation. Now, this doesn't mean that it was the developer's intent to spell "loose", but it does mean that there is no error and all can be forgiven.
Play Strike Force Heroes 2 Strike Force Heroes 2 May. 09, 2013
General shot once, dead. Mercenary shot 100+ times, "Oh no he's getting away"
Play Avant-Garde Avant-Garde Mar. 18, 2013
Unlocked all artwork, then talked to Van Gogh in the Cafe and he offered to help me for a drink. He then proceeded to tell me the secret to creating "undefined" artwork. Dude is nuts.
Play Dungelot Dungelot Dec. 10, 2012
Another bug, teleporting an enemy away from an area frees up all tiles around it, even if there is another enemy next to the same tile.
Play Dungelot Dungelot Dec. 10, 2012
Reset again, seems to be working.
Play Dungelot Dungelot Dec. 10, 2012
Reset save file, started me off on level 16 again. Really disappointing.
Play Dungelot Dungelot Dec. 10, 2012
I randomly started off against enemies with 20+health and 5+ attack, then I died and it said I reached level 16. Definitely a bug, and unlocked Brewer for me.
Developer response from DimitryM


Play Papa's Hot Doggeria Papa's Hot Doggeria Nov. 30, 2012
PAPA LOUIE INSTRUCTION MANUAL: When something falls on the counter, should you: A. Brush it into the trash; B. Clean the counter immediately to ensure proper hygienic protocols are followed; C: Put the fallen scraps into the original container; or D. Sweep everything onto the serving dish along with the customers order. The answer is D. Because we care.
Play Pinata Hunter 2 Pinata Hunter 2 Nov. 22, 2012
All I could think of while fighting the bull was "Chocolate rain. Some stay dry and others FEEL THE PAIN"
Play Earn to Die 2012 Earn to Die 2012 Nov. 22, 2012
Also, why is there not a door upgrade for the humvee and bus? That's the first thing I'd add.
Play Earn to Die 2012 Earn to Die 2012 Nov. 22, 2012
The demo isn't that short, it kept me entertained for a decent amount of time, which is the main purpose of many flash games. The preview of material available on the iPhone/iPad version is intriguing enough that I may very well buy the game. As far as the people saying "I don't have an iPad, make it free on here" go, stop complaining. You got a free game. And you wouldn't say "I don't have an Xbox, give me Halo 4 on the PC for free". Your logic is rather faulty. I rated the game 4/5 for what it is: a game. It has all the components of a game, and if you want more you can pay for it.
Play Insectonator: Zombie mode Insectonator: Zombie mode Nov. 18, 2012
@hock12 You sure? I don't see it in the donations.
Play Flawed dimension Flawed dimension Nov. 12, 2012
I'm a little confused, what are we supposed to do when we start the game? I've waited for something to happen, tried pushing all the keys, clicked everywhere, and still nothing's happening.
Play Zombie Slayer Zombie Slayer Nov. 03, 2012
This came out on (Myspace/Facebook) at least 2 years ago. Boo.
Developer response from kanoapps

Do you have any suggestions for improvements? This is our first release on Kongregate.

Play Wartune Wartune Oct. 28, 2012
Thank you for fighting those bears and cows. Here, have a city, stranger.