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Play Skip Around the World | Finland * Suomi Skip Around the World | Finland * Suomi Aug. 25, 2014
I believe Finland is one of those places that has times of the year when the sun never sets, as well as times when the sun never rises at all. Closer you get to the poles, the more likely it is to happen.
Play The River Cabin The River Cabin Aug. 24, 2014
Name of game does not match what the game says its title is.
Play Seven Kings Seven Kings Aug. 24, 2014
Killed both Bandit Leaders: no hammer. I saw a couple of bandits past the Skelly mages (but no new leaders), and am about to head into the castle... Are there other bandit leaders/camps later on that have this hammer?
Play Red Box Room Escape Red Box Room Escape Aug. 21, 2014
Another escape game by ainarsa. I've played all of theirs on kong. Some are better, some are not as good. This one felt easier/more simple than most. Looking forward to the next.
Play Clicker Heroes Clicker Heroes Aug. 20, 2014
Hrm. Significantly weighted toward the latest heroes: At Lv106, my Frostleaf provides 942S of my total 943S DPS or 99.894%.
Play Angel of Freedom Angel of Freedom Aug. 17, 2014
Putting the 'uniqueness' of the game aside, there are 4 levels listed on the Level Select menu which are apparently not in the game at all. Supposedly goes up to 24, but the "You Win" pops up after 20 (and 21-24 stay locked).
Play Icons (Alpha 0.3) Icons (Alpha 0.3) Aug. 17, 2014
There's Yellow -> Light Orange -> Dark Orange -> Red. The Yellow and Light Orange are difficult to distinguish, as are the Dark Orange and Red. I'm not sure I care for how selected pairs/trios are replaced instead of removed. Also, having the tile under where the cursor is hovering is unnecessary: Dark Gray for selected tiles is fine, but if you're still hunting for matching sets, having 1 tile be Light Gray is annoying, especially when the tile set has become large enough to cover almost the entire game area.
Developer response from jamboska

thanks for the help. this is an alpha version, so game will change

Play Robots Initiate Work Sequence Robots Initiate Work Sequence Aug. 14, 2014
It's not pretty, but it's possible to pass #16 w/o using the Speed Shrine (since it apparently only glitches you). Passing (up) the gas helps a lot with that.
Play Clicker Heroes Clicker Heroes Aug. 10, 2014
The 9 skills and where found: Clickstorm [Cid 25]; Powersurge [Ivan 75]; Lucky Strikes [Alexa 100]; Metal Detector [Broyle 100]; Energize [Aphrodite 100]; Golden Clicks [Midas 100]; Super Clicks [Beastlord 100]; The Dark Ritual [Abbadon 75]; Reload [Shinatobe 100]
Play Clicker Heroes Clicker Heroes Aug. 10, 2014
If Clickstorm + Golden Clicks + Metal Detector nets you twice a monster's kill value of gold every second, does Clickstorm + Energize + Golden Clicks + Metal Detector net you 3x or 4x the monster's kill value worth of gold every second?
Play 1Quest 1Quest Aug. 09, 2014
A Dryad hit me with Confusion while I was in mid-Charge. How does that work?
Developer response from RatzNGodz

That is not possible. The game is not real time, no monster can act while one power is resolved. What is possible is the random action of confuse make you walk backward

Play Clicker Heroes Clicker Heroes Aug. 08, 2014
You know that boss you can't beat yet? Yeah, them. Try Clickstorm + Golden Clicks + Metal Detector. The coin avalanche that follows should noticeably help fund beating that boss.
Play 1Quest 1Quest Aug. 03, 2014
Why does Exhaustion only refill/recover after deaths? Health recovers at the end of each day, when the hero presumably rests (as opposed to pressing on to another dungeon), so why not Exhaustion too?
Play 1Quest 1Quest Aug. 03, 2014
Best way to handle ranged weapons that I've found is to just drag your equipped ranged weapon to your skill bar to turn on/off at your leisure (be sure to turn off when in melee range, else you'll just back up and never attack)
Play Bloody Night Bloody Night Aug. 01, 2014
On the 2nd level, I had a case of "the level does not end". All waves were done, all enemies dead (made several laps of the stage to make sure). But the level complete popup never came, so the only option was to Return to Map in exchange for no reward and doing the whole thing over.
Developer response from ConquerorStudio

Thank you for the report. We'll find the case then. Hope you still like the game.

Play 1Quest 1Quest Jul. 29, 2014
Is there a functional difference between dying in a dungeon and retreating from a dungeon?
Developer response from RatzNGodz

Only for the achievement of not dying. But not much, no

Play Mathdoku Game Mathdoku Game Jul. 21, 2014
I've seen this type of puzzle in newspapers before. With one exception: numbers within cells are not allowed repeats (either), in the versions i've seen thus far.
Play Alpine Cottage Alpine Cottage Jul. 20, 2014
"Upon first entry to the cottage, they discovered it was strewn in heaps of random garbage and decided it was not for them."
Play Tower of the Archmage Tower of the Archmage Jul. 14, 2014
First time I managed to survive to Level 8, mapped the whole place, and I couldn't find the floor boss (counted my artifact runes to be sure). ...There IS supposed to be one, correct?
Developer response from SirCyanblue

I never really explain it anywhere, but there's not a 100% probability of the 'boss' spawning, there's a range for every unique creature to spawn (like from floor 2 to 5), and there's a chance it will spawn in any of those floors (if it hasn't already), there are enough unique creatures to make one appear in almost every floor, but it's not guaranteed.

Play StrikeForce Kitty StrikeForce Kitty Jul. 10, 2014
From what i can tell, the lag (on jumping and everything else) is related to how many cats you have alive in your team. The same run which was horridly slow at the beginning, suddenly responds amazingly after 3 of them die...