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Play Forgotten Magic Forgotten Magic Mar. 20, 2015
There are a few things which annoyed me while playing: The fire spell is basically not aimable. It fires off up and away from you (in other words, not in any useful direction). The ball spell is fast(er) but too weak to bother using. Walls block your projectiles but not those of your enemies. The wave spell is the most useful in terms of both aiming and power, but rather slow. (Character is an 'apprentice', so I guess that's to be expected.) Game is also over surprisingly fast.
Not bad. Could use WASD support, or, even better, player defined controls. Also, perhaps, a smaller character, so that the viewable area is bigger, for less camera motion.
Play The Wild Demo The Wild Demo Mar. 14, 2015
It reminds me somewhat of Haven & Hearth, though obviously not nearly as fleshed out as that.
Play Awesome Conquest Awesome Conquest Mar. 12, 2015
Not bad. I think the Tornado is the least useful of the Acts of God, and it would have been quite nice to be able to sort military by unit type. It's best to keep a certain balance in the units, and would be much easier to do that if sorting by type were possible (in the city screen).
Play Orion Trail [PROTOTYPE] Orion Trail [PROTOTYPE] Mar. 11, 2015
Vaguely amused by the run where I *started* with 0/50 crew. It failed (due to lack of crew) after the 1st event.
Play Get Rid of The Weed Get Rid of The Weed Mar. 10, 2015
I will make the charitable assumption that either English is not your native language, or that the more appropriate titles were already 'taken'.
Play Skyler Space Shooter Skyler Space Shooter Mar. 09, 2015
The tracer seems nice... until you realize it has an irresistable tendency to endlessly spiral around stationary targets (without ever hitting them). Particularly annoying in Invasion mode.
Play Candy Jewels Story Candy Jewels Story Mar. 06, 2015
Wow. Bad sign: completely bored after just the first level.
Play The Pix The Pix Mar. 04, 2015
Money is obtained by winning stages on the map (replay at your leisure), and via achievement unlocks. Mining provides you with materials to upgrade the gear you buy.
Play Pixelo Pixelo Feb. 28, 2015
Somehow, today's puzzle seems like it would have been a better fit for either Feb 14th or Mar 14th.
Play Will the sun rise tomorrow? Will the sun rise tomorrow? Feb. 28, 2015
This is like Minesweeper, but with far less information, which means it's basically random luck, rather than logical deduction which gets you through.
Play Big Dig:Treasure Clickers Big Dig:Treasure Clickers Feb. 11, 2015
My boot count frequently only displays 2 digits of a 3 digit number. Typically not shown is the ones digit.
Developer response from Mousebreaker

fixed ! RAH ! now for the harder ones :(

Play Lamp and Vamp Lamp and Vamp Feb. 11, 2015
Aaand it's a demo only: Pass the first section of 5 levels, and it ends with a link opening a new page.
Play Lamp and Vamp Lamp and Vamp Feb. 11, 2015
Something I could have used being mentioned in the tutorial is how the Slayer always turns right at walls, and the Priest always turns left at walls.
Play Ghostscape 3D Ghostscape 3D Feb. 04, 2015
Crazy question, I suppose: Is there only one ending? (not talking about the epilog from collecting everything as a 'separate' ending)
Play Spaceship in cave labyrinth Spaceship in cave labyrinth Jan. 17, 2015
Looks great... except for the part where outside the title screen, it's identical to this game ( ), which Mateusz Skutnik put on the site last year...
Play City Siege 3: FUBAR Level Pack City Siege 3: FUBAR Level Pack Jan. 13, 2015
As usual, a lot of fun to play. Not sure, but the Spy may be even more fun to use than I remember. Also, as neat as it can be to take out the base of a building to watch it topple with all the enemies still on it, it is somehow even more gratifying to disconnect a tree or vine from the ceiling with enemies still onboard.
Play Abandoned Abandoned Jan. 03, 2015
Also: the puzzle for which the binoculars gives the clue/answer can be brute forced. I just played through the game a 2nd time, and because I remember the solutions, I simply put in the answer and it worked. Before ever even entering the room where the binoculars are found.
Play Abandoned Abandoned Jan. 03, 2015
The way out of the cube should be the bottom left room. The correct color for that room is cyan. So, if you have gotten yourself lost in the cube, move left until the option is no longer available (should only be once), and keep trying to move back (at most 2x, 2nd time leaving you outside).
Play Little Light Little Light Dec. 20, 2014
Somewhat surprisingly, reaching the exit is often the hardest part.