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Play Knightality Knightality Apr. 15, 2014
Movement is pretty jerky, and don't much like being unable to defend myself if i get hit. Typically lose several hearts in quick succession, due to this flaw.
Play Railway Controller Railway Controller Apr. 15, 2014
Star timing is rather unforgiving.
Developer response from NewProject1

I check the times and I see people are having little problems to get 2 stars. I increase a little the green star time.

Play Cavesweeper Cavesweeper Apr. 05, 2014
Well, i gave it a 2nd run try, up until i got a puzzle with 2 blanks that should have had numbers, plus *on top of that*, the remaining colors were 3/1/3, when there were 6 spaces left. I give up. IFF the dev fixes this buggy mess, I may come back, but certainly not until then.
Play Cavesweeper Cavesweeper Apr. 05, 2014
Becomes significantly less enjoyable as soon as a puzzle includes more than 2 colors. Had 3 bugs/incorrect #'s (2 blanks, 1 wrong number) within the same run, though thankfully only 1 per puzzle. Also, what do wands do for you?
Play Colony Age Robot Outbreak Colony Age Robot Outbreak Apr. 04, 2014
Would be awesome if i didn't so often totally lose control in the midst of fights.
Play Lord of the Underworld Lord of the Underworld Apr. 03, 2014
Really needs some way to choose to slow down, a way other than injuring yourself until you finally gain a modicum of control.
Play Black Thing 2 Black Thing 2 Mar. 11, 2014
Played through the first 6 levels, came back later... I see I still have the achievements I had earned (plus the one for loading twice). However, and this is the big problem: Level progress was not saved. Starting again from the tutorial every time I load the game means I'm not coming back.
Play Dude Quest Dude Quest Mar. 07, 2014
Sooo, I made a Firebird with Liquid Metal, and when I came back to the game at a later time, it no longer has the mutation. What gives?
Developer response from deadhouse

Hey, I was able to fix this issue. Unfortunately it's not retroactive =/ I'm really sorry. Thank you so much for playing and for letting me know!

Play Dude Quest Dude Quest Mar. 06, 2014
Diego's is quite odd: "You need 1000 money." -> "You spent 900." (-900)... It's nice to get 10% off, of course, but... o.O;
Play League of Angels League of Angels Mar. 04, 2014
Call me crazy, but I play games via Kongregate so as to avoid making new accounts/passwords for each new game. If being logged into kong isn't enough to play your game, then I won't be bothering.
Play Rusty Hotel Escape Rusty Hotel Escape Mar. 03, 2014
I think this was the 1st time I've gotten the final key before finding all the collectables (and therefore unable to leave).
Play Lodge Escape Lodge Escape Mar. 01, 2014
You can actually see what's on the wooden blocks. At the... shiny? screen, you then drag the blocks onto it to see them, same with the eggs. Once I had 3 eggs, I could then use them in that space. No, there was zero indication that was what was necessary, I just got to that point by being stuck and trying *everything*.
Play Cash Quest Cash Quest Feb. 15, 2014
I liked it, but I think it was not tested as well as it could have been. For example, all the golden items are supposed to grant new abilities... However, actually, all of those "new abilities" are doable from the start of the game, with the possible exception of switches (only got near a switch after getting the 1st gold item, so not sure). Also, at last check, the Test button is still present.
Play GatherX GatherX Feb. 14, 2014
I realize space was probably the issue here, but I'm still not quite sure how "Jack the Lumberjack" got shortened down to "Jack the Luber"...
Play That's My Moon 2: Phantom Menace That's My Moon 2: Phantom Menace Feb. 11, 2014
Well, I was looking forward to what the explosive bullets would do for me... Turns out they're quite effective on everything they hit. Including my base, if/when they rebound back. *That* was definitely a waste of upgrade cash. >.<
Developer response from SergeyZ

thanks for report, we fixed this and uploaded update

Play Silent Room Escape Silent Room Escape Feb. 04, 2014
As far as brute forcing the final puzzle... There's a clue which tells you the correct placement for the first 6, but the last? Yeah, I brute forced the 7th as well.
Play Fire Catcher Fire Catcher Jan. 30, 2014
The killer drop in Level 9 is actually the exit to Level 10. Avoid the ledges at the bottom, and aim for the center pit to progress without dying.
Play Strafe - WW2 Western Front Strafe - WW2 Western Front Jan. 26, 2014
Another thing which would be immeasurably handy: a different indicator on the radar, for mission targets. Sure, if they're onscreen, i can tell them apart, but from the sometimes 10+ green or red (depending on kill/protect mission) dots on the radar, determining which is important is a matter of luck. Additionally, as going into and leaving Turbo feels random, it's extremely easy to Turbo away from protect targets, never to see them again.
Play Strafe - WW2 Western Front Strafe - WW2 Western Front Jan. 26, 2014
Oh yes, such fun. Nothing like having a MUCH larger turn radius than my opponents and not even able to control how fast I'm going. >.>
Play Fire Catcher Fire Catcher Jan. 25, 2014
i rather like it, but i'm finding it annoyingly easy to get stuck, unable to jump high enough to move on with the level. even when i try to leave ledges to climb back up, the flaming mortars usually end up destroying all of them, and i end up stuck anyway.