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Play polyomi polyomi Jul. 29, 2015
Could the level generator be *at least* changed to always indicate where the 'gaps' are? (gap = not filled by any piece)
Developer response from dognebula

It shows all the gaps in the first three columns, and the fourth column always has only one gap, hidden.

Play polyomi polyomi Jul. 27, 2015
What makes an answer right or wrong often seems to be quite arbitrary. Particularly noticeable in areas where there are no clues and all remaining pieces could fit in, in several ways.
Developer response from dognebula

Yeah, I thought about making the puzzle generator avoid ambiguities, but I think that simplifies the game too much. Part of the game is to make strategic misses that maximize the information you gain. I tried to convey that it's ok to make mistakes, that you're supposed to make mistakes, but I don't think I succeeded, because people really really hate making mistakes. One playtester kept restarting whenever he made a mistake, and I don't really know how to fix that in this game structure. But I'll keep that in mind for the future.

Play Chill Out Zombies Chill Out Zombies Jul. 21, 2015
Apparently, I'm just not into Flappy Bird clones.
Play 9 Floors of Evil 9 Floors of Evil Jul. 21, 2015
"1. The Intrace. ...the intrace seems to be empty, but it is still dungerous..."
Play Devils Dungeon Devils Dungeon Jul. 18, 2015
Must be nice being a demon. 100% hit rate, immunity to bombs exploding next to you, lots of colleagues to hang out with, and no need to carry cash, because in the rare event that some invader kills you, you wouldn't want them to benefit from your death in any way.
Play Europact - The Tsipras Contract Europact - The Tsipras Contract Jul. 12, 2015
The game's theme is in poor taste at best, since the greatest evil threatening Greece has been their own insistence on spending 150%-200% of everything they have, and refusing to ever spend less.
Play Realm of Empires: Warlords Rising Realm of Empires: Warlords Rising Jul. 10, 2015
"Oops! There was a problem logging you in with your Kongregate account! Please try again (etc.)" Also had this problem. Unsurprised to see it fixed by making an exception to allow cookies from
Developer response from BDAEntertainment

Good morning Clueless. We aren't sure what's causing this login error yet, but we're working on the problem. Please try another browser and see if that works. If not, you can PM me here or email support @ realmof empires .com for direct assistance from our support team. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Play Sentry Knight Conquest Sentry Knight Conquest Jul. 08, 2015
Just had an enemy get stuck behind the upper 'island' while offscreen, in 2-3, making it look like all enemies were dead but the level was not ending. (I know this was the case because it eventually wormed its way out where i could see and kill it.)
Developer response from JWolfGames

Thanks for reporting this! I've noted this level down and will see if there's something screwy with enemy's entrance waypoints.

Play Bubble Shooter Rotation Bubble Shooter Rotation Jul. 08, 2015
"Completely different", it's not. Still kind of fun anyway, despite that.
Play Space Frontier Space Frontier Jun. 29, 2015
A few realizations from my 3rd playthrough (combat-based this time): Best as I can determine, enemy fleet strengths depend on only one criteria: "How long has it been since this fleet was last obliterated?"; The Crystal enemies are both weak, and drop items less valuable than fuel.; Lastly, experience gain is quite fast up until your 18th skill point gain, which generally happens within the first 40-50 turns. After that, rate of experience gain may not halt, but completely drops off a cliff, and you'll probably never gain another point for the rest of the game.
Play Space Frontier Space Frontier Jun. 26, 2015
Is there anything particularly worth doing in the Hostile Area? I mapped out the whole place looking for a courier destination (turned out it was some edge outpost i'd somehow missed). I was set up for trade and fast transit, so I avoided battle... But, is it possible to capture hostile bases? Otherwise, there doesn't seem to be much reason to go into the Hostile Area.
Developer response from Justin_wang123

If your gear and skills are setup for combat you can make lots of cash hunting the ships for loot in the late game. I originally had a base capture mechanic and was going to have some of the missions in the late game direct you into the hostile zone but I decided to save it for the next version. I eventually want to add multiple crew members and the ability to get out of your ship, wander around bases, mine asteroids by hand, board ships and so on. When that works I'll definitely add in the ability to capture bases.

Play Little Bandits Little Bandits Jun. 20, 2015
Play a level. Walk away from game for ~2 hours while water replenishes. Repeat.
Play Enter the Dungeon; Grab the Treasure and Beware the Dangers Enter the Dungeon; Grab the Treasure and Beware the Dangers Jun. 17, 2015
WASD doesn't work in menus.
Play Phrase Shift Phrase Shift Jun. 09, 2015
One thing that's nice is that even when a slider has 2 (or more) of the same correct letter, both/all of them work towards completing the puzzle. There are too many puzzle games that end up with multiple solutions, yet only allow an arbitrary one of them to be "correct".
Play Realm Grinder Realm Grinder Jun. 07, 2015
After getting mana gain up to 23+/s as Angels, it's really hard watching the bar creep up at a max of 4.4/s as a different faction
Play Realm Grinder Realm Grinder May. 25, 2015
Thanks to offline production being added, my Coins Gained by Clicking (this game) % of the total has dropped from ~70% to 25%.
Play REMind REMind May. 22, 2015
"big" synonyms; store mansion shrine home plant shop school; college museum GARDEN MINE synagogue apartments estate; temple ZOO mall manor hospital cathedral church
Play Mini Quest Mini Quest May. 21, 2015
Have you considered chatting with kanoapps? If you ask very nicely, they may teach you the secrets necessary to make the playing area even larger than it already is.
Developer response from FredV9

No clue who that is, but the game has received a ton of updates and has moved to ( since it allows me to easily change the game window size and allows the game to be put in fullscreen mode. i wish i could take this game out from here.

Play Astrobots Astrobots May. 19, 2015
Pretty good. An automap would have been nice. I did find the double jump timing to be a bit sticky at times, and the jetpack is painfully slow, especially given how fast the fuel burns by comparison. I found all the Secrets in every level, but that doesn't seem to do anything? What are hearts for?
Play Mu Complex : Episode Two Mu Complex : Episode Two May. 13, 2015
There are actually 3 things Lya doesn't want you to access. First is the infamous report. Second is an mp3 file which works just fine until it reaches a word that starts with "a", after which, Lya informs you that the file is corrupted and you can't access it. At least you can replay that one. Third, there is a camera which you can see for... 5 seconds? and then Lya cuts it off and tells you to "stop wasting time and focus on more important matters" and you can never look at that camera again.