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Play Mathdoku Game Mathdoku Game Jul. 21, 2014
I've seen this type of puzzle in newspapers before. With one exception: numbers within cells are not allowed repeats (either), in the versions i've seen thus far.
Play Alpine Cottage Alpine Cottage Jul. 20, 2014
"Upon first entry to the cottage, they discovered it was strewn in heaps of random garbage and decided it was not for them."
Play Tower of the Archmage Tower of the Archmage Jul. 14, 2014
First time I managed to survive to Level 8, mapped the whole place, and I couldn't find the floor boss (counted my artifact runes to be sure). ...There IS supposed to be one, correct?
Developer response from SirCyanblue

I never really explain it anywhere, but there's not a 100% probability of the 'boss' spawning, there's a range for every unique creature to spawn (like from floor 2 to 5), and there's a chance it will spawn in any of those floors (if it hasn't already), there are enough unique creatures to make one appear in almost every floor, but it's not guaranteed.

Play StrikeForce Kitty StrikeForce Kitty Jul. 10, 2014
From what i can tell, the lag (on jumping and everything else) is related to how many cats you have alive in your team. The same run which was horridly slow at the beginning, suddenly responds amazingly after 3 of them die...
Play Crystal Connector Crystal Connector Jul. 09, 2014
I'm lost on the "final level". There's at least 1 more connector than crystal (haven't figured out how to move all the blocks, there may be more...), in addition to 1 crystal that starts stuck in a corner where it is impossible to move.
Play Crystal Connector Crystal Connector Jul. 09, 2014
The level prior to the the one calling itself the final level (haven't done it yet), apparently has 1 more crystal than connector. At least, it moved on to the 'final level' with 3 crystals connected and 1 off by itself.
"'Rules?' Did you expect me to tell you the rules of the game? I'm not going to. The rules should be obvious." Right upfront in what passes for the intro to gameplay tells me, really, all i need/want to know about this 'game'.
Play Massive Planets Multiplayer Massive Planets Multiplayer Jul. 04, 2014
Doesn't even load for me. Just a huge blank rectangle where a game should be.
Play Land of Enki Land of Enki Jul. 03, 2014
It says something, if rather than ever spend money on hearts, bombs, or purple potions, I'd rather fail levels, and replenish bombs/potions by redoing stage 1-3.
Developer response from VoidForce

Yup, common complaint. Rest assured, the heart/bomb drop rate has been lowered for the next game and the kupon drop rate has been increased. The values in the chests are also higher and rare items aren't as expensive as they are here. If you think there's anything else I can do to make the game better, I won't take it personally, all feedback helps :)

Play Desert force Desert force Jul. 02, 2014
Hard to be a fan of invincible enemies which fill the screen in their wake with undodgeable (due to hit box) screeds of bullets.
Play  Escape From Toilet Escape From Toilet Jun. 30, 2014
Actually 140615 would be this date: xx14, June 15 -> YY/MM/DD.
Play Time Swap: A Look To The Past Time Swap: A Look To The Past Jun. 29, 2014
...and then the game randomly froze.
Play StrikeForce Kitty StrikeForce Kitty Jun. 25, 2014
Arrow keys are nice, but being allowed to set my own keys would be even better, so I could use WASD, or the AZERTY equivalent, or whatever other combo I happen to feel like.
Play God's Assassin God's Assassin Jun. 22, 2014
Am slightly disappointed that none of the "Endings" are obtained by 'foiling' the "Evil Quiz" and avoiding entering the game proper at all.
Admin response from greg

The evil quiz shows that the player is beholden to an unrealistic moral standard -- after all, who is not evil through the judgment of another? I actually did once, in an earlier draft, have an ending right after the evil quiz with an option that said, "Wait, is this whole game seriously nothing but text? Never mind!" Then it just ends right there. But my wife said it was terrible and would just piss people off, so I took it out. The closest to an ending you're imagining is ending #21, where you refuse to accept the terms of the Dreamcatcher or go along with Stan's plan. I figure as long as you don't get ending #21, then you're at least complicit on some level!

Play The Sun for the Vampire The Sun for the Vampire Jun. 21, 2014
Level 29.
Play The Valley Rule The Valley Rule Jun. 19, 2014
After the "Will to Climb" and the "Will to Air Jump", I was beginning to wonder whether I would find the "Will to Swim"...
Play Minewall Minewall Jun. 07, 2014
I see mine #6, "Motherload", has an insane entry cost of $20,000,000. I'd have never gotten there, though, without a max pick, and 'disarming mines' by exposing 6-9 of them and boomsticking them.
Play Dangerous adventure Dangerous adventure May. 30, 2014
Perhaps it is just me: When I see an ability that claims to "Collect all cubes", I expect it to collect all the cubes/clear the screen. I certainly don't expect it to Collect all BLUE cubes (only).
Play Botiada Botiada May. 30, 2014
about half the time, after highlighting a block, i will not get a movement arrow in the direction i want. despite no obstacles there? mostly noticed with green blocks, but sometimes also with blue.
Play Into the Wild Into the Wild May. 14, 2014
"I'll just put that log in my purse." Ok, I knew purses were magical items that hold 'anything and everything', but...