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Play Big Dig:Treasure Clickers Big Dig:Treasure Clickers Feb. 11, 2015
My boot count frequently only displays 2 digits of a 3 digit number. Typically not shown is the ones digit.
Developer response from Mousebreaker

fixed ! RAH ! now for the harder ones :(

Play Lamp and Vamp Lamp and Vamp Feb. 11, 2015
Aaand it's a demo only: Pass the first section of 5 levels, and it ends with a link opening a new page.
Play Lamp and Vamp Lamp and Vamp Feb. 11, 2015
Something I could have used being mentioned in the tutorial is how the Slayer always turns right at walls, and the Priest always turns left at walls.
Play Ghostscape 3D Ghostscape 3D Feb. 04, 2015
Crazy question, I suppose: Is there only one ending? (not talking about the epilog from collecting everything as a 'separate' ending)
Play Spaceship in cave labyrinth Spaceship in cave labyrinth Jan. 17, 2015
Looks great... except for the part where outside the title screen, it's identical to this game ( ), which Mateusz Skutnik put on the site last year...
Play City Siege 3: FUBAR Level Pack City Siege 3: FUBAR Level Pack Jan. 13, 2015
As usual, a lot of fun to play. Not sure, but the Spy may be even more fun to use than I remember. Also, as neat as it can be to take out the base of a building to watch it topple with all the enemies still on it, it is somehow even more gratifying to disconnect a tree or vine from the ceiling with enemies still onboard.
Play Abandoned Abandoned Jan. 03, 2015
Also: the puzzle for which the binoculars gives the clue/answer can be brute forced. I just played through the game a 2nd time, and because I remember the solutions, I simply put in the answer and it worked. Before ever even entering the room where the binoculars are found.
Play Abandoned Abandoned Jan. 03, 2015
The way out of the cube should be the bottom left room. The correct color for that room is cyan. So, if you have gotten yourself lost in the cube, move left until the option is no longer available (should only be once), and keep trying to move back (at most 2x, 2nd time leaving you outside).
Play Little Light Little Light Dec. 20, 2014
Somewhat surprisingly, reaching the exit is often the hardest part.
Play Shards of Titan Shards of Titan Dec. 05, 2014
The art style strongly reminds me of Bush Whacker. Perhaps it is the same artist?
Developer response from greytone

Hi Clueless, Yep, same art team!

Play BOX! BOX! Dec. 04, 2014
On Lv18, I somehow outfell a statue that started below me, to die underneath it.
Developer response from Casiogre

The bug is now fixed!

Play Yurius's House of Spooks Yurius's House of Spooks Dec. 02, 2014
"I need a key, no shortcuts" so he breaks a hole in a stuck cupboard door, with a hammer, instead.
Play Rogue Legend: Tame the Wild Rogue Legend: Tame the Wild Nov. 30, 2014
Too bad we don't have more inventory space in the burning village at the beginning: there are 5 more doors I could be salvaging. (The only things the Hammer doesn't work on are the flames and the flooring. Even potholes!)
Play Next to the Stars Next to the Stars Nov. 29, 2014
Diplomacy success against a Heavy (the ship you get for completing the ship collection) while in my Medium (I'm only Lv18) still results in a "Defeat"
Play Next to the Stars Next to the Stars Nov. 27, 2014
Great to unlock new mission variety as I level up, but I'm thinking the Asteroid Mapping comes too soon: At Lv17, I'm in the biggest ship I can use, a Medium, but the enemy has invariably been a Heavy ship. It's unwinnable at the level it's introduced.
Play Rogue Legend: Tame the Wild Rogue Legend: Tame the Wild Nov. 26, 2014
Neat little trick: At least as far up as worms, you can isolate/wall-in monster spawn points. Guesstimate where it is, and start plopping cliff blocks there. If it says you can't build there (looks like a dirt block with an X through it), you've found a spawn point. Wall it off and come back later (to make sure you didn't just wall off a berry by mistake :P ).
Play Shooteria Shooteria Nov. 18, 2014
Enemies respawing is fine, I suppose, but it would be *extremely* nice if they did not do so within their firing range of me.
Play Belial Chap.3 Ars Arcana Belial Chap.3 Ars Arcana Nov. 14, 2014
The longer you play, the slower and laggier it gets. I've got all the items except the purple orb, but it's too painfully slow/laggy to be worth finishing.
Play Galaxy Harvest Galaxy Harvest Nov. 12, 2014
Game is in desperate need of a tech unlock which allows the (re)building of planets from asteroid belts. Feel free to make it more expensive than Terramorphing, but the option needs to be there. There are so many events that lead to planet annihilation, and no way to either recover or fend it off. Too easy to end at a barren, asteroid-filled map.
Developer response from levelrusso

Added a solution for this in the last update.

Play Space Encounter Space Encounter Nov. 11, 2014
I'm afraid I've run out of interest in bullet-hell's that don't at least have the option of mouse control and/or auto-fire.
Developer response from SonicMK77

Indeed mouse control is fairy popular for space shooters lately. I guess i wanted to keep the traditional style of a typical jap bullet hell. Very likely that i will add the opton for mouse control + autofire though. Thanks for the comment!