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16 hours ago

MAKE THE LAST STAND UNION CITY 2!!!! too awesome not having part 2. Like if you agree!

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Oct 1, 2015 10:43pm

you guys should make another game all your games are fantastic but it needs a final chapter to be perfect

avatar for mreicher2905

Jun 13, 2015 10:35am

Does the story of union city contiues???
If not i am sad:(

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lilman525 Sep 18, 2015 2:43pm

Well, they both died.

avatar for TheGingaNinja14
TheGingaNinja14 Sep 20, 2015 4:37pm

I didn’t see anyone die you drive off in the boat then sit in the sunset

avatar for JanR35

Aug 4, 2015 3:10am

Last stand union city and dead zone was such a cool game and i love it if you would do a game like union city and dead zone like building and items from dead zone,scavenging like in union city it would be so cool.

avatar for festivalstorm65
festivalstorm65 Sep 18, 2015 3:05pm

and without player attackign eachother? please so , i played dead zone, not for very long, but i dont liek that il probably get attacked, flubing bullhamina

avatar for daisycutter99

Jul 21, 2015 3:21pm

the next zambie game can u make it where your the zombie u have to make a hive to suvive also u have to invade other hives?

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daisycutter99 Jul 21, 2015 3:22pm

also can u make it easyer to get fule in dead zone?

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lilman525 Sep 18, 2015 2:40pm

Also can you learn to spell?

avatar for festivalstorm65
festivalstorm65 Sep 18, 2015 3:03pm

invade other hives…. NO DONT ADD THAT IF YOU ACTULLY CONSIDER THIS GAME! it alos doesnt mke sense, why would zombies kill eachother?

avatar for karateman619

May 11, 2015 12:07pm

i found a bug in TLS: Union city, in the building to the left of Uptown apartments(or hotel, i don’t remember) the door on the left (past the footlockers) says that it is open, however, pressing E does nothing.

avatar for lilman525
lilman525 Sep 18, 2015 2:44pm

Those are locked doors that are impossible to open, there are about 7 that i’ve found.

avatar for mynamejeff1226

Sep 12, 2015 8:03pm

can you make a new game of last stand please!

avatar for epicpizzaman

Jul 5, 2015 5:33am

can you make another shooter scavenger game like union city last stand

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mega_pugly Aug 19, 2015 12:41pm


avatar for Mohammed3570
Mohammed3570 Aug 23, 2015 10:09am

It was a good game, i enjoyed it.

avatar for xtwo
xtwo Sep 12, 2015 11:28am

i agree

avatar for C4Chris

Sep 3, 2015 4:30am

Great work on The Last Stand: Dead Zone. I’m looking forward to future games in this genre.

avatar for 1eddyrose

Sep 1, 2015 9:32pm

please make more last stand games

avatar for orhn2003

Feb 12, 2015 9:03am


avatar for starwolves
starwolves Aug 31, 2015 3:21am

f*ck u spammer

avatar for n8crow

Aug 12, 2015 10:12am

You, know, I have been playing your games for a while know…and Warfare 1917 was my favorite….Hahaha. Although…I think its a collab with Armor Games.

avatar for Electro888

Jul 30, 2015 9:15am

I’d like to suggest that you guys should make a mobile version of The Last Stand: Dead Zone, so players can play anytime and anywhere :) Android :3

avatar for Bodahn

Jul 30, 2015 1:14am

please make an iPhone version for The Last Stand:Dead Zone

avatar for FateIsEscaped

Mar 22, 2013 3:27pm

Wrote a little guide: The Last Stand: Union City – lag fixes, infinite money, exploits, glitches, walkthrough, suggestions for sequel

avatar for superpicklblast
superpicklblast Mar 15, 2015 3:22pm

Thanks breh, you cool!

avatar for starvars
starvars Mar 18, 2015 2:44am

hey boys i think this game is for 9 year boy like me, and this game is…AWEsome

avatar for FateIsEscaped
FateIsEscaped Jul 2, 2015 1:23am

► ► ► You’re welcome, Pickl. :D

avatar for red003

May 6, 2015 4:29pm

hi…I was told to get ahold of you about a problem that I am having with my game. I have around 60-64 kreds. Anytime I try to get keys or buy fuel…it will say adding keys/fuel but never does. I end up having to refresh the page just to get back in to play the game. This has been happening for the past week or so. I’ve not had this …

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avatar for 55john5
55john5 Jun 21, 2015 9:58pm

if you are in fullscreen, the button never appears, you have to exit fullscreen ;)

avatar for Ex_Death
Ex_Death Jun 22, 2015 1:19am

avatar for brisadocavalo

May 10, 2015 3:30pm

Hey there, do you have plans on making a sequence for TLS: Union City? the community would like such game.

avatar for 55john5
55john5 Jun 21, 2015 9:57pm

yes, i would LOVE a game like that, or make Dead Zone less of a idle game, like making some buildings/upgrades that make build/return times shorter, waiting an hour for the infected bounties gets abno…

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avatar for 55john5

Jun 21, 2015 9:55pm

Hey ConArtists, 1: great name ;3 2: a first-person shooter edition of union city would be nice, or a update that lets you controll a survivor, like CoD black ops 2’s strike missions controll-ish would be awesome, no upgrade to graphics needed, just a first person mode, a little box radar maybe to show when zombies are behind you, or make zomb…

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avatar for 55john5
55john5 Jun 21, 2015 9:55pm

just re-read it, for the first person thing, that’s for dead zone.

avatar for lukeman223

Jun 15, 2015 11:43pm

it said a error has accerd

avatar for Spartan200254

Jun 12, 2015 7:21pm

I Love all of your games

avatar for MrD_

Jun 9, 2015 10:39am

really injoyed this game

avatar for Katie832

May 12, 2015 5:29am

Really enjoyed the last stand: Union City, I’ve tried playing some of the other games but I think the RPG aspect of this game really draws the player in (mind you, it took me about 2 and a half hours to finish it lol) I just want to congratulate you for creating such an original game (believe me, there are so many zombie games out there). I h…

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Katie832 May 12, 2015 5:30am

p.s whats the difference between a shout and a regular message lol

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markonmarkon Jun 7, 2015 3:54pm

Yeah, something like Union City would be totally awesome.

avatar for batmanrocks11
batmanrocks11 Jun 8, 2015 4:26pm

ya I was a lil sad about the second one

avatar for richyman55

May 28, 2015 2:40pm

dude cool game

avatar for Loko_Macabro

May 25, 2015 1:05pm

Fabulos ConArtists You are creating a New Game For That Day Will Be Released ?

avatar for yaqin1995

May 3, 2015 11:10pm

baik tolong likes oh bagus lama