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Play Pineapple Dreams Pineapple Dreams Dec. 27, 2012
Play Love (new version for Eden contest) Love (new version for Eden contest) Jan. 17, 2012
Hi everyone ! The fact that more and more people are discovering the new version of the game makes me all fuzzy inside :3 In other news, if you enjoyed the game, you can vote for it as "best time waster of 2011", following this link : Thanks again for your support ! :3
Play Love Love Jan. 17, 2012
Hi everyone ! Glad to see people are still enjoying the game :D If you like it, you can vote for it as "best time waster of 2011", right here : Thanks again for playing :D
Developer response from Contrebasse_

The results are in ! Love is the 2nd best time waster of 2011 according to the readers of ! Thanks to everyone who voted !! :D,13961.html

Play Deep Trip 2 Mobile Deep Trip 2 Mobile Sep. 22, 2011
much like we are the robots 2, it's a nice game at heart, but much like we are the robots 2, you just didn't make any effort to optimize it for mobile... it lags terribly (a match3 game... lagging... wow), and the jellys are obviously too small for fingers.
Play Fatty MOBILE Fatty MOBILE Sep. 21, 2011
Stop with the "i can't test it before it's up here" thing, it's flat out lying. If you made the game then you could obviously test it whenever you wanted to. Don't act like you didn't know what the game was like, the people on Kongregate aren't stupid enough to believe that. And immature insults don't help your case either.
Play Spy 1.11 Spy 1.11 Sep. 19, 2011
On the stage with green backdrops and two men walking, the way the two men turn around is too brutal and too unpredictable. It's frustrating. I like the style of the game though.
Play Love Love Aug. 29, 2011
If I change this version of the game, it will break the badges, so I'm not going to do that. Plus, I'm not referring to another website, the other version is also on Kongregate.
Play Love (mobile) Love (mobile) Aug. 26, 2011
please use the empty black area at the bottom of the screen, it's a trackpad :) (note to self : i really need to make the instructions clearer for the next version :/ )
Play Love (mobile) Love (mobile) Aug. 24, 2011
@izme, don't worry, you'll figure it out eventually :D
Play Ninja Cat Mobile: Episode 1 Ninja Cat Mobile: Episode 1 Aug. 18, 2011
i liked it ! the gameplay is simple but the slow motion dodging works well and makes it very satisfying. Second thing i appreciated : for once, there are NO stupid upgrades grinding. The game is fun from the beginning without me having to farm XP for fifteen minutes. Might have a bit too much starwars references though. Still, i enjoyed it, nice work!
Play Diggy Dig Mobile Diggy Dig Mobile Aug. 08, 2011
Really like the game! simple but satisfying gameplay, perfect for mobile. Nice graphics and sound too.
Play Love (mobile) Love (mobile) Aug. 08, 2011
oops, looks like tilting to pause doesn't work in the app... It worked fine on the website... anyway, pressing the "back" button on your phone will pause too, so please use that instead! thanks for playing :)
Play Love (new version for Eden contest) Love (new version for Eden contest) Jul. 28, 2011
Hi everyone ! Just a quick note : a mobile version of Love is now available, if you have an Android phone with Flash 10.1 installed, please check it out "HERE": . Thanks for playing :)
Play Love (new version for Eden contest) Love (new version for Eden contest) Jul. 13, 2011
Hi, me again ! I've fixed the score submission issues, there shouldn't be any problems now, thanks again to those who reported the bug and please tell me if you experience any further trouble. Also, I agree it's pretty cool to see for how long you've managed to connect with lots of others, but I thought it'd be cooler if you could boast about it in front of everyone, so I added 3 new leaderboards to reflect that :D Hopefully I can now stop spamming the comments section with update notes :D Thanks for playing !
Play Top Secret Top Secret Jul. 12, 2011
I have no idea what this is about, because before I could even see what was on the screen my mouse accidentally rolled over it and changed whatever it was showing to "You win good job". Oh well.
Play Love (new version for Eden contest) Love (new version for Eden contest) Jul. 12, 2011
Oh, and about porting the badges : I can't do that... That's not how badges work. When a game is successful enough, Kongregate decides to "feature" it, ie to put it on the front page, and that's when they (kongregate, not the game's developper) add badges to it, based on the stats that the developper provides them with. Game developpers don't decide wether or not to add badges to their games, otherwise you can bet everyone would add some :D
Play Love (new version for Eden contest) Love (new version for Eden contest) Jul. 11, 2011
Hi again, Kongregate ! I've just updated the game and the stats are now here (thanks again Waddleduck for mentionning). It took me a *bit* longer than I said it would, not because porting the stats wasn't easy, but because I also started trying to get the game to run on a mobile phone, and THAT isn't easy >_< I admit it took up the majority of my programming time those past two weeks so sorry for the lateness of this update. I've also added a contact button linking to my twitter account and e-mail adresses, so that you can give me feedback on the game even if you're just passing by and don't have a Kongregate account \o/ It seems there's a problem with score submission. Sometimes it doesn't submit. I'm gonna try and figure out why, in order to fix it... Thanks to all the people who reported this ! And thanks again for playing everyone !
Play Love (new version for Eden contest) Love (new version for Eden contest) Jun. 24, 2011
HOT DAMN YOU'RE RIGHT ! I forgot the stats !! D: uuuuuuuurgh, I apologize, due to schoolwork I couldn't start working for the contest until last friday evening, so everything you see here was done in less than 5 days of non stop game-making without much sleep, so I guess I was bound to forgetting something at some point >_< Still, that's no excuse, I'll add the stats this weekend ! Thanks for the heads up and sorry for the inconvenience !
Play Sono Sono Jun. 22, 2011
Really amazing ! Simple but very well exectued, congratulations ! Only sad thing is, I don't really know why it ends at some point. A time limit ?
Play Love (new version for Eden contest) Love (new version for Eden contest) Jun. 21, 2011
Hi again, Kongregate ! Thanks again and again for the warm welcome and feedback you gave me last December when I published my first game. I hope you'll enjoy this new version ! There is now a second game mode, you'll probably need a few tries before you fully understand what's going on in this one, but you'll get the hang of it pretty fast ;) Also I've remade the whole game for as3 (no easy task as I'm still learning x) ), optimized the code and the graphics, so the game should be more fluid. Also, the game is now fully mouse-controlled, no need for the space bar anymore, that one is for people who played with a graphical tablet ;) And you can now pause the game too. There was a mute button too, but it started doing weird stuff a few hours ago so I took it out for now because I didn't want to miss the contest's deadline because of a mute button. I'll fix that as soon as I wake up, right now I really need some sleep ;_; Thanks in advance for your feedback, and please report any bugs !