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Play Zombie Last Night 2 Zombie Last Night 2 Apr. 26, 2012
Anyone else reminded of Amorphous+ :)
Play BLiP LiTE BLiP LiTE Apr. 24, 2012
Congratulations on maintaining my interest, 4*
Play Archipelago Archipelago Apr. 24, 2012
Omg, fools! Unity is spyware!
Play Fantasy Online Fantasy Online Apr. 24, 2012
How to make money: 1# Grind; This includes - Seabears, Relishes & Cyborg Crabs, try getting yourself a golden token, the Lucky One skill &/or buff and a partner. 2# Mine(&Craft); Mine unobtainium for quick npc cash, craft frostite chunks + for easy profit. New players try mining gold ore, price is quite healthy at the moment and will continue being so because of tier 4 armor. 3# Merch; Merching can (mainly) be done by long term investing or flipping (Buy low sell high), for profit of an easy 200% invest 20gems(+) in a box, try going for one which is shunned because of better gem boxes despite being good; eg. any box released around the time of Box of Lol's. @Blargh +1 me for Cookiis@
Play TCT RPG TCT RPG Apr. 24, 2012
I cannot come to fathom how legitimate this game is, insta-5 star.
Play Fixation Fixation Apr. 24, 2012
Did anyone else get fooled by the drawer on the second pillar on the first chapter, or am i just stupid?
Play 10 Bullets 10 Bullets Feb. 17, 2012
Love it when I'm just about to fire another shot and my combo carries on at the opposite end of the screen >:3
Play Pixel 2 Pixel 2 Dec. 17, 2011
902,000,000 end score :V
Play Mebas Mebas Nov. 17, 2011
How to level like a baws ^_^: Use the nudge tool Nudge meba into corner Nudge Food Emitter into corner, crushing the meba Feed cell repeatedly PROFIT :D
Play Spiral Knights Spiral Knights Oct. 07, 2011
Scammer: "Buying 100 Ce 3k Cr"--- Me: "/tell Scammer Ok, trade me"--- *Trade Commences And Finishes*--- Scammer: "/reply HAHAHAHAHA" "WAITOMGNUUUUU I ASKED FOR CE NOT CROWNSSSS"--- Me: *Hehehehe :3*
Play VortexWars VortexWars Oct. 07, 2011
Play Spiral Knights Spiral Knights Oct. 06, 2011
We'd all like the login details for the actual game client sent to our mailboxes so that we don't have to put up with the 1/3minute long download. You know what I'm talking about; the Kong###### login username & password. (# = a number) +1 If you'd like our kongregate spiral knights login sent to our mailboxes so we can login with the real client.