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Play Time World Test Time World Test Nov. 17, 2011
I can estimate that 90% of players will be playing Mu.
Useful URLs and Resources Aug. 24, 2011
I don't actually know what this article means, but I'm guessing it's a good thing.
Admin response from Phoenix00017

The goal was just to let you know about some useful tools on the site that you may not have been aware of. Hope it helped! :)

Play Bullet Heaven Bullet Heaven May. 02, 2011
If this is Bullet Heaven, I don't want to see what a Bullet Hell is.
Play Insectonator Insectonator Apr. 07, 2011
This game just brought sniping heads into a new level.
Play The Squirrel Game The Squirrel Game Mar. 18, 2011
I'll pretend that a squirrel escaping from fire-breathing dragon and UFO makes perfect logic for the time being.
Play Epic Ninja Epic Ninja Feb. 28, 2011
This game has a nice way of telling me that ninjas cries.
Play Farm of Souls Farm of Souls Jan. 24, 2011
I finally found a game where you could send hundreds of souls with red shirts and blue jeans to harvest dirt and rocks to build pixelated houses! Best game ever, have been waiting for games like this for a long time!
Play Arkandian Crusade Arkandian Crusade Jan. 08, 2011
Resurrection Insurance, Recovery Fee? I didn't know this stuff was invented already during Medieval Ages.
Play Champions of chaos Champions of chaos Dec. 30, 2010
"You will be learning different techniques from time to time! You have to show them to me in private." ತ_ತ
Play Warzone Getaway Warzone Getaway Dec. 29, 2010
I love how the cars and trucks just keeps on driving when they're about to get shot
Play Balls in Space Balls in Space Dec. 29, 2010
A really round ball traveling in the space, collecting small balls, jumping on evil squares, being a ninja. That makes perfect sense!
Play Streamline Streamline Dec. 27, 2010
Is it just me, or is it that when you thought you are going to win, one of the yellow balls lingering off-screen hit you when you least expect it?
Play Santa Rockstar: Metal Xmas 3 Santa Rockstar: Metal Xmas 3 Dec. 25, 2010
This is a really good game! I don't see why people are fussing about how this game's a rip-off of Guitar Hero. How come I don't see people complaining about Hero's Arms been a rip-off of Zelda? Games comes in genre and style, doesn't mean you should down rate this just because you played games similar to this before. Again, a really impressive game. Santa isn't going to give me coal this year, he's going to give me metal, yeah!!
Play Dungeon Developer Dungeon Developer Dec. 15, 2010
Great game, just like the rest of yours! And by the way... nerdook ending forever!!
Play The Magic Button The Magic Button Nov. 17, 2010
Thanks for the CCs, guys! If I have enough skills, I might do a text-based choice game. :)
Play Deadly Neighbours Deadly Neighbours Nov. 07, 2010
I love the game style nerdook use. Its so simple yet addicting. Good job (wonder how you make games so fast)! P.S. Nice ending song
Play Air Pressure Air Pressure Oct. 21, 2010
This game is fascinating! Its about a guy with decisions, he either quit drug/or other bad stuff (its the girl) or stick with it. I think the BGM and the graphic is amazing (8-bit speaking)!
Play Road of the Dead Road of the Dead Oct. 17, 2010
Now I know the reason why there's so many abandoned car all over... Stupid military.
Play Museum of Thieves Museum of Thieves Sep. 21, 2010
This game is amazing... the artwork and the background music. I'm not sure what happens and why the map starts shifting, but I'll know once I order this book!
Play PixEvo - The Fountain PixEvo - The Fountain Jul. 13, 2010
I like this! It's really original, never seen anything like this before (evolve by eating pixels), really nice game. At start, I was wondering "why can't I jump", but after I collect a few pixels, I get the whole point of the game. The only thing it needs to change is the jump, you have to just just right before the edge, which is kind of hard.