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Play Soccer Physics Soccer Physics Jul. 31, 2014
I think you should add replays. Although pretty much every time is just as funny as the last.
Play Decision:Medieval Decision:Medieval May. 19, 2014
Anyone else click Next Tip for 10 minutes before noticing the continue button below? I thought it was a pre-game tutorial of sorts, apparently not.
Play Pixelotl Pixelotl Aug. 15, 2013
Awesome game, way better than ordinary platformers! Very creative.
Play Storm Ops 3 Storm Ops 3 Apr. 25, 2013
Great game. Only thing I don't like is the archers who can't attack unless told to and take 10x longer than you to reload. Every thing else is awesome though :)
Play Hexagon Hexagon Dec. 09, 2012
63:05 - Hexagon!!!!