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    DR. Fastbatch! His condition is NOT improving! His continued interactions with other people will cause him to rage! Resulting in am immediate ban! FastBatch: Give him the Cheerio solution, and hope for the best. Yes, Fastbatch of cookies.
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    The little twinkles in this song remind me of a curious monkey king.
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    I abhor Microsoft.

One blasted bellow to end them. A clamor so haunting that even those outside of my direct line of fire would mind themselves. I will crawl the Earth in search of comrades who share my rage drawn from the very forsaken depths of the despising Hell. I would form a thousand camaraderies, both foreign and familiar. I will dissipate nothing, on such an expedition. This is necessary, people flocking to a series intended for a much younger demographic. Perhaps in an attempt to relive their childhood, even if it means joining one of the most popular fads of this era. Whether unconditionally, or conditionally. Reasons definitely differ, but not regularly. I will set ablaze the band wagon, leaving your kind without a place to belong, because that is really all you want. You may trust that I would not mind nearly as much if I didn’t have to see/hear about this MLP dumpster trash everyday but I do. And I’m good and annoyed by all of it. Basta.

May I help you? Oh, you’d like to learn about me? Okay then, prepare yourself because is going to be quite an eyeful.

My name is CoyoTito but I’d prefer if you called me Coy for short. And I don’t like violence. (I almost welcome violence)

Here are my phobias-





Bears – Wanr doesn’t count.

Assorted nuts


Butterflies – Their faces are…just…


Ants – Got a whole colony in my shoe once, the phantom bites still sting during the day.

Not all of them, just, some.

~Now, I would like to share a very personal but ALSO VERY MEANINGFUL EXPERIENCE I HAD. I’d appreciate it if we could all act mature, Kay? A long time ago, I had a dream, not an attainable dream, but one in which you see when you sleep. I had a friend, female friend in that dream. We were both young. I was about 12 she was about 11 or 10. I was still Italian, she was Japanese. We grew to love each other in this dream. Whenever either of us left the other, we would cry. Amazingly, the day after I had that dream, I saw someone who looked just like her. I was too coy(Pahaha) to approach her and introduce myself though. All I could say to her was: Are you..Asian? Her response was in a language foreign to me, I assumed it was Japanese. Before I reply, her guardians called her away, she waved goodbye, and that was the last I saw of her…Now, lets get back to the dream. Although the dream was short, it felt like an eternity, and I was glad for that. Just as she did in real life, in the dream, she waved goodbye, and that was the last I saw of her, in both the dream world and reality. When I woke up from that dream, I noticed that I had tears rolling down my cheeks. I sat there in bad for a moment, thinking about the dream…I burst into tears ( doesn’t seem like me does it?), I did my best to hold them back as you would a sneeze or cough, but I couldn’t. They just kept coming. That was the worst, but also the best dream I’ve ever had. Only wish it were real. And it could’ve been, only if I had moved the right piece. ~ Coyotito

I actually had trouble holding back tears while typing this. I haven’t cried for years, for me to cry now it would just break that record. All I can do now is just stand tall, and accept that what once seemed so real, was, and isn’t, what it could’ve been. By the way, if you don’t believe me then thats okay. I wouldn’t even THINK of persuading you.

I know there are some people on this site who apparently enjoy copying and pasting hunks of profile (like dis ^^^) and I am aware of the fact that I am, really just painting a target on my back but there isn’t much use in having all of this written up if NO ONE BUT ME IS GON’ READ IT. Besides, it only shows how much they really care. (Probably)

Looks like I’m pissed. :c


helliscomeing: days mad because my **** is like this ========= and his is like this -


roxas741852963: lol

timmyz0: mine2

TRIQ1900: lol MERICA

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