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Play The King of Towers The King of Towers Dec. 19, 2014
Okay yeah everyone can see it's a KR ripoff. On the game's merits it's pretty mediocre. The animations are good and the story isn't bad. The translation is pretty awful and the balance in the gameplay feels off. Even having played lots of TD games the enemies have a super rush on the last wave that all but destroys any barracks unless you've grinded the snot out of the game and leveled the towers up. So it plays like any other "wait x hours to get good stuff or pay us money. Got tired after a few hours of that crap and I'm on to the next game. Also feel like I wasted my time since I couldn't even get the entries for the raffle to work.
Play Clicker Heroes Clicker Heroes Oct. 14, 2014
OMG seriously why am I still playing this? Altogether a fun couple hours until it becomes long drags of idling to get your next upgrade.
Play Flappy Bird Flash Flappy Bird Flash Mar. 14, 2014
Wow umm really? This is supposed to be super addictive?
Play Magnetized Magnetized May. 08, 2013
Holy freaking yes! Okay the last levels are hard but freaking just DO IT!
Play They Took Our Candy They Took Our Candy Oct. 24, 2012
Fun game! As lots of people have said: three ninjas and a cat are OP especially when you get your special up high you can stay frenzied most of the time. Hard badge score is at about the beginning of wave 18 of survival. Target Slimes first then the shooters. Also sneaking under the guys that come from the back worked a lot for me.
Play Cardinal Quest Cardinal Quest Oct. 27, 2011
Was fun until I made it really far and while trying to switch spells one got stuck on my screen and then the game went into hyper mode and I got swarmed and killed by five enemies in less than a second :/
Play A Game About Game Literacy A Game About Game Literacy Oct. 18, 2011
Dang I don't even have epilepsy but that last level may have just given it to me!
Play WarLight WarLight Oct. 17, 2011
I feel bad for the kids that are too lame to actually beat the game so they have to hack the highscores to make themselves feel better ;)
Play WarLight WarLight Oct. 13, 2011
YEAH!!! Finally Beat Insane!!! Some tips: Don't give the enemy "freebie" territories. When they get past your defenses just make sure any adjacent territories have at the very least 3 armies on them because the enemy likes to attack with 2 armies and you will stop a lot of those advances. Make sure you take any territories with only 1 enemy on it. Even if you only attack with two. The basic premise is that if you always end up with at least one more territory every single turn then you eventually win! Oh and don't try to go toe to toe with giant forces. Let them pass and then blaze into their soft underbelly!! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!
Play Diamond Hollow II Diamond Hollow II Sep. 23, 2011
This is a fantastic game! I'm always disappointed when I see the highscores charts though. Hackers ruin it for everyone. After running every level many times to shave off fractions of a second I got my time down as low as possible with no possible way to drop it much more that a few seconds more. and Hackers have times hundreds lower than mine!
Play Infestor Infestor Aug. 30, 2011
Never have I rooted for the face leech monster until now!
Play Frantic Frigates Frantic Frigates Aug. 30, 2011
I like the desperate ripoff of the pirates of the Caribbean music ;)
Play CycloManiacs CycloManiacs Aug. 17, 2011
Damn You Bubble!!!!!
Nooo! I ruined the Rave! FUUUUUUUU!!!
Play MoneySeize MoneySeize Jul. 20, 2011
This game is truly truly horrible 5/5
Play Armed with Wings 3 Armed with Wings 3 Jul. 18, 2011
Quitting and keeping your experience no longer works. If you quit you will start back at the village with your experience points reset. However if you fight monsters in a single screen and die the monsters will spawn again for you to get more exp from them. I believe this is the only way to max everything out now.
Play :The Running Game: :The Running Game: Jul. 12, 2011
I can't believe there was anyone more bored than me who played this game...
Play I Wanna Win! I Wanna Win! Jul. 08, 2011
10 Is almost pure luck but if you don't get lucky a tip is, if you can anticipate it, miss the ball as it bounces towards you and it will grey out and not break anything including the glass.
Play Bunni: How we first met Bunni: How we first met Jul. 08, 2011
Wait why am I still playing this game?!?!? I beat it and got all of the bits of love hours ago!!
Play Rejoin Rejoin Jul. 07, 2011
Sweet Game! Screen freezes whenever I complete level 25, would like to see the ending!