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Play Sapper Sapper Jul. 04, 2014
Every button I press tries to open a new browser window.
Play Dream Car Racing Dream Car Racing Apr. 26, 2014
'Hey, Ron, I'll give you 75 cents if you can do a backflip on that homemade lawnmower of yours.'
Developer response from RoKo0 (00:10)

Play Spell Racer Spell Racer Apr. 26, 2014
Something wrong here. It's trying to download a file from
Play Fruit Slicerr Fruit Slicerr Apr. 26, 2014
Generous hit boxes are not a bad thing.
Play Pong Livrizzi Pong Livrizzi Apr. 26, 2014
Music taken from ftl?
Play HAVOC HAVOC Apr. 26, 2014
You need to show some basic information, like ammo count and health remaining.
Play Birdy Fruit Birdy Fruit Apr. 26, 2014
This is just taking too long to load.
Play Douse Douse Apr. 07, 2013
What I learned from this game: if your tap breaks, get in a spaceship and BURN IT WITH FIRE. Congrats on your gitd entry
Developer response from 3ndl3ss

That is naturally, my immediate reaction to most problems in life. :P

Play This game has a mute button This game has a mute button Jul. 30, 2012
A sad fact of kongregate games - it doesn't matter how big and obvious you make it, some players will complain that they can't find the mute button.
Play Diplon Diplon Feb. 19, 2012
It's good. High score API please.
Play Super Kid Icarus Super Kid Icarus Jul. 30, 2011
You forgot to remove to site lock.
Developer response from SuperKidIcarus3

What is a site lock?

Play Air Race Air Race Jul. 19, 2011
This is about as good as my first game was. It might be rated higher if you hadn't made so many posionous comments on other games.
Developer response from mojofac

It's rated 2 stars because it's horrible not because I didn't like your creation.

Play Wish Upon a Star Wish Upon a Star Jul. 02, 2011
Silver -> Gold because looking shiny is more important than accurately tracking the world's commodity prices in a flash game.
Play Slime-Invaders Slime-Invaders Jun. 25, 2011
I thought you were supposed to collect all the green things, and dodge the crazy running guy. That'll teach me to read the description properly. My first score really wasn't very good.
Play Wish Upon a Star Wish Upon a Star Jun. 25, 2011
I fixed a bug where the music would play twice if you un-muted the game during the cutscenes. And now you start the game with one star, because Tony finds one in the intro, obviously. Thanks for pointing that out. I am reading all your comments, thanks everyone!
Play Wish Upon a Star Wish Upon a Star Jun. 25, 2011
I'm going to be so miffed if this game gets a higher rating than the RPG I've been working on for the last 3 months.
Play Alli: CH1 Alli: CH1 May. 26, 2011
Desperately needs a preloader. It would be better it the story was spread throughout the game, instead of a wall of text at the start. You should replace the plain sky tiles with a decent background, and put a texture on the yellow blocks.
Play Idle Tower Defence Idle Tower Defence Feb. 26, 2011
Armoured creeps can soak 10% of their max hit points every time they get shot. If your turret does 10 damage and the armoured creep has 100+ hitpoints, you can't hurt it at all .... it's not invincible, but you need a bigger gun.
Play Corporation Inc. Corporation Inc. Jan. 29, 2011
I want to promote the office cat to CEO.
Play Spikee Spikee Jan. 09, 2011
You need to reset the score after each game, and not add it to the previous game's score. I think an escalating difficulty would be good - the game starts too hard. Start the game with fewer colours, or a longer guiding line, or more shots between each new row, and increase the difficulty as the game progresses.