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Play Idling to Rule the Gods Idling to Rule the Gods Jun. 08, 2015
I would really like a beginner guide. I can't find anything that explains the basics of the game.
Developer response from Ryu82

You could go to the forum below the game. You can find a lot of info about the game there. There is also a sticky guide which is not bad for a start.

Play Bush Whacker 2 Bush Whacker 2 May. 19, 2015
The scavenger hunt with clues is fun!
Play Swarm Simulator Swarm Simulator May. 14, 2015
I haven't played in a couple weeks. Just signed in...my game is gone...starting all over. sigh
Play Idle Evolution Idle Evolution Apr. 25, 2015
Curse you game!!! Stop making me learn!!! lol
Play Last Town Last Town Jan. 09, 2015
I can't even get to the game. There's a "Adventure Quest World" ad that won't leave the screen.
Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Dec. 10, 2014
I love the new update. I'm especially grateful the bionic flashing is gone.
Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Nov. 15, 2014
I think this game needs for badges very soon.
Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Nov. 11, 2014
The green bars in the upgrade "flicker" in a most annoying way. The flicker demonstrates the speed or earnings...I understand that...but I can barely stand to look at the screen with all the flashing going on.
Play Vortex Point 5 - Monster Movie Vortex Point 5 - Monster Movie Nov. 05, 2014
I haven't even started playing yet and I already love the game. The intro is so good.
Play Idle Recruit Idle Recruit Oct. 25, 2014
I'm so glad CHARLES cut off the "every god the ancients ever made up" category. This is where I burn through my hints because out side of 20 or so I've never even heard of the rest. I like it when I have a chance to guess the recruit.
Play Idle Recruit Idle Recruit Oct. 24, 2014
I'm sorry to ask what is likely a very basic question but I can't find an answer online. How do we earn boosts? Does it just take a long, long time to get some?
Developer response from CHARLESing

So after you earn at least 200 medals, you'll have the option to "reset" your entire game, but you'll get XP for each medal, which can be spent on boosts :)

Play Halloween Deluxe Match 3 Halloween Deluxe Match 3 Oct. 19, 2014
The flying shards are surprisingly satisfying. Things blowing up is always a nice bonus. lol
Play Escape with Amanda Escape with Amanda Oct. 19, 2014
So far I've only found one thing that moves and other thing that responds to a click.
Developer response from Ggab

You have to talk to Amanda (by clicking on the Amanda icon at the top right) to solve the puzzle. Good luck!

Play A to K A to K Jun. 20, 2014
I've been playing this game off/on all night. Having a lot of fun with it.
Play A to K A to K Jun. 20, 2014
Sound effects would be an improvement. The game is fun...just a bit dull.
Play Pixelo Pixelo Jun. 18, 2014
The game has been lagging really bad lately. Not sure why.
Play Candy Unstoppable Candy Unstoppable Jun. 06, 2014
I enjoyed this game. Nice and relaxing (until the balls get close to the top of course)
Play Live Puzzle 2 Live Puzzle 2 Jun. 05, 2014
I cannot get enough of these games!!!! They are some new and wonderful!!!
Play Pink World Pink World May. 27, 2014
It's awkward when I have to keep using the mouse for dialogue.
Play The Vampire Memories The Vampire Memories May. 26, 2014
Better than some of the others.