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Play MARCH MARCH Jun. 25, 2013
Game froze for me after using her to light up the room and getting to the top of the room. Unless I was supposed to do something there.
Play Monty's Moon Monty's Moon Jun. 14, 2013
i have never hated birds more in my life
Play Silent Conversation Silent Conversation Jun. 13, 2013
I had a hard time enjoying the poems while trying to play the game, I don't like it.
Play .explore .explore Jun. 07, 2013
level 14
Play Coin Toss Coin Toss Jan. 02, 2013
Needs API
Play Leather Pants Leather Pants Nov. 30, 2012
jump then hold s and down arrow for another action
Play JumpingLine JumpingLine Aug. 17, 2012
Really cool. First impression: "wow, this is a cool game. finally a platformer without spikes.....OH DAMNIT THERES SPIKES" Heh, anyway, I thought the whole thing was pretty clever. Great job. 5/5
Play Double Dodge Double Dodge Apr. 09, 2012
@ownagechaos666 you can use either one
Play Collect ES Energy Drink Collect ES Energy Drink Apr. 09, 2012
Interesting. Pretty good for a stencyl game... Next time try adding more original content. Also you can skip most of the third level by jumping out of the game window.
Play What's out the box? What's out the box? Mar. 26, 2012
If you upgrade for long enough you can win without using the turbo
Developer response from Darkscanner


Play Do You Know Flash Games? Do You Know Flash Games? Mar. 24, 2012
One of the questions is wrong I think... It says what is launched in Learn to Fly, and the answer should be penguin, but that's not even on there...
Developer response from GeneralVimes

But, please, take into account that the name of the game is speeld not "Learn to Fly", but "Learn 2 Fly", and in the second game the dummy is launched.

Play Game Development Room (GDR) Game Development Room (GDR) Mar. 04, 2012
Awesome new media tab! Great job! ^_^
Developer response from UnknownGuardian

Thanks a bunch to senekis.

Play Focus Focus Jan. 23, 2012
Here's a video of me beating the final level on original: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqGkTzFvRt0
Play Focus Focus Jan. 23, 2012
Holy cow. I actually beat it! I beat original! And I got it on video! This game is so awesome! <3 5/5
Play Focus Focus Jan. 23, 2012
oh yes, and they fire shrapnel. :/
Play Focus Focus Jan. 23, 2012
Well, I managed to get past that using some random mouse placement skills. Now its the same thing except there are targets all along the floor and there are more on the walls. I don't see any way to win this besides luck...
Play Focus Focus Jan. 23, 2012
Awesome game. I'm having trouble with Original mode. I'm on the part where there are two super fast turrets, spikes on the floor, and 16 targets grouped in four on the left and right walls. (2 groups per wall), and that blue thingy in the middle. Impossible... I was so close, I got all of them but I was out of focus so I died. Please, does anybody have a walk through for this?
Play BAM BAM Jan. 09, 2012
I liked the game but I was having problems with the ball going through the paddle and my mouse moving off screen. I feel like this might be more fun as an iphone/android game.
Play Hatch Hatch Jan. 09, 2012
Not bad. However I was only copelled to play once, not much replay value. Gets boring after a couple minutes. It would be easier to play if I didn't have to repeatedly mash my mouse button.
Play Spec Ops: Gamma Spec Ops: Gamma Jan. 01, 2012
Good work Veld. Should be great once it's finished.
Developer response from Veldsinkie

Thanks, great music tho ^^