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Play N (Official Web Version) N (Official Web Version) May. 18, 2013
Soooo much slower than n+.. it's painful
Play Game of Thrones Ascent Game of Thrones Ascent May. 11, 2013
This game had so much potential.. but you threw it away with timers... 20 min timers and 30 min timers.. WHAT THE FCK WERE YOU THINKING? it infuriates me to see an original and great game like this get ruined by you're stupid desire for people to cash on this game, JUST TO SKIP TIMERS. Im afraid this games gets a 1 star from me until you actually realize you must make a game that YOU want to play and enjoy, do you want to be enjoying a game then see a fcking 20 min or 30 min timer that completely ruins you're experience and also completely STOPS you from playing furthur?. It's Insane that you would ruin your game by this, not to mention the 20 min delay once I click a dialogue option. I'm genuinely pissed.
Play Shadowland Online Shadowland Online May. 11, 2013
What a garbage game.
Play Caribbean Admiral Caribbean Admiral May. 11, 2013
Pretty poor game ... should be able to access full map with first boat and upgrading boat is huge waste of money at the beginning .. you have to save up loads to upgrade and for some reason my boat full hp and wp just stops wanting to attack in a fight. Bad game, and im not going to feel sorry for the developer, test your game and make sure the game works..make a game YOU want to play and enjoy.. don't make a cheap game for a bit of money.
Play Caribbean Admiral Caribbean Admiral May. 11, 2013
Main theme was in sacred seasons 2...wtf is this?
Play Siege Knight Siege Knight Apr. 12, 2013
Garbage game. Not even extra dmg for headshots, repetitive and far from original.