DallenM's Comments

Game Comments
Play Duck Hunt Flash Duck Hunt Flash Jul. 20, 2013
the guy who made the game is my friend
Play Combat3 FPS Multiplayer Combat3 FPS Multiplayer Jul. 11, 2013
i saw minecraft on the game cover thing so i played nice game needs a ranking system
Play Slender 2D Slender 2D Jun. 05, 2013
i craped myself when i saw him
Play Slender 2D Slender 2D Jun. 05, 2013
i felt like i was gonna pee myself before i started
Play Cat God vs Sun King 2 Cat God vs Sun King 2 Mar. 27, 2013
i knew this game was going to be amazing as soon as i looked at the cat at the start
Play Super Duck Punch! Super Duck Punch! Mar. 26, 2013
asta la vista ducky
Play Great Dungeon in the Sky Great Dungeon in the Sky Mar. 21, 2013
this game is amazing i could play for hours it gets pretty boring after u get all the characters but still great game 10/10
Play Nyan Crisis Nyan Crisis Sep. 24, 2012
i love nyan cat 10/5 any game with nyan cat is the best game ever
Play Mini Attack: Urban Combat Mini Attack: Urban Combat Sep. 24, 2012
Play New Age: BLOONS DEFENCE New Age: BLOONS DEFENCE Aug. 30, 2012
worst game ive ever played ps look at my pic its minecraft
Play Bloons TD 5 Bloons TD 5 Aug. 28, 2012
this game rocks but i thank u should make a mode where your the ballons
Play The Minecraft Quiz The Minecraft Quiz Aug. 15, 2012
ya im awesome
Play Vertical Drop Heroes Vertical Drop Heroes Aug. 07, 2012
i love nerdook they make great games
Play Concerned Joe Concerned Joe Jul. 26, 2012
i beat it with a top hat a monacol a mustache and a balloon o and a rainbow almost nyan cat powa best game ever
Play You Have To Burn The Rope You Have To Burn The Rope Jul. 20, 2012
thanks for telling me to fresh refresh and play again
Play Heroes Battle Heroes Battle Jun. 27, 2012
level 50 with 500 people and everyone at level10 and at fullest upgrade
Play Bloons Tower Defense 4 Bloons Tower Defense 4 Jun. 18, 2012
i hate this game i was on round 75 and it freezes
Play This Game SUCKS This Game SUCKS Jun. 14, 2012
2nd worst game on kong
Play Achievement Unlocked 3 Achievement Unlocked 3 Jun. 14, 2012
how to kill guine pig
Play Hedgehog Launch Hedgehog Launch Jun. 06, 2012
i have 103 mil 146 dollers and 75 cents and i bought all the upgrades