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Play Watch Fat Kid Dance Watch Fat Kid Dance Apr. 08, 2015
sometimes when ive had a bad day at school i go to my bookmarks and open this up, and i think to myself how great it would have been if skaren actually collabed with me like he said he wanted to years ago, then i drink mountain dew
Play Game Development Room (GDR) Game Development Room (GDR) Dec. 27, 2014
I wonder if I'll still be banned when he gets back.
Play Mouse Tutorial Macromedia Flash 8 Mouse Tutorial Macromedia Flash 8 Nov. 26, 2014
Perhaps clarify what version of actionscript is being used? 4/5 for trying to help others I guess
Developer response from tiagomartins222

It's in the title it's Macromedia Flash 8 (so version 8).

Play Legends Of Verakia 2.0 Legends Of Verakia 2.0 Jul. 08, 2014
For the intro, the white text doesnt stand out against the yellow background very well, I suggest darker text or a darker background. It's also a bit odd to just have a huge block of text, would have been better to have been divided into different slides, all with pictures. Music selection seems good. 'Recruitement' is actually spelt 'Recruitment'. Apart from all that, the game seems really great at the moment, good luck :)
Play Dragon Hunter Dragon Hunter Feb. 27, 2014
I genuinely enjoyed this, even if I only got to the second level. You've got a nice art style and good taste of music (in terms of what music fits your game and what doesn't). 5/5
Developer response from kevinexmx

thank you! :)

Play Concept Test - Toy Soldier Concept Test - Toy Soldier Feb. 01, 2014
That boss...
Play Dojo of Death Dojo of Death Jan. 23, 2014
I haven't liked a flash game this much in years
Play Water Cooler Idle Water Cooler Idle Dec. 23, 2013
Great work Darkscanner, you've been working on this for a long time and it's honestly one of the best idles I've played all year. ...of course it's hard to judge a game in which most of the content takes a long time to unlock but so far it's great. 5/5
Developer response from Darkscanner


Play Epic Stickman Karate Epic Stickman Karate Nov. 25, 2013
If they both use magic at the same time they both die and nobody wins :(
Play Holiday Survival: Halloween Holiday Survival: Halloween Nov. 01, 2013
Sweet game man
Play lucidity lucidity Oct. 07, 2013
Well i tried taking the laser back to shoot the cat but that didn't work...
Play ... :D ... :D May. 27, 2013
Stupid name, stupid love story at end, but very fun to play 3/5
Play Surviving in the Wild Surviving in the Wild May. 10, 2013
Found that easter egg and also managed to drop off the game world into a blue void of nothingness
Developer response from MrHasuu

gahh you werent supposed to do that. ill fix it now and upload it soon

Play Game Development Room (GDR) Game Development Room (GDR) May. 05, 2013
@Darkscanner because I got banned?
Play Speed Freak Reloaded Speed Freak Reloaded Mar. 27, 2013
Underrated >:D
Play APB Reloaded APB Reloaded Mar. 10, 2013
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Play IdleFTW IdleFTW Feb. 03, 2013
No Kong scoreboard... what's the point if we can't compete with others?
Developer response from lavaflame2

Yea... I dont really know whats going on with the scoreboard. I am going to fix that right now -- -- -- EDIT: added highest level

Play Russian Roulette For One Russian Roulette For One Jan. 05, 2013
Very nice game :) Should be on appstore 5/5
Play DynaDan DynaDan Dec. 17, 2012
Just terrible.
Play Stickocalypse Stickocalypse Dec. 12, 2012
5/5 Good game, the only problem I had with it was that jumping was useless. It'ld be cool if in some maps you could jump from roof to roof or make jumps across broken bridges etc. It looked like the only reason you put in jumping was because it's mandatory in most games. Also the levels were boring until lvl 6 where we could climb up some hills, it was refreshing after all I could do was walk left and right. The level with acid excited me until I found out the acid was actually no threat at all, it would have been cool to shoot down zombies while worrying about not stepping in acid. And one more thing, when the character 'accidently' made a complete circle and ended up in the acid lakes again, I couldn't help but feel that was your way of saying "Sorry but I'm too lazy to make anymore maps so I'm just gonna reuse some of my old ones" :(
Developer response from GameBuilder15

Actually, the jumping does have a purpose. You can jump to align your sniper with a lot of zombies' heads and fire through them all.